Sazabi's Dueling Philosophy


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Sazabi's Dueling Philosophy

I am having a bit of writer's block for my essay, so i'll write here until it clears up.

I am posting my dueling philosophies for fun. My D2 philosophies reflect my Martial Arts background so if they seem a bit strange, make your own post. :)

1. You always respect your opponent, even if he does not respect you.
2. If you win, win gracefully, declaring a good match, and any other form of over the internet respect that you want to give
3. if you lose, then it is not the fault of your opponent. Learn how he beat you, so you will be better prepared. In a way, you should thank those who beat you, for losing is the only way to learn how to win.
4. No character is invincible. There is always a weakness, that is up to you to find, or understand.
5. Do not use potions. If you get tired in a match, can you call a time out? No you cannot. Lack of Mana? Get Dmg % to mana, or put energy in.
6. Be helpful. If someone asks how a particular attack is best carried out, assist them, and remember that you were once a student yourself.
7. Stay calm, and never duel in anger. Anger can defeat you far before your opponent does. Anger can cloud your judgement, and your perception.
8. Do not ally with a dominant party.
9. Defend those who cannot defend themselves.
10.The final words: Honor above all else.

Just a few t houghts, i will probably have a part 2. This was just to help clear out my mind a bit. If you don't like how i feel, it's fine, everyone has a right to their opinion.


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Nice post. Another though, though.

If you are any good at all, prepare to be called a hacker.

MH is for lamers.

Grabbing other chars if you cant beat someone reeks of lameness.

Common sense? You would think so....


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xtc_sazabi said:
4. No character is invincible. There is always a weakness, that is up to you to find, or understand.
Aww, I wish this was true. I've seen hacked items that would stop BAAL from laughing. Wheres the weakness in that oh wise one.