Sazabi Barb


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Sazabi Barb

I'll get right to the point: How much does a sazabi's sword, or full sazabi's cost?

i'm thinking of making a demon killing frenzy barb for meph/any other boss, as well as other monsters too, viable? anyone know?

i'd probably use 2x sazabi's swords, maybe the two other set pieces for the bonus, either LoH for ED against demons, or chancies for the MF, and then some other stuff, of course...i have nothing, so it would probably use some crappy stuff


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Your first problem might be finding someone who's actually bothered to pick up all 3 parts of the set.

The second problem will be your minimum damage sucking.

And how are you going to kill non-demon's?

Decent IAS on the swords though, and with only 3 pieces it leaves lots of room to fix all the holes. I've never used the set though so I don't speak from first had experience.



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tuxor said:
I'll get right to the point: How much does a sazabi's sword, or full sazabi's cost?
Can you tell us why you want to use this set ? I have seen the helm and it is not great. If the rest of the set and set bonuses are comparable then I would guess that it would run a few pgems for each piece.

Frenzy barb have big survivablity problems as they lack a shield and the 75% block it can provide.

You would be better off making a concentration barb IMHO.

Good choices for equip are:

1) COH armor, storm shield, goreride boots, guill. face helm, grief would be great.

2) Griz set is pretty nice also


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If you really want them, I have the helm and sword on mules. At least I think I still do. Freebies for you if you want them. I will be online tonight.


EDIT - oh wait, this is on the HC forum. Im not on HC. Sorry.


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Dear god, those might have been the least useful last two posts ever...

If you want to make a Sazabi dual-wielding barb, youre gonna need a lot of res gear in other spots, b/c iirc the helm is only moderate to fire/light and the armor isnt exactly coh for reists.

IMyn first thought was to suggest Trying to mix in CB, because with the really low min dmg on the swords, the % to demons mod won't be huge at all, but I couldn't think of too much available CB...

Best you could do would be Blood Gloves and GToes/Gores, because no duress, no black, no guillames...

Just be warned that your %ed modifiers will be tiny on the min dmg, so it will be very likely that youll end up doing next to nothing a good amount of the time...

Doesn't even seem that Min dmg jewels are going to be overly efficient...