Say Hello to PATRIARCH AbraKadaver


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Say Hello to PATRIARCH AbraKadaver

I just got my first SP patriarch, and IM REAL CRUNK! I love sp I was extremely satisfied when i saw hell Baal vomit on my boots.(aroused?) I played a bonemancer because I hate sorcs, and I wanted something that was untwinked and stil effective. At first it was kinda of lonely and boring, but the more i played the more i enjoyed myself. I have never put this much time into a character, and I am really happy to have him. It's great to actually play the game and feel this way afterwards. Ok, s here is a rundown of his stuff/stats/skills. He is lvl 83.
Maxed Spear
Maxed Spirit
Maxed Bone Prison
14 in Bone Wall
1 in corpse explosion
1 into the pre reqs for decrep and decrep
I have a few unallocated points, and I will prob put them into wall.
97 Str. (Hoping for Skulders)
My Dex gives me max block with my shield, but i can remember it. I am not on my home comp, so i can't say.
Vitality is something like 130 or so.
Energy is empty, but I sort of regret this. I am sick of mana pots, and I guess i was hoping for some "Plus to mana" items. Oh well

My wand is an Ume's Lament i got from a fallen in act1 Hell.
My helm is a rare circlet i gambled with +2 to necro skills lvls and 39 to mana.
My armor is a vipermagi(29) It dropped from Nm Meph while i was running him. (Is there a way to change my map for the Durance? My Hell Durance Map blows, and i want a faster one.)
My shield is a Rhyme Luna. I wanted a Head for rhyme but no such luck, and i got tired of waiting.
My boots are rare sharkskin boots with 30 fr/w and light resist.
My Gloves are Rare light gauntlets with resists and plus to mana.
My rings are a Manald and a Blue Bahamuts ring with like 100? to mana.
My ammy is a "Of the whale" ammy and it gives 93 to life.
Belt is another rare with FHR and plus to dex.
So, thats my stuff. my next char will be a sorc because i want to be able to twink my chars a little, and I need the mf. I am thinking TITAN? or will that be too item dependant. :lol: if not, I heart the Pit :thumbsup: So it will be a meteorb. This is easily the most fun I have ever had with a char, and I am here to stay with SP. Before i was thinking about quitting, and now i haev renewed interest in the game. So, I am ready to go take on another MILLION MONSTERS WITH MY HARDCORE TITAN SORC!!!!! I will keep you guys updated on her progress.


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Congrats on the Pat :) I should hopefully be getting my first by the end of the weekend, a Necromancer too :lol:

Good luck on the new project :)
Well done :clap:
Bonemancers are a very difficult build untwinked, but by the far the most enjoyable to play. Btw, they aren't too flash at running meph but make excellent Pindle runners so you might want to give him a try :)



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Congrats for the patriarch :)

Hacker24 said:
Hmm, might I suggest your next character to be a drummer barb with the name of Bonzo :lol:

*would listen to Kashmir or Ramble on if it weren't 5am here and if my lady wouldn't sleep in the next room...*


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My HC sorc died at lvl 3 to corpsefire. I was like OMG OMG DONT DIE OMG. to say the least. So, i am looking for a weird new build to try softcore, because I am pretty bad at the whole not dieing think. Thank you for telling me how to reset my map, that should help a lot. Also, I was stupid and got the ancients wp, so i can't do pindle. I can try the pits and shenk/eldritch because those are usually very easy. My only problem is that I have low mf, so I wanted to run a boss for better drops regardless. If I should run the pit, then let me know. I have never mfed with a necro, so I am clueless.


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Conratulations on patriarching. :thumbsup:

I also play a bonemancer and finished the game on hell.
Someone said he isnt very good for meph runs, i must correct and say he is.
I just run to meph, bone prison and bone spirit, he is dead soon enough, if something follows me- bone prison and no problem.
He is also good for Baal runs.
He lacks some damage unlike the Hammerdin but makes it up with good curses, decrep and CE,
able to clear the pits on players8, again not so fast like the Hammerdin,Strafezon and Meteorb but he is doing ok
a little bit twinking, Skullders, Shako, Homunculus, a few grand skillers for poison and bone, Maras (I play without), white wand (I have alibaba on switch with ryhme shield),the rest is all mf- about 600and something.

I put 70 in energy, mana is ok, have to drink blue ones tough


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Congratz on a job well done. :thumbsup:

I've never played a 'mancer myself but I just created one for the HC ladder. That'll be my baptism of fire. First try, not allowed to die. I'll probably end up with ulcers. :lol:


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congrat on the patriarch :thumbsup:
Necro is my favourite class, I have four necro patriarch by now, and Bonemancer is realy a great character in PvM and PvP, no danger at all as hammerdine who will be allmost in danger without twinking :lol:
For Boss running just as sayed befor bone prison those stubid bosses and they will hit the prison :D and to make the run a little bit shorter IM them.
I would suggest that you get some crafting items instead of those magic and rares, it'll take some tries to have good ones but it's lot better for bonmancer, you would try to reach with FCR the 9 frame ( need 75% FCR)