Say “Hello†to Araknis


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Say “Hello†to Araknis

Hey gang! I’d never really paid much attention to these boards thinking that they’d be full of the same prattle, so I was pleasantly surprised to find the SPF (since I only play SP myself). I’ve been lurking around here for a little while now so I thought I’d introduce myself.

I’m 31 years old, married, with a 3 year old son. I run a café about spitting distance from my home in the Central Tablelands (country) of New South Wales, Australia. Oh, and I only run Mac’s so no ATMA for me :( (I do have two computers so I can still mule, its just a pain in the @$$).

I mostly play a Bone/Revive Hybrid Necro with plenty of + to all skills so my one point in most skills makes for a pretty versatile and fun to play breed. I’m currently cruising Act V Hell (clvl 84) so should be a Pat soon. I haven’t done much MF (yet) so my gear isn’t anything fantastic (got some nice rares tho :thumbsup: ). Oh yeah, for some reason I use a Rogue merc (guess I just got attached to her).

See you 'round the boards.

Araknis said:
:lol: Now that's a word I don't hear enough
Welcome to the SPF, you're more than likely going to like it here and on the off chance you don't, then well, I don't know..... :scratch:
Bah, what am I saying you'll enjoy it here :)
See you around :howdy:



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A good friend of mine here named SideShowBob plays on a Mac too. He may be able to give you some good advice when it comes to muling and trading. Anyway welcome to this place and enjoy your stay :thumbsup:


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welcome! and macs are amazing. if you have system 10.3, you can mule using the quick user change feature. if you're interested in pursuing that and need a quick couple of tips, shoot me a PM. :)


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Hi Araknis, welcome to the zoo. Here you'll find all your favourite critters: a forum-eating squid, a pool-playing bear, a two-headed squirrel (reported but not confirmed) and, of course, fishymancers galore.

Be sure to read the sitckies and FAQs, a wealth of info there. And be nice to the elite uniques so we can keep them around.

On the Mac front, my wife runs a PC emulator (on 10.3) and has no problems with ATMA. Just a thought.

Cheers, mate. See you in the EMB. :drink:


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youre never leaving now so you better enjoy it! :rant:

Have fun and Welcome buddy...i have a nice commercial you should see about macs.... :howdy:


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hey there :wave: welcome to the forums, hope u will enjoy it here :thumbsup:

maybe see you in a MP game



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sorry but "hello" is too short fort a post , so I must say more

I take a :drink: for you


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hey hey Araknis, welcome to the forums!
whereabouts in the central tablelands are you from? Im from cowra! hope to see you in an MP game soon :thumbsup: