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Save my BvC

Discussion in 'Barbarian' started by LA Michigander, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. LA Michigander

    LA Michigander IncGamers Member

    Jan 18, 2006
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    Save my BvC

    I rebuilt my pure vit barb into an invested barb because I wanted to use a fort and be able to put up a fight for bvb duels. I am getting rocked by mostly all barbs I come up against. One barb I encountered was using fort/arreat/350%ebotdz/SS and was literally owning me left and right, and taking 3/4 my life in one hit. I am also having a hard time using the "leap stun" that is deemed essential in most builds. Tele Zerking seems to result in inevitable death for my character as well...

    Life around 4800 and all res in the 50's (not sure can't check at the moment)

    Main Skills:
    1pt Zerk
    14 leap
    20 WW
    20 Axe Mastery
    20 Battle Orders
    3 nat res

    The gear:
    40ed Arreat ///// 31%dr Coa switch
    Ap Nigma/////Dusk forti switch
    Trangs///dracs switch
    2xravens (20/247) (20/243)//// angelics switch
    arach//// dungos and tgods switch
    400 dmg 10%ed 35%ias grief Zerker
    40 str Beastz///// doomz switch

    Widowmaker hel'd
    ebotdz 409%

    4x 5%fhr w/random res
    15x 20life scs some with ar
    16///18 anni
    18////19 btorch
    working on the rest...

    Ce Olba helped me with my first pure vit build. It worked wonderfully but I didn't take his advice about the leap skill until now.

    any ideas or insights(not the rw) ?
  2. karatedan

    karatedan IncGamers Member

    Mar 3, 2007
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    Re: Save my BvC

    It sounds like you put enough pts to wear gear switch vs. other barbs. In that case, it looks like you went the bva route. If dueling other barbs who are bvb, those that are meant to duel other barbs, you'll more than likely lose. You are pretty much a bvc with some points invested to wear shield, have max block, etc. You're not gonna be able to hang with a bvb simply put.

    You didn't do anything wrong imo if you made your barb to duel everyone. Just don't expect to win every duel against other barbies.
  3. AlmostInfinity

    AlmostInfinity IncGamers Member

    Aug 2, 2005
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    Re: Save my BvC

    It is generally tough to beat other barbs, especially ones with shields. Your gear seems more than adequate although your life seems a little low. How is your ar and defense? I find that coa, angelics, dungos, fort versus other tough barbs works the best for me due to the large dr% and ar. Try to catch your opponent at the end of his ww's and chip away at him with widowmaker. Don't go toe to toe with bvbs, hit and run.
  4. aoaa

    aoaa IncGamers Member

    May 14, 2008
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    Re: Save my BvC

    Your set-up left you with a half-*** Bvc, or a Bva. This is a very simple rule to follow when building your bvc: Bvb>Bvc. A Great Bva will generally get smashed by a So/So bvb. My advice to build for just your regular gear, and don't worry about the Fort. A good thing to invest a little dex into for though is Widow. It can really help to get some of your camp oppenents to rush in on you, and lead to there demise. You should have WAY more life than that, I was hitting 7k with Mastery lifers.


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