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Just a quiet day for me around the house today :)
I've made a HC sorc for a change who is going really well. Lvl 62. I was going to go no dex but then upped it to 43 so I could wear an Ali but then realised that I could use a Gull when I found one and not worry about dex at all. Go figure :( She's just found DOH wp so it's off for some mf'ing :p

Have a happy Saturday all.

- Jas :wave:


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Wow it has been an exhausting week and a half, with relatives from California over I acted as a tourguide and took them to many places in Chicago. It was fun though and it's sad to see them go. On the bright side, I haven't played any video games since last Wednesday, and I can feel my addiction to D2 lessening...good considering I have tests coming up very soon. Hopefully I can get some hours in tomorrow, but with nice weather chances are I'll be biking all day or at the mall with friends. We'll see. Anyway, good to be back, anything interesting happen since last Wednesday?



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Decided to install Diablo 2 again. HAven't played it yet due to too much XBox games coming out. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, Close Combat and Doom 3. Mmm nice. 3 games that I actually bought this weekend. No idea if I will get to play Diablo this weekend.

Oh btw, 6 weeks left of my army training. Whoho.


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It's my brothers birthday, and we're gonna have English breakfast here in 30 minutes, darn, I can't wait!


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All of my friends are out of town, so I've been a little bored lately. Of course, that means more time for D2! :D

Pheonix (scythe enchantress) has finished the first part of Act II and is ready to head into the palace. Radament spawned FELE, which is just nasty. Maeko was having trouble keeping up with his regen rate, so Pheonix had to dodge FE bugged lighting bolts of death to smack him with PMH. Even then it was a slow fight with him chasing her over most of the Sewers 3. Once she got out of the sewers, things improved greatly. She rocked in the maggot lair. I'm going to crank up the player setting and run that for the MFL next week, and hopefully level her up some. Her final battle of the day for the Viper Amulet was a lot easier than I had feared. The fact that Zeal is uninterruptible helps a lot with the Claw Vipers and their annoying knockback. She never even saw Fangskin. I immediately teleported her on to the alter so she could use the stairs on the alter to force the monsters to fight one on one. While I was busy with the various undead and regular Claw Vipers that were in the room Maeko must have killed him. It feels good to be making progress with her, I'm glad the MFL gave me the motivation to play her. She picked up a Harpoonist's GC of Dexterity (+5) along the way. It's too bad she wasn't running for the MFL, it would have been nice for her MFL contender stash.

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Had hoped to get some serious gaming in today as it's theoretically my free day for the weekend. However ended up working some and then had multiple visitors when I got home and had to cook dinner so only got in maybe an hour and a half. Levelled my Blizz Sorc to 17 - god I hate the low level stuff now! I remember I used to enjoy it though I'm not sure why. Sonny is full of a cold and a little bag of misery but will hopefully be better tomorrow when I look after him. Have a nice day all.


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I'm stuck at work, 7:15 a.m. - 6 p.m., and then 8-11 p.m. Almost 14 hours at work, so no D2 for me today, I'll have to wait till later tonight, and even then D2 may be pushed back.

As for character news, my chargedboltress is in act 5 hell, thanks to a temporary donation by a forumite who will named at a later date (i.e. when I pat the lady, and then post the subsequent guide based off of her).

She has only the Ancients left, and then Baal. However, the Barb trio is proving quite hard with the gear my merc is wearing, so I'm going to shift things around, and switch to "Completely Cheesy gear" i.e. change from:



Tal's mask
Kelpie Snare

The swap is mostly for more DR and to slow down the barbs. I haven't died to them yet, but I have rerolled many times, and fought to the end of my potions on multiple occasions (I need to keep the merc alive...)

Anyway, look for the pat thread and the guide either early tomorrow morning (i.e. 1 or 2 a.m. -6GMT) or tomorrow afternoon (1 or 2 p.m.)

Comments and a friendly link into the build guides (wink-wink) would be appreciated.



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I finally got some D2 in yesterday after almost a week off. Got my frost zealot through act 2 nm with relative ease.

Although I did die once. I came up against a unique Death Beetle who was cold enchanted and fire enchanted, and killed me with his death blow. I was sooooo pissed. I was feeling pretty tough with over 3500 defense with Holy shield enabled and I still died.

Grrrrrrr. :mad:

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piscene said:
I came up against a unique Death Beetle who was cold enchanted and fire enchanted, and killed me with his death blow. I was sooooo pissed. I was feeling pretty tough with over 3500 defense with Holy shield enabled and I still died.

Grrrrrrr. :mad:
Defense doesn't protect against elemental attacks. But I know the feeling, only I my charged boltress was killed the other day by a lightning bolt from an FE/LE beetle. Damn bug (edit: sorry, that was a horrible pun).



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Well, to tell the truth, I've finally quit Diablo II, totally done with it. Other stuff has finally caughten up with me [cough]SOCOM II[/cough][cough]WoW[/cough].

I always thought it would be a lot harder to break the addiction, but heh, really isn't that hard once you try. Anyway nice to see you back Nacaa, and have a great day everyone.
You might think you've broken the curse of diablo 2, but i bet you anything that given enough time, you'll go back to it. You dont have a choice. every post you make here brings you closer.
To quote morgan freeman in the shawshank redemption "Its just a matter of time and pressure." (he wasnt talking about D2 then, but the idea is the same)


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Today I played D2 for the first time this year (2005 for those who don't know which year we have :)) !!!!1

I played further with my nekkid necro Simon (the Summoner). Basically he's a summoner but cannot wear ANY items including charms etc etc. His merc may, however.
Last year I put him in the Flayer Jungle, normal. So I took it from there. Going strong first at Players 4, I later raised it to Players 8. No problems, just stand and watch the monsters die :) I crossed the barrier to level 30 and killed the council. Had a NDE in the sewers tho, where I was running from some preserved dead, trying to position my minions and suddenly ended up in a patch of gloam bats. Whoops! Some healing and a rejuv pot saved the day however and I easily dispatched the council on P8.
Ran further into the tunnels to find Mephi...

Level 2 was easy, found the stairs pretty fast. On level three I clicked on a Monster Shrine and one of those pesky Death Lords leveled up. I hadn't seen that patch of council like creatures always standing to the left, and while my minions were fighting the lords, I accidentally ran up to them. All of a sudden Hydras sprung out of nowhere trying to lit me. They succeded, and while my health was rapidly diminishing I panickly consumed one, two, three rejuv pots. My fingers weren't where they should be tho, so I missed the fourth and a second after the Deeds went up... damn!
So, Simon lost his life to some damn Hydras on Mephis level normal mode. Level 31. His death will not be in vain though, as his apprentice, still unnamed, will continue on the path to destroy evil. I will start a new naked necro soon...

to be continued

Sorry siege, didnt get as far as you. Untill next time :D
Now I will go eat some food to become uber fatty gosu elite ! :p