Saturday- Only 23 more shopping days 'til Christmas!


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Saturday- Only 23 more shopping days 'til Christmas!

Finally, I got a Daily!!
Better make it good....

RL- My brother/sister in law came over to help with the tree. Yes, we have our tree, but only because a church group sold it to us for a fundraiser, and the shipment arrived today. Took two PoliSci tests in the last two days, passed both respectably. Ate some Pop Rocks that didn't pop. I was sad. :sad2:

D2- Leveled my Meteorb MFer a couple times, ready to get her to Act 5 Hell for some Baal runs. Then comes the 1337 gear.


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Ate some Pop Rocks that didn't pop. I was sad. :sad2:
Life's just not fair sometimes. I hate when that happens.

RL: To paraphrase Elwood Blues:
My alarm is set for 4.5 hours (5:45 a.m.), I'm going skiing, I'm taking my brand-new, never-been-used Voelkl's (that's a brand of bad*ss skis), it's been snowing like heck all week, and the weather forecast is 'cold as ****'.

I'm gonna hit it.

D2: Not now.

have fun



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RL : standart chores

D2 : my hardcore sorceress died while doing some mf runs:cry: (no idea why i decided to do them , all my characters are untwinked). Thanks god she was guardian already.


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I couldn't get the daily, electricity ran out :sad2:

D2-Countess runs, working my way trought a3 NM with my sorx


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D2- Going to try to get some new character questing in with a MP game, hoping I follow procedure correctly and don't get banned.


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RL: Nothing, I have a day to my self for once.

D2: Going to be playing on and off all day, made a new bard hes up to lev 21 and im going to build him off one of those IK guides.