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Although I posted in the Fridaily 6 hours ago, it's now officially Saturday here (by all of ~35 minutes), and there's been a change of plans...

RL: I was going to get up in about 5.5 hours and try skiing again on my recently broken/healed foot. However, I had about 14 different phone calls tonight, one of which was a from a guy trying to sell a car that I've been trying to find for the last ~6 months (for which I've been saving $$$ for ~18 months). He's flying out of town in the afternoon, so that means that I'm going down to Denver for a test drive tomorrow morning.

Hopefully that works out - I've seen this car available a total of 7 times in the last ~5 months, and this one sounds closest to my wish-list (low mileage, private seller, model-details, etc.). $25k is a lot of money though (I don't ever remember spending more than $10k on anything before - ever), so I'm kindof nervous about potentially spending that much money.

The other 13 calls I mentioned... baah... one good and a dozen annoying. Oh yeah, the hockey game was cool though. I did the designated-driver thing, for which my liver is grateful.

D2: I just received Dickenson (from Skunkbelly's tourney) tonight, but I doubt I'll play until the evening. Maybe sooner if I'm not out driving my new car, but I'd rather spend the day cruisin'.

have fun


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I have a question:
Are these (Insert name of day)dailies to be written by designated people, or what? I see one by you a lot, and then there are ones by other people. I'm confrused.


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Typically, the dailies have about 10-20 regulars, so often times one of them starts it. I'm definitely a regular spammer in the dailies.

However, it's pretty much a 'first come, first serve', so if you want to start a daily, you just have to beat someone else to the punch. Feel free to step in at any time.


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It seems to be a forum tradition open to whoever posts it first. Man, I seem to be sucked into my first daily post.

RL: Finished a very short Diablo I Ironman session with a co-worker. Leo took us down hard as we had no luck acquiring a holy bolt book. Will be doing some cell ablation experiments on the rest of Saturday after I get some sleep. Hopefully everything works out there and I get some fisheggs for Tuesday.

D2: Take Bishop (Skunkbelly's tourney) through act four and figure out a way to make a totally viable palidin a death trap with only about 6 or 7 levels of influence.

edit: Man two firsts in one post, first daily thread and first pwnage.


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RL - The weather is extremely hot and humid atm. Wish it would rain to break this opressing heat (Its been threatening all day.)

D2 - I have not yet made a mat/pat, and seeing as I entered the MFL3, I decided to mat my meteorb. It shouldnt be a problem as she is lvl 87 (did a LOT of MF along the way) and killed off the ancients with little trouble last night. I also started a Blizz sorc wich is now lvl12. I'll see how far she gets before the end of the month.




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RL- Didnt go out last night, so will probably go out clubbing tonight :). I have a horrible cold so my computers getting a lot of action.

d2- got my new sorcy to lvl 72, im planning on doing a good solid mephy nm mf spree. I just need to get enough gear to get to hell mephy now -_-

Saint Anger

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RL: went out last night and going out again tonight, besides that not much of importance besides a little work for uni and the absolutely horrible weather over here :undecided: .

D2: haven't been able to play much last week, but I plan to get my baba to lv 76 this weekend so he can finally wield his IK stone crusher :laugh: .

St. Anger


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RL- Had to get up for bball prac at 7 to 10. Did a lot of freaking pushups. Going to a concert tonight so I might take a nap before that.

D2- Nightmare pindle runs are all I can accomplish with my character right now, so far that has yielded Skullders, most of the IK set, Natalyas stuff, and a couple of skill GCs..


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blah blah blah car blah blah
So what kind of car is it poops?

RL: I've had a couple of decent days at work, so it's all downhill from here until after the holidays. I really need to start working out the logistics of moving too!

D2: Not last night. Maybe tonight if I get in the mood.

Oh, and pancakeman: Try not to start the daily too early, it used to be a rule that the Aussies couldn't start it until it was that day in most of the rest of the world, but that rule seems to have slacked a bit. Ah well!

Lime and Burlywood for all!



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RL: found out I have a sinus infection. Have to take anitbiotics and anti-inflamitory perscriptions. Spent the last week at home doing school work.

D2: wasn't able to play due to school work, might not play again until this semester is over in mid-December.

@ sirpoopsalot: Here's a silly question from a girl: What makes the 330xi a ski-mobile?


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RL: Meh. Didn't do much of anything today. Helped my moms bf out with changing the starter in my moms truck, sat around. hit up the gym for a bit. nothin too much.

D2: Played my sorc. I'm getting very pissed that I can not find ANY Elite White Polearm/Spear weapons to imbue for my merc. He's still using the Unique Bill, and the damage on it frankly sucks. And I bet I can get better by using a high lvl imbue.

So who's got some White elite polearms/spears? xD


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Every car I ever own will forever be a ski-mobile, simply because it's expected to take me skiing at least once a week - preferably more often - for ~6 months every year. :tongue:

Oh yeah - The bad*ss engine (for climbing mountains fast), AWD (for snowy roads), cush-ride (for 5:00 a.m. and especially after marathon days), heated seats (sub-zero days), and ready-to-use hot-chocolate cup holder (because everybody needs a little hot-chocolate in their life) don't hurt either. :grin:

My dirty, old, reliable, wonderful Honda doesn't have any of those things - what the Honda does have is 189,000 miles (302,000 km). After 7+ years of me treating her like a race car, ~500 mountains, ~150 ski days, and 2 cross-country roadtrips, it's time to retire the old beast (while the tires still squeal - which they do).


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Let me take a try at this:

RL- Learned from an IT guy at my dad's former office that the damage is definately done to my graphics card, will have to be replaced. Now I just need money....
D2-Doesn't exist, since I havn't had access to my account for over 2 weeks, and my single player characters can't function if I CAN'T OPEN THE GAME!
(Sorry, had to rant a bit there)


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RL: this week has been rly hectic... a good friend of mine was hit by a car on monday.

If I have any unfinished trades or conv from last wk, please link me up & i'll reply to them. Thanks.

D2: playin lots of D2 lately- keepin me occupied while I wait for more news.
my bro's been HFR'ing with me to keep me company. (and, of course, for HR lol)

:thumbsup: to him.