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~1.30 am, almost bedtime.

RL: Probably new(ish) car shopping when I get up. I've never spent $15-25k at one time before, so I've been procrastinating for a few weeks. And now ski season's here and I still haven't got my next skimobile lined up. :duh:

D2: I managed to push my experimental necro to lvl44 in normal on /p8 Pindleskin runs. He's slow going so far on high /players settings, and I think he'll stay that way for another 15-20 levels (unfortunately). Nevertheless, I hope to see if I can make a hell-viable character out of him and maybe create a new build. Also, if he makes it to Baal, he'll be the end of my septavirate (although I've probably got 12-15 mats/pats, none are necros). I'll surely push him to lvl50(ish), and into NM throughout the day.

Have fun


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RL: Time to hit the sack before workin on a god-awful programming project due at the end of the week.

D2: Pindle. Lots and lots of pindle. Leveling/mf'in with my clvl92 blizzy @ p7, going's slow, but steady. Couple grailers recently, making my count drop under 30 for the grail.


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rl: 2:46 here. time for bed, volleyball at 8:00 am. till 3:00 pmish

d2: get my windy druid threw hell! he is in nm act 5 lvl 67 right now.

Wolfgang Abenteuer

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RL: 1:44 am, and sleep is needed. :yawn:

D2: Just finished a short session where I took my sin to the Bazaar in normal. Level 28 and about 3 monsters away from 29. Found an ammy with 25% cold resist and 4% mana leech, so I can now use Tiger Strike as my main skill and have Dragon Claw on right-click. Even on P8 the only monsters that can withstand that attack at full health are the giant trees (and bosses/champions). Still got 7 more skill points to put into Tiger Strike before it's maxed, but I'm impressed at how lethal that skill is, even with mediocre equipment. Also found a Hsarus boots in LK so between that and Burst of Speed she's charging through the level Ninja-ing everything up. :grin:



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RL: 8:20pm in the land down down under (tasmania as we are an hour ahead of the rest of australia with daylight savings). Worked today so time to relax

D2: More Pindle runs and play some more of the glass cannons tourney.


RL: 7pm here. Well, went to visit some Indian friends with him. They are celebrating their festive day, the Deepavali. So we visited them, and had a good time with them, but suffering from stomach pain since i ate too much spicy curry :badteeth:

D2: I get tired of running the lousy Tunnel map. Maybe i'll do some map reroll tonight to get a better one, and can be done faster too.

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9:33 at the present moment.

RL: Have to work at noon. Will be done at 7 but, that means that I'll miss hunting tonight. Last night they moved well after dark. I cures the cold front that moved through at midnight.

D2: Hope to get some pindle runs done after work. May be some before also.


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RL: Some issues with myself, annoying.

D2: Pushed my sorc to clvl 15, she's got all the twinking I've got (which is not much, but still it's better than nothing), at that level I was able to put on 3 arcanna items (weapon, armor and helmet, never found the amulet) and it works wonders. Now I can kill relatively quick, especially since now she has access to fire ball


RL: The flu sucks! Tossed and turned all night while burning up with a fever. :undecided: Heading into work soon, hope this dayquil crap works.

D2: Doubt I'll feel like it again tonight. Meh.