Saturdaily - aka the day after friday


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Saturdaily - aka the day after friday

Sorry DD, I could not resist...

RL: Not really doing a whole lot, playing the new Smackdown Vs. Raw 2007 over at a bud's house... general bumming around. Have to mow the lawns later though, and that leads to much :sad2:

D2: Did a little bit of questing with my new frenzier. Made a couple of Steel RW double axes for him, which are doing nicely. He's now in Act 2 normal, about to find his cube.

Have a great daily all.


diablo loves donutz

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Lol I'm cheating because it's still half an hour before saturday here lol.

RL: Gotta do some work around the house and me and my dad are going to play golf today.

D2: Cassius just took down diablo and is about to tear through some shenk and eld runs. Can't wait to take down baal...


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RL: woke up , got my dog for a walk , read a book.

D2: sounds still arent working , i'll just do few NM mephisto runs with my sorc now. First time im going to mf since v1.09 :shocked:


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RL: Meh. I have zero motivation. Bit of a confidence crisis. The mortgage just went up. A friend also got made redundant but he is fine; go go rich parents. /:rant:My laptop seems to be having memory issues. I wonder if it is Firefox2 related?

D2: My nice little knockaround pvp thingy is getting complex. Speaking of which "your Forum PvP needs you!" :thumbsup:


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D2: My nice little knockaround pvp thingy is getting complex.
Aye, which is kindof where I lost interest in the DECA stuff. I say go with your current rules (and ban vigor+charge) and everyone can either adapt or make their own damn event with their own damn rules. :rant:

RL: Cleaning Day - take2. Our washing machine died yesterday, so we had to buy a used one.

D2: Not likely.



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RL- Woke up and had a bball scrimmage, now I'm tiredddd. Probably won't go out tonight, my mom's been mad at me. Aren't parents a downer...

D2- Levelling up my IK Barb, he's 45 now and just starting nightmare. Also running pindle still, trying to find some interesting stuff. Nothing better than an occy so far...


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D2: eeek ! Finally fixed problem with sounds , everythings working ok. So , i completed act 4 nightmare and hf dropped lum :smiley: After that i found +2 sorc skills +1 cold mastery +40 life orb . And finally , ball dropped something friggin' sweet. Check it out !

Drop picture :

After Id :

:jig: :jig: :jig: Im speechless , its my second bonehew drop with 4 hc characters . And the damage , ohhh...

Edit : forgot to crop :dang:

Ashmer Amadeus

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RL: Its my birthday today, 25. Expect some friends to come over in an hour or so.

D2: Checking in on Thyiads PvP deal, probly won't get any playing done.

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Real life: what real life? Seriously though, tomorrow I am going to call the placement offices and see whether they have work for me, but of course only after checking I did really finish both my degrees.

Diablo II: took my blizzard/firewall sorc, Snowstorm, through the end of act II and the beginning of act III hell, the first character where I'm going players8 all the way (except for hell Countess and probably hell Ancients). Tomorrow (which is by now today I think) I'll probably reach Mephisto at some point.


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RL: Been reading for my exams coming up in some weeks, also watched Borat (Hilarious movie)

D2: Currently demotivated really, being accused of playing too fast with a LF javazon in the Glass-Cannons tournament.. which is really demotivating to try to carry her on now when some people think I cheat anyway because to most of you I'm "new" and you don't know me and I don't have a reputation around here :undecided: I think I just have to prove them wrong by posting details on my gear then. I've decided to enter the Enchantress tournament too, need a break from the glass-cannons tournament as I'm at the moment considering to just sacrifice her to big D in Act 4 Hell...

Some of the reasons above remind me of why I quit playing D2 right after 1.10 came out, to a certain extent the community is still consisting of many immature players who isn't open minded.. But still there are always exceptions :)


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Happy birthday Ashmer

RL : Looking to get some shelf put up in my room , got all the measurements just need to go to the shops and get some wood+brackets , hope to get these early next week.

Diablo : Also thinking about the pvp tourney and coaching some people where i can(open to coah more people btw :grin: )

I think i have narrowed it down to 2 builds just need to do some testing + thinking of what will work best


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Happy birthday Ashmer...its mine today too (not 25 though).

RL: Just mentioned, birthday, took the kids to see the Santa Claus parade...thats about it.

D2: Pindle gave me a Griffen's eye for my B-day present...unfortunately it was Eth. Still, its better than nothing