Sanctuary Trolls Nest -- Max Block?


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Sanctuary Trolls Nest -- Max Block?

Hey all!

I found a 3os Trolls Nest last week and decided to make a Sanctuary. To my delight it has 70 resist all! :clap: Is it worth investing dexterity to get max block with this shield? Or is better to get enough dex to get max block with Whistans/Eld? I am a pure blizzard Sorc. I know the dex investment would be so much less with Whistans, but I hate the mods. :eek:

Here are the stats:

Defense: 412
Chance to Block: 60%
20% Faster Hit Recovery
20% Faster Block Rate
20% Increased Chance of Blocking
147% Enhanced Denfese
+250 Defense vs. Missile
+20 Dexterity
All Resistences 70%
Magic Damage Reduced by 7
60 Charges of Level 12 Slow Missile.



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i say go for it. the shield itself has 20dex so its equivalent to having a 67-68% blocking shield (thats just a guess i didnt do the math :lol: ). i probably would have gone with a different shield (i think troll nest is horrible ugly and i would gone for 64% block if possible) but its definitely a nice shield. the dexterity investment is not such a big deal... its not as though the sorceress get much life from her points if she got 3 life per vitality then i think blocking would be much less common.

with a lvl 80 sorceress:
87% whitstans: 153 dex = max block
60% troll nest: 215 dex = max block

thats a difference of 62 stats, but really only 42 b/c sanctuary has 20 dex. thats 84 life. big deal. the 70% resist MORE than makes up for it. plus slow missles. i dont understand the rationale behind whitstan's w/ eld. sure it saves stat points, but it does absolutely nothing else. compare this to mods on rhyme, sanctuary, stormshield, moser's, and just makes no sense.

EDIT: did the math, and at lvl 80, that 20 dex is similar to having +7% shield blocking, or a 67% ctb troll nest.


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Thanks for the response.

I also have Gerke's Sanctuary and Stormshield at my disposal. How do these shields stack up to my Sanctuary? I made this Bliz sorc for MFing mostly--I do not plan on much PvP, although I may do general PvM with friends.

Stormshield would require lots of investment into strength--and Gerke's is a nice poor man's Stormshield, with resistences & physical/magic reduction...and some nice replenish life.

Thoughts? :thumbsup:


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Go for Stormshield. My archmage has one. She's wearing Tal's belt which gives 20 dex points. I also socketed the shield with an Eld which gives 7% chance to block. So the shield has 74% ctb instead of 67% ctb. The dex requirement for max block then becomes 216. Still high but I like the 35% DR and the fact that the defense of the shield goes up when my character level's up.

Edit - 216 only if you plan to take the character to level 99. :)


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choosing a shield is all about preference. what combination of mods do you like? with stormshield and shako, you have nearly max pdr% (45%). no other shield can provide that. sanctuary gives massive resist and slow missles which is probably the only place a sorc can get it. do you find slow missles useful? do you use it often? mosers has resist and is customizeable (pdiamonds, facets....) all shields have their charms...


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It depends on your resists, IMO. If you have good res with SS, use that. If you need the resist from sanctuary, use that.

I personally like the troll nest sanc better than SS because I almost always lack resist on my sorcs.