Sammy_Hagar has no friends!


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Sammy_Hagar has no friends!

I'm building a singer barb atm for a bit of fun (Sammy_Hagar - any Van Halen fans out there?), and i'm thinking about which merc to get. I'm leaning towards either a holy freeze merc for safety, or a rogue fire merc for PI's.

If I want to make this guy hell viable then I need a way to take down PI's. Back in 1.09 I had a friend with a singer, and he had a rogue merc using the lightning hose thingie which killed quite well, but I believe that the lightning hose no longer works...
Does anyone know if the fire arrow bug still exists? (where all arrow damage is converted to fire damage) Otherwise, she could using a bow that has the "fires magic arrows" mod... Decisions decisions!

Thanks in advance :thumbsup:



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i'd use a might merc for kill speed. afterall everything will be stunned. as for PI's. give him a reapers. and if they doesn't fix em......

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Well, if you worry about a source of non-physical damage the Rogue is the way to go.

What you want to do is to equip her with a "fires magic arrows" bow. A good bet could be the Witchwild String. Also Fire rogues are better for pure damage.

BTW, do you have two Wizardspikes and a pair of Frostburns yet? Playing a Singer without those Wizardspikes and the Frostburns is simply too much pain due to your constant lack of mana.


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That's a creative name. Does your barb have the long curly hair too?

... and how come you didn't name your Barb "David_Lee_Roth"?


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I have an HC singer barb in Act 1 Hell right now, and his left attack key is permanently set to leap. He leaps into a pack of monsters, knocks them back, and then starts killin'. Works well, except for PI's.

I'm using a HF merc, just for the slowing effect. Not sure it was the best choice, but I'm too lazy to go back and level up another merc to try something else...
My patted singer didnt die once past act 1 hell. Basiczlly, all i ddi was leap/run straight to the largest ranged group i could see. war cry them, then watch the melee'ers run to me, they get stunned and die. Then pick off the smaller groups of ranged attackers. PI's can be dealt with by having a elemental weapon on switch. all non PI's die first, then stun the PI, switch and kill. keep them stunned and it'll be fine.
Gogo singers!


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would his friends have to be called the Waboritas?

perhaps someone could create an axe-slinger named Eddie :lol: