Saimat's 1.06b Adventure


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Hello all,

Over the next few weeks/months, I'll be attempting to take my Necromancer "Saimat" through 1.06b. I never played this patch before and don't really know anything about it nor what to expect. So it should be very interesting to experience what the last patch before expansion was like. The artwork pre-expansion always looks weird and majestic to me since I first started playing Diablo II back during the first ladder season of 1.10 in 2003.



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So I ended up traveling a new character start to finishing Cain. It was definitely a pretty refreshing experience considering that I don't have to worry about any synergies, mercs, runewords, or players command. I also like that rares are the best items in the game and that every character I make in Classic will be unique. Maybe after this long journey, I might continue to play Classic in patches are LOD came out. I know there is a small group of people that pretty much play Classic as their primary flavor of D2. I could definitely see why. I feel like I can really focus on the game itself and enjoying the journey without having too worry much about end game distractions (Which I feel D2 doesn't really have much of an end game other than just MFing).

In the beginning (And still) it's pretty rough to level up since I don't do much damage and my skeletons are really weak. They pretty much die almost immediately if they encounter anything even remotely strong. After a good amount of time, I found a decent blue that had + electric damage. That definitely helped a lot

After that I headed over to Burial Grounds and killed Blood Raven. It took me a bit of running around and going back to town to heal my hp, but she wasn't that bad. I cleared Crypt/Mausoleum. There is where I found my first rare

and then literally 4 seconds after that I found this which made my heart instantly sink of joy:

Unfortunately that shield has crappy stats so I decided to keep my rare equipped.

To which then I proceeded to store the pelta lunata in my beautiful but small stash:

Gold seems to be more difficult to come by and I'm always out of gold, so until I can find more blue/yellows to sell, I'll need to try and pick up gold pieces from the floor. Times are tough. I did feel joy when I saw this though:



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It's really cool trying out such an old patch in 2017 when everything you've grown accustomed to gets thrown out the window!

I'm interested in hearing how the battle with Hephasto and Duriel goes for you. :p

Remember to pump blood golem and iron maiden. Golem keeps you alive and IM makes quick work of the uglies.

My first classic rare was a dual leech short sword popped in a blood moor super chest. Only req lvl 4 lol

Long live rare items and spamming Frozen Orb!!


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I'd love to keep up-to-date with this! I'm hoping to eventually get round to playing previous versions, so I'm interested to see how you get on in this version :D


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@GalaXyHaXz Haha, I don't know any of these cool old patch builds, I did hear about the bugged 1.00 thorns paly, and this blood golem/IM necro (And that it wasn't that good in the newer patches).

@Kitteh Haha stalker! ;D


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Nothing to crazy today. I did Countess, Got the Malus, and got to Inner Cloister. I slowly progressed to level 11 and found the following items:

For my imbue quest, I decided to shop for a Normal Axe and imbue that, the role was pretty helpful since my damage went up to 29.



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Dont bother putting points into raise skeleton...1 is enough

I would max out mastery, but even with all the +skills(like 12 or 13?) and maxed mastery skeletons are terrible, and not because of damage or health(its something like 61-62 dmg and 250 hp) but because they have a fixed 6/7/7 attack rating in norm/nm/hell which does not change at all unless you get a blessed aim aura somewhere and even then base 7 AR is nothing

makes you wonder what was blizzard even tthinking? And that AR fiasco lasted until keep in mind Carvers in normal for example have 25 defense....have fun relying on the 5% autohit