Sad day, a friend of mine was murdered.


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my condolences as well. I hope they throw the book at those guys, it's heartbreaking to hear of the loss of anyone before their time, even more so when it's a young person.

*Captain Joe orders a 21 guns salute in honor of fallen friends*


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Metallica said:
When I got home today his father called me. Apparently when he was delivering food to the apartment and the 3 black kids robbed him. After he gave his money they were not satisfied, so they took out a bat and continuously hitting his head. And the worst part is, the 3 kids are only around 17 so they can not be tried as adult! I'm so sad and angry at the same time, the justice system is really ****ed ****. This is the second friend I lost in the past 3 months due to homocide. The other one was about this kid who didn't rob the store but was stabbed by the store owner because of misunderstand if you remembered it.

Just thought I would share with you guys because I'm really depressed and down right now.
I wonder what Ol' Anton would do?


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I'm so sorry, for you and your friend's family. *Huggles*

It's totaly insane what the bastards did and deserve alot more punishment than 25 years.


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I would just like to echo what Anyee and another mentioned. Let yourself grieve. Don't get so overcome with feelings of hate, anger and revenge that you cannot mourn for your friend.

He is gone, unfortunately, and won't be coming back just yet. So while you can't change that, you can let the justice system do it's work and let yourself mourn your loss.

Again, I'm real sorry to hear about this. Don't let their terrible choice and pathetic reasons blind you from being able to remember your friend fondly.


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mudvaynefan said:
reading that story gave me that feeling of great sadness, its hard to lose someone you love, my mom died in a car accident last year.... it hurts, bad, it will heal in time, but for now, grieve. Dont be afraid to do what you need to do to heal. Im very sorry for your loss
A death which is caused by a car accident cannot be compared to a murder;a car accident is FATE,a murder is EVIL;murders are usually harder to overcome than deaths caused by fate
25 years or life imprisonnment cannot redeem a murder anyway;the murderers will still be alive after jail whereas the kid is gone forever


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very sorry metallica... i remember the first thread too... the only real loss i have had is a natural death, and i took that one hard... i cant immagine what ur going through... but do like others said... dont hold it back, let it all out... bottling it up is not a good thing...

again, my condolences


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I don't know what to say besides that I hope you get over your loss. I pray to God they get charged as adults. Stay strong. :hanky: