Sacred armor find


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I was doing some runs in the crypt in Bloodraven's area to level up and hopefully get lucky on super uniques and champion packs.

I came across a Sacred Armor (574 base defense with 3 sockets)
and a Balrog Sword with 4 sockets in it.

They good for any runewords? I know the armor has a high strength requirement.


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@McGruber08 I would skip sacred armor for RW base. As you said, it’s really high strength requirement can be a limitation.

If you are going for a titan build, it might be something else. But generally I aim for Archon Plate or Dusk Shroud, with wire fleece also a good option.

The sword could be handy (eg, Passion), so I’d stash it for sure. eth 4os is preferred for oath though due to indestructible mod on that RW.