S/U checklist text file for SP 1.14d?


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Would anyone know where I can find a checklist text file of all sets and uniques for SP 1.14d that I can just copy and throw onto my desktop, instead of having to use a program that keeps track?


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Awesome, this contains every obtainable item in the latest version of the game?
Everything is obtainable except Unique Crystal Sword - Azurewrath, which has not been in-game for a very long time, I believe it was removed in 1.10. Also, to note that 1.10 Runewords(RWM) won't work unless you set up a mod that allows ladder runewords such as Spirit, Fortitude, Insight etc. Other than those exceptions, everything should be available in the latest version.


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I'm quite sure I have seen an excel file with all the available S/U in the game before, but can't seem to find it right now. Agreed that GoMule and it's built in Flavie report is excellent though. Sometimes a bit too addictive though ...


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I have an Excel and text files if you still require it.

Item Name                    ,Base Item            ,Treasure Class
Biggin's Bonnet              ,Cap                  ,(TC 3)
Tarnhelm                     ,Skull Cap            ,(TC 6)
Coif of Glory                ,Helm                 ,(TC 12)
Duskdeep                     ,Full Helm            ,(TC 15)
The Face of Horror           ,Mask                 ,(TC 21)
Howltusk                     ,Great Helm           ,(TC 24)
Wormskull                    ,Bone Helm            ,(TC 24)
Undead Crown                 ,Crown                ,(TC 30)
Greyform                     ,Quilted Armor        ,(TC 3)
Blinkbat's Form              ,Leather Armor        ,(TC 3)
The Centurion                ,Hard Leather Armor   ,(TC 6)
Twitchthroe                  ,Studded Leather      ,(TC 9)
Darkglow                     ,Ring Mail            ,(TC 12)
Hawkmail                     ,Scale Mail           ,(TC 15)
Sparking Mail                ,Chain Mail           ,(TC 15)
Venom Ward                   ,Breast Plate         ,(TC 18)
Iceblink                     ,Splint Mail          ,(TC 21)
Boneflesh                    ,Plate Mail           ,(TC 24)
Rockfleece                   ,Field Plate          ,(TC 30)
Rattlecage                   ,Gothic Plate         ,(TC 33)
Heavenly Garb                ,Light Plate          ,(TC 36)
Goldskin                     ,Full Plate Mail      ,(TC 39)
Silks of the Victor          ,Ancient Armor        ,(TC 42)
Pelta Lunata                 ,Buckler              ,(TC 3)
Umbral Disk                  ,Small Shield         ,(TC 6)
Stormguild                   ,Large Shield         ,(TC 12)
Swordback Hold               ,Spiked Shield        ,(TC 12)
Steelclash                   ,Kite Shield          ,(TC 15)
Wall of the Eyeless          ,Bone Shield          ,(TC 21)
Bverrit Keep                 ,Tower Shield         ,(TC 24)
The Ward                     ,Gothic Shield        ,(TC 30)
The Hand of Broc             ,Leather Gloves       ,(TC 3)
Bloodfist                    ,Heavy Gloves         ,(TC 9)
Chance Guards                ,Chain Gloves         ,(TC 12)
Magefist                     ,Light Gauntlets      ,(TC 21)
Frostburn                    ,Gauntlets            ,(TC 27)
Hotspur                      ,Boots                ,(TC 3)
Gorefoot                     ,Heavy Boots          ,(TC 9)
Treads of Cthon              ,Chain Boots          ,(TC 12)
Goblin Toe                   ,Light Plated Boots   ,(TC 21)
Tearhaunch                   ,Greaves              ,(TC 27)
Lenymo                       ,Sash                 ,(TC 3)
Snakecord                    ,Light Belt           ,(TC 9)
Nightsmoke                   ,Belt                 ,(TC 12)
Goldwrap                     ,Heavy Belt           ,(TC 21)
Bladebuckle                  ,Plated Belt          ,(TC 27)
The Gnasher                  ,Hand Axe             ,(TC 3)
Deathspade                   ,Axe                  ,(TC 9)
Bladebone                    ,Double Axe           ,(TC 15)
Skull Splitter               ,Military Pick        ,(TC 21)
Rakescar                     ,War Axe              ,(TC 27)
Axe of Fechmar               ,Large Axe            ,(TC 6)
Goreshovel                   ,Broad Axe            ,(TC 12)
The Chieftain                ,Battle Axe           ,(TC 18)
Brainhew                     ,Great Axe            ,(TC 24)
Humongous                    ,Giant Axe            ,(TC 27)
Pluckeye                     ,Short Bow            ,(TC 3)
Witherstring                 ,Hunter's Bow         ,(TC 6)
Raven Claw                   ,Long Bow             ,(TC 9)
Rogue's Bow                  ,Composite Bow        ,(TC 12)
Stormstrike                  ,Short Battle Bow     ,(TC 18)
Wizendraw                    ,Long Battle Bow      ,(TC 24)
Hellclap                     ,Short War Bow        ,(TC 27)
Blastbark                    ,Long War Bow         ,(TC 33)
Leadcrow                     ,Light Crossbow       ,(TC 6)
Ichorsting                   ,Crossbow             ,(TC 15)
Hellcast                     ,Heavy Crossbow       ,(TC 24)
Doomslinger                  ,Repeating Crossbow   ,(TC 33)
Gull                         ,Dagger               ,(TC 3)
The Diggler                  ,Dirk                 ,(TC 9)
The Jade Tan Do              ,Kris                 ,(TC 18)
Spectral Shard               ,Blade                ,(TC 24)
Felloak                      ,Club                 ,(TC 3)
Stoutnail                    ,Spiked Club          ,(TC 6)
Crushflange                  ,Mace                 ,(TC 9)
Bloodrise                    ,Morning Star         ,(TC 15)
The General's Tan Do Li Ga   ,Flail                ,(TC 21)
Ironstone                    ,War Hammer           ,(TC 27)
Bonesnap                     ,Maul                 ,(TC 21)
Steeldriver                  ,Great Maul           ,(TC 33)
Dimoak's Hew                 ,Bardiche             ,(TC 6)
Steelgoad                    ,Voulge               ,(TC 12)
Soul Harvest                 ,Scythe               ,(TC 15)
The Battlebranch             ,Poleaxe              ,(TC 21)
Woestave                     ,Halberd              ,(TC 30)
The Grim Reaper              ,War Scythe           ,(TC 36)
Knell Striker                ,Scepter              ,(TC 3)
Rusthandle                   ,Grand Scepter        ,(TC 15)
Stormeye                     ,War Scepter          ,(TC 21)
The Dragon Chang             ,Spear                ,(TC 6)
Razortine                    ,Trident              ,(TC 9)
Bloodthief                   ,Brandistock          ,(TC 18)
Lance of Yaggai              ,Spetum               ,(TC 21)
The Tannr Gorerod            ,Pike                 ,(TC 24)
Bane Ash                     ,Short Staff          ,(TC 3)
Serpent Lord                 ,Long Staff           ,(TC 9)
Spire of Lazarus             ,Gnarled Staff        ,(TC 12)
The Salamander               ,Battle Staff         ,(TC 18)
The Iron Jang Bong           ,War Staff            ,(TC 24)
Rixot's Keen                 ,Short Sword          ,(TC 3)
Blood Crescent               ,Scimitar             ,(TC 6)
Skewer of Krintiz            ,Sabre                ,(TC 9)
Gleamscythe                  ,Falchion             ,(TC 12)
Griswold's Edge              ,Broad Sword          ,(TC 15)
Hellplague                   ,Long Sword           ,(TC 21)
Culwen's Point               ,War Sword            ,(TC 27)
Shadowfang                   ,Two-Handed Sword     ,(TC 12)
Soulflay                     ,Claymore             ,(TC 18)
Kinemil's Awl                ,Giant Sword          ,(TC 21)
Blacktongue                  ,Bastard Sword        ,(TC 24)
Ripsaw                       ,Flamberge            ,(TC 27)
The Patriarch                ,Great Sword          ,(TC 33)
Torch of Iro                 ,Wand                 ,(TC 3)
Maelstrom                    ,Yew Wand             ,(TC 12)
Gravenspine                  ,Bone Wand            ,(TC 18)
Ume's Lament                 ,Grim Wand            ,(TC 27)
Peasant Crown                ,War Hat              ,(TC 36)
Rockstopper                  ,Sallet               ,(TC 39)
Stealskull                   ,Casque               ,(TC 42)
Darksight Helm               ,Basinet              ,(TC 45)
Blackhorn's Face             ,Death Mask           ,(TC 48)
Valkyrie Wing                ,Winged Helm          ,(TC 51)
Vampire Gaze                 ,Grim Helm            ,(TC 51)
Crown of Thieves             ,Grand Crown          ,(TC 57)
The Spirit Shroud            ,Ghost Armor          ,(TC 36)
Skin of the Vipermagi        ,Serpentskin Armor    ,(TC 36)
Skin of the Flayed One       ,Demonhide Armor      ,(TC 39)
Iron Pelt                    ,Trellised Armor      ,(TC 42)
Spirit Forge                 ,Linked Mail          ,(TC 42)
Crow Caw                     ,Tigulated Mail       ,(TC 45)
Shaftstop                    ,Mesh Armor           ,(TC 45)
Duriel's Shell               ,Cuirass              ,(TC 48)
Skullder's Ire               ,Russet Armor         ,(TC 51)
Guardian Angel               ,Templar Coat         ,(TC 54)
Toothrow                     ,Sharktooth Armor     ,(TC 57)
Atma's Wail                  ,Embossed Plate       ,(TC 60)
Que-Hegan's Wisdom           ,Mage Plate           ,(TC 60)
Black Hades                  ,Chaos Armor          ,(TC 63)
Corpsemourn                  ,Ornate Plate         ,(TC 66)
Visceratuant                 ,Defender             ,(TC 36)
Moser's Blessed Circle       ,Round Shield         ,(TC 39)
Stormchaser                  ,Scutum               ,(TC 42)
Lance Guard                  ,Barbed Shield        ,(TC 42)
Tiamat's Rebuke              ,Dragon Shield        ,(TC 45)
Lidless Wall                 ,Grim Shield          ,(TC 48)
Gerke's Sanctuary            ,Pavise               ,(TC 51)
Radament's Sphere            ,Ancient Shield       ,(TC 57)
Venom Grip                   ,Demonhide Gloves     ,(TC 33)
Gravepalm                    ,Sharkskin Gloves     ,(TC 39)
Ghoulhide                    ,Heavy Bracers        ,(TC 45)
Lava Gout                    ,Battle Gauntlets     ,(TC 51)
Hellmouth                    ,War Gauntlets        ,(TC 54)
Infernostride                ,Demonhide Boots      ,(TC 36)
Waterwalk                    ,Sharkskin Boots      ,(TC 39)
Silkweave                    ,Mesh Boots           ,(TC 45)
War Traveler                 ,Battle Boots         ,(TC 51)
Gore Rider                   ,War Boots            ,(TC 54)
String of Ears               ,Demonhide Sash       ,(TC 36)
Razortail                    ,Sharkskin Belt       ,(TC 39)
Gloom's Trap                 ,Mesh Belt            ,(TC 45)
Snowclash                    ,Battle Belt          ,(TC 51)
Thundergod's Vigor           ,War Belt             ,(TC 54)
Coldkill                     ,Hatchet              ,(TC 33)
Butcher's Pupil              ,Cleaver              ,(TC 36)
Islestrike                   ,Twin Axe             ,(TC 39)
Pompeii's Wrath              ,Crowbill             ,(TC 45)
Guardian Naga                ,Naga                 ,(TC 48)
Warlord's Trust              ,Military Axe         ,(TC 36)
Spellsteel                   ,Bearded Axe          ,(TC 39)
Stormrider                   ,Tabar                ,(TC 42)
Boneslayer Blade             ,Gothic Axe           ,(TC 48)
The Minotaur                 ,Ancient Axe          ,(TC 51)
Skystrike                    ,Edge Bow             ,(TC 30)
Riphook                      ,Razor Bow            ,(TC 33)
Kuko Shakaku                 ,Cedar Bow            ,(TC 36)
Endlesshail                  ,Double Bow           ,(TC 39)
Witchwild String             ,Short Siege Bow      ,(TC 45)
Cliffkiller                  ,Large Siege Bow      ,(TC 48)
Magewrath                    ,Rune Bow             ,(TC 51)
Goldstrike Arch              ,Gothic Bow           ,(TC 54)
Langer Briser                ,Arbalest             ,(TC 36)
Pus Spitter                  ,Siege Crossbow       ,(TC 42)
Buriza-Do Kyanon             ,Ballista             ,(TC 48)
Demon Machine                ,Chu-Ko-Nu            ,(TC 54)
Spineripper                  ,Poignard             ,(TC 33)
Heart Carver                 ,Rondel               ,(TC 36)
Blackbog's Sharp             ,Cinquedeas           ,(TC 42)
Stormspike                   ,Stiletto             ,(TC 48)
Dark Clan Crusher            ,Cudgel               ,(TC 30)
Fleshrender                  ,Barbed Club          ,(TC 33)
Sureshrill Frost             ,Flanged Mace         ,(TC 36)
Moonfall                     ,Jagged Star          ,(TC 39)
Baezil's Vortex              ,Knout                ,(TC 45)
Earthshaker                  ,Battle Hammer        ,(TC 48)
Bloodtree Stump              ,War Club             ,(TC 45)
The Gavel of Pain            ,Martel de Fer        ,(TC 54)
The Meat Scraper             ,Lochaber Axe         ,(TC 33)
Pierre Tombale Couant        ,Partizan             ,(TC 36)
Blackleach Blade             ,Bill                 ,(TC 39)
Athena's Wrath               ,Battle Scythe        ,(TC 42)
Husoldal Evo                 ,Bec-De-Corbin        ,(TC 51)
Grim's Burning Dead          ,Grim Scythe          ,(TC 57)
Zakarum's Hand               ,Rune Scepter         ,(TC 33)
The Fetid Sprinkler          ,Holy Water Sprinkler ,(TC 42)
Hand of Blessed Light        ,Divine Scepter       ,(TC 45)
The Impaler                  ,War Spear            ,(TC 33)
Kelpie Snare                 ,Fuscina              ,(TC 36)
Soulfeast Tine               ,War Fork             ,(TC 42)
Hone Sundan                  ,Yari                 ,(TC 45)
Spire of Honor               ,Lance                ,(TC 48)
Razorswitch                  ,Jo Staff             ,(TC 30)
Ribcracker                   ,Quarterstaff         ,(TC 36)
Chromatic Ire                ,Cedar Staff          ,(TC 39)
Warpspear                    ,Gothic Staff         ,(TC 42)
Skull Collector              ,Rune Staff           ,(TC 48)
Bloodletter                  ,Gladius              ,(TC 30)
Hexfire                      ,Shamshir             ,(TC 36)
Blade of Ali Baba            ,Tulwar               ,(TC 39)
Ginther's Rift               ,Dimensional Blade    ,(TC 39)
Headstriker                  ,Battle Sword         ,(TC 42)
Plague Bearer                ,Rune Sword           ,(TC 45)
Coldsteel Eye                ,Cutlass              ,(TC 45)
The Atlantean                ,Ancient Sword        ,(TC 51)
Crainte Vomir                ,Espandon             ,(TC 39)
Bing Sz Wang                 ,Dacian Falx          ,(TC 42)
The Vile Husk                ,Tusk Sword           ,(TC 45)
Cloudcrack                   ,Gothic Sword         ,(TC 48)
Todesfaelle Flamme           ,Zweihander           ,(TC 51)
Swordguard                   ,Executioner Sword    ,(TC 54)
Suicide Branch               ,Burnt Wand           ,(TC 33)
Carin Shard                  ,Petrified Wand       ,(TC 39)
Arm of King Leoric           ,Tomb Wand            ,(TC 45)
Blackhand Key                ,Grave Wand           ,(TC 51)
Deathbit                     ,Battle Dart          ,(TC 33)
The Scalper                  ,Francisca            ,(TC 36)
Harlequin Crest              ,Shako                ,(TC 60)
Steel Shade                  ,Armet                ,(TC 69)
Kira's Guardian              ,Tiara                ,(TC 72)
Andariel's Visage            ,Demonhead            ,(TC 75)
Veil of Steel                ,Spired Helm          ,(TC 81)
Nightwing's Veil             ,Spired Helm          ,(TC 81)
Giant Skull                  ,Bone Visage          ,(TC 84)
Griffon's Eye                ,Diadem               ,(TC 87)
Crown of Ages                ,Corona               ,(TC 87)
Ormus' Robes                 ,Dusk Shroud          ,(TC 66)
The Gladiator's Bane         ,Wire Fleece          ,(TC 72)
Arkaine's Valor              ,Balrog Skin          ,(TC 78)
Leviathan                    ,Kraken Shell         ,(TC 81)
Steel Carapace               ,Shadow Plate         ,(TC 84)
Templar's Might              ,Sacred Armor         ,(TC 87)
Tyrael's Might               ,Sacred Armor         ,(TC 87)
Blackoak Shield              ,Luna                 ,(TC 63)
Spike Thorn                  ,Blade Barrier        ,(TC 69)
Stormshield                  ,Monarch              ,(TC 72)
Head Hunter's Glory          ,Troll Nest           ,(TC 78)
Medusa's Gaze                ,Aegis                ,(TC 81)
Spirit Ward                  ,Ward                 ,(TC 84)
Dracul's Grasp               ,Vampirebone Gloves   ,(TC 63)
Soul Drainer                 ,Vambraces            ,(TC 69)
Steelrend                    ,Ogre Gauntlets       ,(TC 87)
Sandstorm Trek               ,Scarabshell Boots    ,(TC 66)
Marrowwalk                   ,Boneweave Boots      ,(TC 72)
Shadow Dancer                ,Myrmidon Greaves     ,(TC 87)
Arachnid Mesh                ,Spiderweb Sash       ,(TC 63)
Nosferatu's Coil             ,Vampirefang Belt     ,(TC 69)
Verdungo's Hearty Cord       ,Mithril Coil         ,(TC 75)
Razor's Edge                 ,Tomahawk             ,(TC 54)
Rune Master                  ,Ettin Axe            ,(TC 72)
Cranebeak                    ,War Spike            ,(TC 81)
Ethereal Edge                ,Silver-Edged Axe     ,(TC 66)
Hellslayer                   ,Decapitator          ,(TC 75)
Messerschmidt's Reaver       ,Champion Axe         ,(TC 84)
Death Cleaver                ,Berserker Axe        ,(TC 87)
Executioner's Justice        ,Glorious Axe         ,(TC 87)
Eaglehorn                    ,Crusader Bow         ,(TC 78)
Widowmaker                   ,Ward Bow             ,(TC 81)
Windforce                    ,Hydra Bow            ,(TC 87)
Hellrack                     ,Colossus Crossbow    ,(TC 75)
Gut Siphon                   ,Demon Crossbow       ,(TC 84)
Wizardspike                  ,Bone Knife           ,(TC 60)
Fleshripper                  ,Fanged Knife         ,(TC 84)
Ghostflame                   ,Legend Spike         ,(TC 87)
Demon's Arch                 ,Balrog Spear         ,(TC 72)
Wraith Flight                ,Ghost Glaive         ,(TC 81)
Gargoyle's Bite              ,Winged Harpoon       ,(TC 87)
Nord's Tenderizer            ,Truncheon            ,(TC 54)
Demon Limb                   ,Tyrant Club          ,(TC 57)
Baranar's Star               ,Devil Star           ,(TC 72)
Horizon's Tornado            ,Scourge              ,(TC 78)
Stormlash                    ,Scourge              ,(TC 78)
Windhammer                   ,Ogre Maul            ,(TC 69)
Stone Crusher                ,Legendary Mallet     ,(TC 84)
Schaefer's Hammer            ,Legendary Mallet     ,(TC 84)
The Cranium Basher           ,Thunder Maul         ,(TC 87)
Earth Shifter                ,Thunder Maul         ,(TC 87)
Bonehew                      ,Ogre Axe             ,(TC 60)
The Reaper's Toll            ,Thresher             ,(TC 72)
Tomb Reaver                  ,Cryptic Axe          ,(TC 81)
Stormspire                   ,Giant Thresher       ,(TC 87)
Heaven's Light               ,Mighty Scepter       ,(TC 63)
The Redeemer                 ,Mighty Scepter       ,(TC 63)
Astreon's Iron Ward          ,Caduceus             ,(TC 87)
Arioc's Needle               ,Hyperion Spear       ,(TC 60)
Viperfork                    ,Mancatcher           ,(TC 75)
Steel Pillar                 ,War Pike             ,(TC 87)
Ondal's Wisdom               ,Elder Staff          ,(TC 75)
Mang Song's Lesson           ,Archon Staff         ,(TC 87)
Djinn Slayer                 ,Ataghan              ,(TC 63)
Bloodmoon                    ,Elegant Blade        ,(TC 63)
Lightsabre                   ,Phase Blade          ,(TC 75)
Azurewrath                   ,Phase Blade          ,(TC 75)
Frostwind                    ,Cryptic Sword        ,(TC 84)
Flamebellow                  ,Balrog Blade         ,(TC 72)
Doombringer                  ,Champion Sword       ,(TC 78)
The Grandfather              ,Colossus Blade       ,(TC 87)
Gimmershred                  ,Flying Axe           ,(TC 57)
Warshrike                    ,Winged Knife         ,(TC 78)
Lacerator                    ,Winged Axe           ,(TC 81)
Boneshade                    ,Lich Wand            ,(TC 75)
Death's Web                  ,Unearthed Wand       ,(TC 87)
Nokozan Relic                ,Amulet               ,
The Eye of Etlich            ,Amulet               ,
The Mahim-Oak Curio          ,Amulet               ,
Saracen's Chance             ,Amulet               ,
The Cat's Eye                ,Amulet               ,
Crescent Moon                ,Amulet               ,
Atma's Scarab                ,Amulet               ,
The Rising Sun               ,Amulet               ,
Highlord's Wrath             ,Amulet               ,
Mara's Kaleidoscope          ,Amulet               ,
Metalgrid                    ,Amulet               ,
Seraph's Hymn                ,Amulet               ,
Nagelring                    ,Ring                 ,
Manald Heal                  ,Ring                 ,
The Stone of Jordan          ,Ring                 ,
Dwarf Star                   ,Ring                 ,
Raven Frost                  ,Ring                 ,
Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band     ,Ring                 ,
Carrion Wind                 ,Ring                 ,
Nature's Peace               ,Ring                 ,
Wisp Projector               ,Ring                 ,
Gheed's Fortune              ,Grand Charm          ,
Rainbow Facet                ,Jewel                ,(Fire/Die)[Meteor/Die]
Rainbow Facet                ,Jewel                ,(Fire/Level Up)[Blaze/Level Up]
Rainbow Facet                ,Jewel                ,(Cold/Die)[Blizzard/Die]
Rainbow Facet                ,Jewel                ,(Cold/Level Up)[Frost Nova/Level Up]
Rainbow Facet                ,Jewel                ,(Lightning/Die)[Chain Lightning/Die]
Rainbow Facet                ,Jewel                ,(Lightning/Level Up)[Nova/Level Up]
Rainbow Facet                ,Jewel                ,(Poison/Die)[Poison Nova/Die]
Rainbow Facet                ,Jewel                ,(Poison/Level Up)[Venom/Level Up]
Titan's Revenge              ,Ceremonial Javelin   ,(TC 36)
Lycander's Aim               ,Ceremonial Bow       ,(TC 48)
Lycander's Flank             ,Ceremonial Pike      ,(TC 51)
Blood Raven's Charge         ,Matriarchal Bow      ,(TC 54)
Stoneraven                   ,Matriarchal Spear    ,(TC 63)
Thunderstroke                ,Matriarchal Javelin  ,(TC 66)
Bartuc's Cut-Throat          ,Greater Talons       ,(TC 51)
Jade Talon                   ,Wrist Sword          ,(TC 63)
Shadow Killer                ,Battle Cestus        ,(TC 75)
Firelizard's Talons          ,Feral Claws          ,(TC 78)
The Oculus                   ,Swirling Crystal     ,(TC 51)
Eschuta's Temper             ,Eldritch Orb         ,(TC 69)
Death's Fathom               ,Dimensional Shard    ,(TC 87)
Arreat's Face                ,Slayer Guard         ,(TC 54)
Wolfhowl                     ,Fury Visor           ,(TC 66)
Demonhorn's Edge             ,Destroyer Helm       ,(TC 75)
Halaberd's Reign             ,Conqueror Crown      ,(TC 81)
Jalal's Mane                 ,Totemic Mask         ,(TC 57)
Cerebus' Bite                ,Blood Spirit         ,(TC 63)
Spirit Keeper                ,Earth Spirit         ,(TC 78)
Ravenlore                    , Sky Spirit          ,(TC 84)
Homunculus                   ,Hierophant Trophy    ,(TC 54)
Boneflame                    ,Succubus Skull       ,(TC 81)
Darkforce Spawn              , Bloodlord Skull     ,(TC 87)
Herald of Zakarum            , Gilded Shield       ,(TC 51)
Alma Negra                   ,Sacred Rondache      ,(TC 72)
Dragonscale                  ,Zakarum Shield       ,(TC 84)
Angelic Wings                ,Amulet               ,
Angelic Halo                 ,Ring                 ,
Angelic Mantle               ,Ring Mail            ,(TC 12)
Angelic Sickle               ,Sabre                ,(TC 9)
Arcanna's Flesh              ,Light Plate          ,(TC 36)
Arcanna's Head               ,Skull Cap            ,(TC 6)
Arcanna's Deathwand          ,War Staff            ,(TC 24)
Arcanna's Sign               ,Amulet               ,
Arctic Mitts                 ,Light Gauntlets      ,(TC 21)
Arctic Binding               ,Light Belt           ,(TC 9)
Arctic Furs                  ,Quilted Armor        ,(TC 3)
Arctic Horn                  ,Short War Bow        ,(TC 27)
Berserker's Hatchet          ,Double Axe           ,(TC 15)
Berserker's Hauberk          ,Splint Mail          ,(TC 21)
Berserker's Headgear         ,Helm                 ,(TC 12)
Cathan's Seal                ,Ring                 ,
Cathan's Sigil               ,Amulet               ,
Cathan's Visage              ,Mask                 ,(TC 21)
Cathan's Mesh                ,Chain Mail           ,(TC 15)
Cathan's Rule                ,Battle Staff         ,(TC 18)
Civerb's Cudgel              ,Grand Scepter        ,(TC 15)
Civerb's Icon                ,Amulet               ,
Civerb's Ward                ,Large Shield         ,(TC 12)
Cleglaw's Pincers            ,Chain Gloves         ,(TC 12)
Cleglaw's Claw               ,Small Shield         ,(TC 6)
Cleglaw's Tooth              ,Long Sword           ,(TC 21)
Death's Touch                ,War Sword            ,(TC 27)
Death's Guard                ,Sash                 ,(TC 3)
Death's Hand                 ,Leather Gloves       ,(TC 3)
Hsarus' Iron Stay            ,Belt                 ,(TC 21)
Hsarus' Iron Fist            ,Buckler              ,(TC 3)
Hsarus' Iron Heel            ,Chain Boots          ,(TC 12)
Infernal Sign                ,Heavy Belt           ,(TC 21)
Infernal Torch               ,Grim Wand            ,(TC 27)
Infernal Cranium             ,Cap                  ,(TC 3)
Iratha's Cord                ,Heavy Belt           ,(TC 21)
Iratha's Coil                ,Crown                ,(TC 30)
Iratha's Cuff                ,Light Gauntlets      ,(TC 21)
Iratha's Collar              ,Amulet               ,
Isenhart's Horns             ,Full Helm            ,(TC 15)
Isenhart's Case              ,Breast Plate         ,(TC 18)
Isenhart's Parry             ,Gothic Shield        ,(TC 30)
Isenhart's Lightbrand        ,Broad Sword          ,(TC 15)
Milabrega's Diadem           ,Crown                ,(TC 30)
Milabrega's Orb              ,Kite Shield          ,(TC 15)
Milabrega's Robe             ,Ancient Armor        ,(TC 42)
Milabrega's Rod              ,War Scepter          ,(TC 21)
Sigon's Guard                ,Tower Shield         ,(TC 24)
Sigon's Wrap                 ,Plated Belt          ,(TC 27)
Sigon's Sabot                ,Greaves              ,(TC 27)
Sigon's Gage                 ,Gauntlets            ,(TC 27)
Sigon's Shelter              ,Gothic Plate         ,(TC 33)
Sigon's Visor                ,Great Helm           ,(TC 24)
Tancred's Skull              ,Bone Helm            ,(TC 24)
Tancred's Weird              ,Amulet               ,
Tancred's Hobnails           ,Boots                ,(TC 3)
Tancred's Spine              ,Full Plate Mail      ,(TC 39)
Tancred's Crowbill           ,Military Pick        ,(TC 21)
Vidala's Snare               ,Amulet               ,
Vidala's Ambush              ,Leather Armor        ,(TC 3)
Vidala's Fetlock             ,Light Plated Boots   ,(TC 21)
Vidala's Barb                ,Long Battle Bow      ,(TC 24)
Aldur's Stony Gaze           ,Hunter's Guise       ,(TC 48)
Aldur's Advance              ,Battle Boots         ,(TC 51)
Aldur's Deception            ,Shadow Plate         ,(TC 84)
Aldur's Rhythm               ,Jagged Star          ,(TC 39)
Bul-Kathos' Sacred Charge    ,Colossus Blade       ,(TC 87)
Bul-Kathos' Tribal Guardian  ,Mythical Sword       ,(TC 87)
Cow King's Horns             ,War Hat              ,(TC 36)
Cow King's Hide              ,Studded Leather      ,(TC 9)
Cow King's Hooves            ,Heavy Boots          ,(TC 9)
Telling of Beads             ,Amulet               ,
Laying of Hands              ,Bramble Mitts        ,(TC 57)
Dark Adherent                ,Dusk Shroud          ,(TC 66)
Rite of Passage              ,Demonhide Boots      ,(TC 36)
Credendum                    ,Mithril Coil         ,(TC 75)
Griswold's Heart             ,Ornate Plate         ,(TC 66)
Griswold's Valor             ,Corona               ,(TC 87)
Griswold's Redemption        ,Caduceus             ,(TC 87)
Griswold's Honor             ,Vortex Shield        ,(TC 87)
Haemosu's Adamant            ,Cuirass              ,(TC 48)
Dangoon's Teaching           ,Reinforced Mace      ,(TC 63)
Taebaek's Glory              ,Ward                 ,(TC 84)
Ondal's Almighty             ,Spired Helm          ,(TC 81)
Hwanin's Splendor            ,Grand Crown          ,(TC 57)
Hwanin's Justice             ,Bill                 ,(TC 39)
Hwanin's Refuge              ,Tigulated Mail       ,(TC 45)
Hwanin's Blessing            ,Belt                 ,(TC 12)
Immortal King's Will         ,Avenger Guard        ,(TC 24)
Immortal King's Stone Crusher,Ogre Maul            ,(TC 69)
Immortal King's Soul Cage    ,Sacred Armor         ,(TC 87)
Immortal King's Detail       ,War Belt             ,(TC 54)
Immortal King's Forge        ,War Gauntlets        ,(TC 54)
Immortal King's Pillar       ,War Boots            ,(TC 54)
M'avina's True Sight         ,Diadem               ,(TC 87)
M'avina's Caster             ,Grand Matron Bow     ,(TC 78)
M'avina's Embrace            ,Kraken Shell         ,(TC 81)
M'avina's Icy Clutch         ,Battle Gauntlets     ,(TC 51)
M'avina's Tenet              ,Sharkskin Belt       ,(TC 39)
Natalya's Totem              ,Grim Helm            ,(TC 51)
Natalya's Mark               ,Scissors Suwayyah    ,(TC 87)
Natalya's Shadow             ,Loricated Mail       ,(TC 75)
Natalya's Soul               ,Mesh Boots           ,(TC 45)
Naj's Circlet                ,Circlet              ,(TC 24)
Naj's Light Plate            ,Hellforge Plate      ,(TC 78)
Naj's Puzzler                ,Elder Staff          ,(TC 75)
Guillaume's Face             ,Winged Helm          ,(TC 51)
Whitstan's Guard             ,Round Shield         ,(TC 39)
Magnus' Skin                 ,Sharkskin Gloves     ,(TC 39)
Wilhelm's Pride              ,Battle Belt          ,(TC 51)
Sander's Paragon             ,Cap                  ,(TC 3)
Sander's Superstition        ,Bone Wand            ,(TC 18)
Sander's Taboo               ,Heavy Gloves         ,(TC 9)
Sander's Riprap              ,Heavy Boots          ,(TC 9)
Sazabi's Mental Sheath       ,Basinet              ,(TC 45)
Sazabi's Cobalt Redeemer     ,Cryptic Sword        ,(TC 84)
Sazabi's Ghost Liberator     ,Balrog Skin          ,(TC 78)
Tal Rasha's Lidless Eye      ,Swirling Crystal     ,(TC 51)
Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest   ,Death Mask           ,(TC 48)
Tal Rasha's Guardianship     ,Lacquered Plate      ,(TC 84)
Tal Rasha's Fine-Spun Cloth  ,Mesh Belt            ,(TC 45)
Tal Rasha's Adjudication     ,Amulet               ,
Trang-Oul's Guise            ,Bone Visage          ,(TC 84)
Trang-Oul's Scales           ,Chaos Armor          ,(TC 63)
Trang-Oul's Wing             ,Cantor Trophy        ,(TC 51)
Trang-Oul's Girth            ,Troll Belt           ,(TC 84)
Trang-Oul's Claws            ,Heavy Bracers        ,(TC 45)

Excel File

I've done some additional work on this file which I built from the Flavie data:
  • Conditional format for Unique/Set
  • Adding a preceding 0 to TCs that are single digits so everything lines up
  • Flags/Helper Columns:
    • Item Type - whether it is a helm, armor, sword or bow etc.
    • Item Tier - Normal, Exceptional, Elite & Miscellaneous
    • Item Quality - Unique or Set
    • Item Category - Broad categories like Armor or Weapon etc.
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I had no idea that Flavie Report was built into GoMule, I was under the impression that they were separate programs.


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So regarding Flavie Report, you have to actually have the item stored somewhere on one of your characters to have the Report register it as being obtained? If that’s the case, I better start creating 6,000,000 mules now.


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It's a good idea to create a project for any tournament characters and their stashes, to prevent cross contamination. Similarly, having separate HC and SC projects is a good idea.