s/s ww barb...oops?


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s/s ww barb...oops?

Well I had been away from D2 for 5 years (I sold my uber account right before expansion came out) and I just started playing 2 weeks ago... and I failed to check this site and forums to help prior to building aforementioned barb...

Ok he is level 66 now and some key skills are:
Maxed WW
Maxed Sword Mastery
5 in IS
11 in Shout
9 in BO

my equip setup is:
Death Colossus Sword
Mosers Blessed Cir Shield (socketed with Pul and a Pdiamond)
Decent rare war belt (def need to upgrade)
War Trav Boots
Crown of Thieves
A +2 masteries and 7% ml and some resists ammy
Manald Heal and Raven Frost ring(s)

Now from what I have read this setup and build isn't the way most would have gone... although I was nostaligic for my ol S/S WW barb

Any insights on equipment ie what needs to be changed/upgraded?
If I should scrap him altogether and build another barb?

I am in Hell act 2 and I am gettin creamed more often then I'd like (I am only 66 tho)

I do have some items for trade so I hope he isn't totally lost (still have 3 imbues and 2 socket quests rewards)

Thanks all for any input...I really missed this game and glad to be back just wished I had remembered this site :)


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hmmm. Max BO before you max anything else. Get a storm shield. Get an arreats :)

Eilo Rytyj

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Death is too slow for WW, get something else. A non-eth Fury Balrog Blade would be better.

Look up on weapons that hit the fastest WW breakpoint. You need to be whirling at the fastest speed to maximise your damage output.

To give you an example, a Colossus Sword needs ~45% IAS on-weapon to reach the fastest speed. Death has no on-weapon IAS, you're attacking at half the speed, effectively halving your potential damage.


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I take it that this is for pvm?

max: ww, bo, mastery, shout
1 point wonders: IS, natural resistance, battle command, berserk, iron skin, and prereqs
You could throw a point into find item too. I find it to be pretty helpful.

Str - enough for gear
Dex - enough for gear or max block
Vita - everything else
Energy - none

Weapon - Since you are going to be using swords, the weapon speed on the sword has to be -34 ias in order to hit that last ww breakpoint (I think just take the base weapon speed minus the on speed ias). Hitting the last breakpoint allows for more hitchecks, which means more damage and leeching.
Good runewords to use are: Botd, Oath, Kingslayer, or Grief
Shield - Stormshield, best shield in the game
Belt - verdungos, tgods
Gloves - dracs, LOH
Boots - Gore riders, war travs
Armor - Fortitude, Enigma, Duress
Rings - Ravens maybe with a dual leech ring
Ammy - Highlord's
Helm - Arreat's or Guillaume's Face

I think that should cover the basics. Read the stickies here in the barb section as they will help you much more.


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I have read some of the stickies... just wanted some recent input from you LoD barb masters

Yeah I am playin PvM for now... Like I said its my first character in 5 years and I fig a barb would be the easiest to start out with and help outfit other characters later on...

It's nice to know that he isn't totally lost...

My Str is 179
Dex 120
Vit 200
Eng base +1

All the suggestions I have read on but like I said I wanted some "live" input .. I can be a bit selfish in that aspect so I apologize if this is a tired subject

If anyone wants to play I am looking for some honest people to go running with

Account name is subversal on Useast ladder... so whisper if you like to make a new friend :0

And thanks again everyone for the needed suggestions.... this site and forums still holds true like I remember... and nothing good ever dies :)