RWM for 1.14d


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Hello everyone! Long time no see!

I'd like to say sorry in advance, this has probably been asked a million times, but I can't find any answer to it. Anywhere. Been googling and searching for almost 2 hours now!

I bought a new computer, downloaded diablo 2 and patched in 1.14d. I know there were some changes in directories with 1.14 but I thought I still could make it work.

Can someone tell me if( and how) RWM works with 1.14d?

Also, a lot wierd .bin files in the Excel folder. I can't remember that...

Please help a stupid person! :(



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Half the links are broken around here. Anyway here is the "fixer" pack for 1.14d. It contains the RWM, multiple windows, and CPU/TCP bugfix. Download

If you only want the RWM, copy the Patch_D2.mpq into your Diablo II folder over the existing one. Keep in mind to backup your Game.exe since the modified one won't let you connect to bnet.

1.14b changed the save/log path to prevent permission issues. Check this out if you want the old path back:


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Hey @sebhehe,

I'm not sure if you checked the pinned posts (They are very long though), but in there it mentions Singling. That pack has everything you need (including RWM). The RWM for 1.14d is the same exact thing as 1.13d. Nothing changed at all. It's literally the same exact Patch_D2.mpq file as the one in 1.13d.

- Jonathan


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Thanks, both of you! I don't know how I missed it, and I don't know how exactly I screwed up the first time.

I thought it was completely diff with 1.14! Seems I either suck at copypasta or something :)

Ty <3