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I was wondering if anyone does rush's im new to SPF soo i dunno how it works..


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I've never heard of rushes in SPF. The good thing about SP is that there is no rush! For me anyway....


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rushing in single player is inherently difficult. many of the quests are mandatory, and there is really no way around that if you just play single player. you can join a multiplayer game and ask the people in the game to "rush" you ahead, but i don't think it is generally done very often. if you really want to get through the game as quickly as possible, i would suggest trying open Bnet - i'm guessing that you will find plenty of people there that are willing to help you out.
Well, rushing is two things:

1) Damn hard, especially with the new patch
2) The main reason why alot of people play Single Player. Rushing takes all the fun out of the game, but if that's ok with you then by all means get rushed to your hearts content :D
Oh, and Welcome to the SPF :D :wave:


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Rushing in the realms generally have two possible reasons:

1: you want to do some quests real fast for their reward.
2: you want to get to the areas where the good experience is.

Here point two is plain and simple invalid as /players 8 negates all need for experience runs, if you play all areas on max players you'll end up as a patriarch at lvl88 or so, plus the rewards are alot better than when rushing as you'll be bound to find alot of items because of the increased drop rate.

So I guess the answer to your question is, there's no need for rushing here :)