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Rushing sorc questions.

Discussion in 'Classic' started by Nirlem, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. Nirlem

    Nirlem IncGamers Member

    Sep 4, 2003
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    Rushing sorc questions.

    I need to make a sorc that can handle rushing to act3 hell in a 2-player game.

    i was thinking to set it up like this.

    Lightning tree:
    Static 1
    Telekinesis 1
    Teleport 1

    Fire tree:
    Firebolt 20
    Fireball 20
    Firemastery 1
    Warmth 1

    Cold tree:
    Frozen armor 1
    Shiver armor 1
    Ice bolt 1
    Ice blast 1
    Frost nova 1
    Glacial spike 1
    Blizzard 1
    Frozen orb 20
    Cold mastery 1

    total of 73 skill points used. extra skill points to cold mastery or static.

    Anyone used that kind of build and know if its good?

    Any advice on where/how to get some basic items like:
    Shard, Magefist, the rest ill try to find rares.

    Thx for your responses.
  2. fredsta54

    fredsta54 IncGamers Member

    Nov 7, 2003
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    Hmm. Dual tree sorc builds on classic. I have tried out blizz//firewall, blizz//fball, orb//meteor, orb//fball, orb/fwall, cl/orb, and ranged enchantress with fo.

    I would say the 2 best out of these were ranged enchantress with fo as backup and blizzballer.

    For blizzballer go

    max fball
    max meteor
    1 pnt fire mastery

    max blizz
    max glacial spike
    1 pnt cold mastery

    1 static and teleport

    Done at clvl 81.

    Rest of points to cm or firebolt

    Freeze em with blizz and bombard em with fballs. Amazing build that can solo hell everywhere, only problem is dual immunes, which you can skip or your party can kill.

    Although the ranged enchantress us much more unique and was more fun.

    Max enchant
    Max fire mastery
    Max warmth
    Max Fo
    1 point cold mastery

    1 point tele//static//frozen armour

    For this build i used

    deaths combo
    +2 sorc fcr pris ammy
    2 sojs
    fhr r/w high fire//lightning resist boots.

    Prebuff with a +2//3 chant staff and magefist for a lvl 31 chant. Wearing killing gear you will have a 12 fpa attack that deals 5k fire damage, w/ exploding arrows.

    The "weak" orb is pretty strong with the +5 skills.

    Pretty fragile w/ less than max resists and no shield///es, but play like a zon and you will be fine. I had no trouble whatsoever doing hell with this build, and with static+ the low physical damage of the bow you can kill some dual immunes.

    But yeah orb//fb will be ok i guess, just switch firebolt out for meteor, same synergy but meteor is a much better skill than fbolt.

  3. Immortality

    Immortality Banned

    Apr 24, 2005
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    Orb with static is fine for me. I static an cold immune council member and use my low lvl cl for the finishing kill.

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