Rush your own char?


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Rush your own char?

Ive read about people saying they have rushed their own characters for forge drops.. Do you have to have two comps running diablo to do this?


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not neccessarily.

you can use two copies of d2 (2 cdkeys for classic and 2 cdkeys for expansion) on one computer. You can install 2 the games twice by switching user accounts on your computer. I think theres some other way as well but i forgot.
in the past, i've rushed other people and switched to my new character in time to get the quest. it's a lot cheaper than the 2 computer thing.


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Short answer: yes.

Do some searching in the forums. There are a few threads with detailed instructions on how to do this. As mentioned you must OWN 2 copies of Diablo. It takes advantage of fast user switching.


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I do this rather often, since my friends don't play at the same time as I do very often. Using one of my high level characters (usually hammerdin), I run through whatever act I need to do, killing everything along the way. Get a good idea of the map, it helps a LOT.

Then I bring through the lower level char, run through feilds of corpses, and get the last waypoint.

Bring in my sorc, static the bosses' health as low as I can, bring back the low level char and finish them.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat for all five acts.


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The two computer method is the best for those fortunate enough to have them. I use my main computer and a cheap old one as my second. You can buy old systems cheap enough at thrift stores I bet. My second computer lags and balks a lot but, who cares...right?