Running Pindle


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Running Pindle

I have just heard running Pindle is VERY rewarding and easy. However, i'm still not really used to the way blesses hammer works so i died before i even got to pindle (besides my hammerdin is lvl 79). and my sorc died on the first charge she got hit with (that one was lvl 70). and honest, i'm not being lazt. I try really hard to lvl but once i get to hell, i never see a single lvlling game such as tombs and especially baal runs. And in the one rare baal run i enter, it is always one of those baal games where people huddle up by Malah's shop and say "whos going?", "hey (insert a player's name here) u r lvl 90. u should run." and then at one point they start exiting out and i'm the only one left.
hmmm. srry i kinda got off the topic. the main point is that i want to make two chars i have never made and use them for this. and they are trapsin and LF zon. i have some questions here.
Which do you think would be better?
Is there any guide that suits my situation?
About how much MF will get me a steady stream of items? (and i know the basics of MFing and how it works. by "steady stream", i dont mean IK armors every 3 runs. the key word is STEADY)
And last, can anyone give me a hint about how to lvl once i get to hell (from 70 up)
PS: I'm not NEARLY close to having 1/3 of the dream gear. and thats why i'm starting to think about MF'ing.
PPS: I'm in US East Nonladder if taht helps.
PPPS: I'm really sorry about my punctuation/grammar. Learned to type in Battlenet :lol:


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Pindle is indeed a very good source of items because he can drop any unique and set item except 3 (Arach, Azure and Tyrael's - and you can do Meph runs if you are missing Arach and Azure drops). However, it's not a typical hammerdin target because Pindle is in a rather narrow corridor and the charging minions will pass through a hammer field with a rather high chance of survival. Great areas for hammerdins are the Chaos sanctuary (wide, open areas, lots of monsters, Diablo will be dead in 5-10 seconds) and WSK plus Baal minions, both are L85 areas, i.e. bosses and champions can drop any unique and set item - including Tarael's in case that's important for you).

A fire and/or cold sorc has an easy time to kill Pindle if she has a merc who can stop them for a few seconds. My meteorb sorc with 300-400%MF, wearing Tal's set (switching to Ali Baba+Rhyme when I care to switch to them) needs 5-10 fireballs to kill him and his minions while her merc keeps them off her. If he's fire immune, she kills off the minions and switches to frozen orbs then. I also let her kill Eldritch in the same run because the WP is on the way to Anya's portal and it reduces the risk of getting a realm down error. Entering a channel and and doing anything there (I press the chat gem, although it doesn't have any effect, but it seems to count as doing something) greatly reduces the chance to get thrown out of bnet.

A merc with Reaper's, Gris armor or Black Hades (1-5 pgems worth) with 3 IAS jewels (10-15 pgems) and Tal's helm or Crown of Thieves (3 pgems) will survive 99% of all Pindle runs. If you have a little more resources, you can equip him with Tomb Reaver, PT Skullder's and a PT Stealskull and let him do the final blow - if you have the patience to stop shooting fireballs at the right moment.


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Pindle is considered easy because he's sitting right on a portal, so it doesn't take much time to just hop by and see if has something. interesting.
He's no more rewarding than any other superunique, except that he also happens to be quite high level.

Levelling: as always, do act 1, then act 2... or whereever you feel comfortable. The Pits in particular are both easy and very high level.

The baalrun problem is a bit of a surprise, but then again... whenever I take a group to (hell)baal, which doesn't happen often, people keep getting killed --- black souls, vipers, skeletons, frenzytaurs, dolls, ... nobody seems to be able to play the game anymore. I don't even care that I can't run/teleport through the WSK, as this is a level 85 area --- highest in the game.

As for MF... apparently you didn't understand how it works, as you'll get a steady stream of items no matter how much MF you have.

If, within a certain period of time, you get 1 unique with 0% mf, then with 169% mf you would get 2 uniques in the same time (on average, of course --- we are talking probabilities here). To get 3 uniques you would need 1000% mf.


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Hmm i use a summon/bone necro and i can do pindle/shenk/eldritch/threshsocket under 6 mins and if anyone is worried being swamped by the undead at the garden leading to pindle consider this : i sumon my army of skellies there for my 1st run in Act 5 sometimes hehe. However most times i do shenk/eldritch/threshsocket first ..usually eldritch cos he spawns with lousy teddeybear mods and with just me, my merc and iron/clay golem i amp the pack wait for a body to drop then CE and summon my army then go for shenk , thresh and when my army is full strength and nicely might auraed pindle falls in 5-10 secs with amp+CE. Actually the best char to run pindle specifically IMO is the WW mf Barb with Find Item skill (ali+heartcarver on switch) and i have found some really nice stuff horking pindle lol Look at it as a double chance to find good stuff from pindle. However i mf anywhere safely/well with my summon/bone mf necro such that my mf barb is underemployed currently and i run Hell Pit/Mausaleoum/Memp/Travincaal/Diablo/Act 5/Ancients Tunnel/Baal in a massive run tactic then switch to my barb specifically for killing Pindle and hork as the games up for more than 5 mins but thats just me i guess :p Oh ya in case you are curious on how to mf with lots of fun with a bone/summon necro read my guide 'The Bony Magicfinder v1.10' at the Necro forum for skills/gear/tactics - hope i helped and happy item running :D

p.s The barb equipment is nothing godly :

Tals Armor+belt+helm (resist/mf/dex/leech) since my necro found the armor for him hehe
rare dual leech ring
draculs ( i conecentrate till Life Tap and then WW all day hehe)
332ed eth Oath Balrog Blade (thk God good roll here hehe)
switch : ali baba + heart carver (to hork high lvl monsters)
Oh ya and an Act 5 barb merc with stealskull,skullders, doombringer- all found by my necro so i had to find an excuse to use them :p


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1) Pindle minion's charges are autohit and strong. Use a merc and teleport - teleport before them, merc will go towards them and they will charge him not you. Use a glacial spike - that will freeze them and they will not charge. Merc should have some PDR (Shaftstop + Vampire gaze)

2) LF Zon>Trapper IMHO.
Cast a Valkyrie before them, she can absorb a lot of physical damage.

3) Use as much MF as you can without sacrificing killing speed. It's easy to say, but you have to estimate the results of drops per time from your experience. For as easy target as Pindle I would recommend as much as you can afford (500+) .

4) Don't run Pindle until you are done with Hell Mephisto.

5) Level yourself in High-level areas as Pit or Ancient Tunnels or Chaos Sanctuary, where the monsters are not a problem for your build.


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you can go and use a lighting fury zon and run pindle, with valk (ill say maxed one) and merc, you can run pindle easy then you also run cow lvl, that good place to get runes, gems, items for runewords and few nice unique also drop in that area.

meteor/orb sorc are very nice but i have found that thay kinda need tal set to get so power cuz full tal adds +6 sorc skills, +15% cold ed and -15% fire resist to targets, this helps a lot. but thay still get by untwinked just takes time and knowing what you can take on, like few monsters at a time.

poison/summoner necro are very very good in crap gear, hey i can run pindle and pit naked with one. the poison really helps your already niice army, and CE is the best skill in the game, big mob killer. with army, poison and corpse explotion, your doing 3 types of dmg and will never find a monster you cant dmg.

full synergy blizzard sorc are very good at killing bosses like meph and even pindle, also good lvl 85 area to target with one is ancient tunnles in act 2 lost city, rarely see cold immune in that place, only the random unique monsters can be cold immune, that where you merc comes in.

anyway you have lots of options for characters to use in mfing, but pending on witch character and build you use, determines the best mf area or target you will be best at.


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Singollo said:
meteor/orb sorc are very nice but i have found that thay kinda need tal set to get so power cuz full tal adds +6 sorc skills, +15% cold ed and -15% fire resist to targets, this helps a lot. but thay still get by untwinked just takes time and knowing what you can take on, like few monsters at a time.
Summoners can also get free skellies/revives in Pindle's garden from the corpses... before they wake up, of course.


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well... at least u get people in the baalruns to moan in sc... in hc eu we dont even seem to get more than 4 people join the game to argue about who teles or runs -.-

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Rice_Farmer3 said:
the main point is that i want to make two chars i have never made and use them for this. and they are trapsin and LF zon. i have some questions here.
Which do you think would be better?
Is there any guide that suits my situation?
About how much MF will get me a steady stream of items? (and i know the basics of MFing and how it works. by "steady stream", i dont mean IK armors every 3 runs. the key word is STEADY)
And last, can anyone give me a hint about how to lvl once i get to hell (from 70 up) This is the trapper build I recommend for MF. It is really excellent. Fade takes care of your resists and you get an extra tank in the shadow master. Fireblast is a good backup for lightning immunes. Keep fade going all the time unless there is no threat of elemental ranged attacks then put BOS up to increase rate of casting fireblast if you need it.

I tried to pull up an amazon guide for you but the links are broken right now. For the Javazon, put 20 points into fury. Do not synergize fury! You need to herd monsters for fury to be effective. Juryzon is Queen of the Cow Runners.

You want a level 17 valk (or higher) after skills. A one point decoy is fine. A few points into dodge/evade/avoid.

You want a very high penetrate so you lightning attacks will pass through the crowd and keep chaining between monsters. That is what makes fury a killer. If you use razor tail I think you only need 9 points max penetrate...but that is off the top of my head. Check the strategy guides for certain.

To help with leveling and as a backup attack you may want to consider pumping frozen arrow some. In any case put at least one point in it and use some small cold damage charms (each small cold charm adds one second of freeze time in normal, .25 sec in hell.)

You may also want to pump strafe some for boss killing, especially if you only put one point into freezing arrow. A witchwild string with 2 shaels would do very nicely for you.

For a sorceress build that can do every run in the game and has a great crowd control skill make a blizzard/firewall sorceress. I recommend using Glacial Spike instead of Ice Blast as your main synergy. Also, I wouldn't take fire mastery to 20...maybe 10 and sink points into the Ice Blast synergy then. Cold mastery only needs to be 17 after plus skills.

The link is broken but here is wise_man's Blizz/Firewall semi-guide from the sorceress forum.. I had it copied on my computer.

While this is not full enough to be called a guide, it contains enough information for undestanding and implementing this build.
Comments are welcome.

I Didn't want to repeat things that are repeated in all of the sorc guides such as gear selection and attribute allocation strategies, so I focused on skill points.

What is this build?
Max Ice Blast
Max Blizzard
~15 Cold Mastery

Max Firewall
~10 Fire Mastery

1 in utilities skills: Warmth, Teleport, Static Field, Frozen Armor (optional).
1 in perquisites.

Finished at 83-84 (depends if you put a point in Frozen Armor).

Why this build out of all builds?
Let’s start from zero, and go step by step.

1) Single tree build is too limited where immunes are concerned, and triple tree build is too weak damage-wise, leaving me with dual tree build. The typical pattern for a dual tree is to have a main attack in one tree, and a secondary in the other. This gives the balance that allows dealing a considerable amount of damage to most monsters, while being able to deal with most immunes.

2) CM is superior to the other masteries, because it reduces cold resistance rather than add damage. Therefore I decided to have my main attack skill in the cold tree.

3) With the cold tree as main tree, Blizzard is the best main attack. Therefore I chose it, and searched for the best synergy.

4) I chose Ice Blast as a synergy and secondary (not delayed) cold spell. It’s better than Glacial Spike since it gives much more damage (synergized with Blizzard) for the reasonable price of freezing only one monster at a time.

5) For a secondary attack I looked for a spell that can do high enough damage for about 30 skill points. The ONLY spell that does that is Firewall. It is hard to aim against moving monsters, but this is easily solved (mercenary, rivers & moats, another player, moving 90 degrees to the firewall, sometimes even standing still yourself). A not synergized meteor can’t compare to it with its damage and delay before falling.

6) The balance for the masteries I found best is (as mentioned above) 15 CM and 10 FM. Simply played until I liked the results.

7) 1 point in utilities shouldn’t need to be explained. An exception might be Frozen Armor, which some get from an item, and some don’t find it necessary. Since this build is finished early I could spend the point, and with all the teleporting going around it helps staying alive. Do you know that feeling when you die in a teleport that if you had one more split second you wouldn’t die? Well, Frozen Armor gives you that split second. I also don’t like to depend on an item for skills, so there. Those who like Shiver armor better (only chills, but starts on swing rather than on hit) and care to spare the extra point are invited to do so.

Skill plan
Level Skill Point Allocation
Skill Quest Ice Bolt (1)
2 Warmth (1)
6 Telekinesis (1) Inferno (1) Static Field(1) Frozen Armor (1)
7 Frost Nova (1)
12 Ice Blast (1) Blaze(1)
13 Ice Blast (2)
14 Ice Blast (3)
15 Ice Blast (4)
Skill Quest Ice Blast (5)
16 Ice Blast (6)
17 Ice Blast (7)
18 Ice Blast (8) Glacial Spike (1) Fire Wall (1) Teleport (1)
19 Ice Blast (9)
20 Ice Blast (10)
21 Ice Blast (11)
22 Ice Blast (12)
23 Ice Blast (13)
24 Blizzard (1)
25 Blizzard (2)
Skill Quest Blizzard (3)
Skill Quest Blizzard (4)
26 Blizzard (5)
27 Blizzard (6)
28 Blizzard (7)
30 Cold Mastery (1) Fire Matery (1)
31 Blizzard (8)
32 Blizzard (9)
33 Blizzard (10)
34 Blizzard (11)
35 Blizzard (12)
Skill Quest Blizzard (13)
36 Fire Wall (2)
37 Fire Wall (3)
38 Fire Wall (4)
39 Fire Wall (5)
40 Fire Wall (6)
41 Fire Wall (7)
42 Fire Wall (8)
43 Fire Wall (9)
44 Fire Wall (10)
45 Fire Wall (11)
Skill Quest Fire Wall (12)
46 Fire Wall (13)
47 Blizzard (14)
48 Fire Wall (14)
49 Blizzard (15)
50 Fire Wall (15)
51 Blizzard (16)
52 Fire Wall (16)
53 Blizzard (17)
54 Fire Wall (17)
55 Blizzard (18)
Skill Quest Fire Wall (18)
Skill Quest Blizzard (19)
56 Fire Wall (19)
57 Blizzard (20)
58 Fire Wall (20)
59 Cold Mastery (2)
60 Cold Mastery (3)
61 Cold Mastery (4)
62 Cold Mastery (5)
63 Cold Mastery (6)
64 Cold Mastery (7)
65 Fire Mastery (2)
Skill Quest Cold Mastery (8)
66 Fire Mastery (3)
67 Cold Mastery (9)
68 Fire Mastery (4)
69 Cold Mastery (10)
70 Fire Mastery (5)
Skill Quest Cold Mastery (11)
71 Fire Mastery (6)
72 Cold Mastery (12)
73 Fire Mastery (7)
74 Cold Mastery (13)
75 Fire Mastery (8)
Skill Quest Cold Mastery (14)
Skill Quest Fire Mastery (9)
76 Cold Mastery (15)
77 Fire Mastery (10)
78 Ice Blast (14)
79 Ice Blast (15)
80 Ice Blast (16)
81 Ice Blast (17)
82 Ice Blast (18)
83 Ice Blast (19)
84 Ice Blast (20)

FINISHED (rest is bonus)

85 Cold Mastery (16)
86 Fire Mastery (11)
87 Cold Mastery (17)
** Fire Mastery (12)
89 Cold Mastery (18)
90 Fire Mastery (13)
91 Cold Mastery (19)
92 Fire Mastery (14)
93 Cold Mastery (20)
94 Fire Mastery (15)
95 Fire Mastery (16)
96 Fire Mastery (17)
97 Fire Mastery (18)
98 Fire Mastery (19)
99 Fire Mastery (20)


The best Pindle runner by a long way is a barb of almost any build.

With the run/walk skill he moves the fastest - on the whole this beats teleport for speed because of moving through town.
Barb is safest due to high hit points. I seem to recall the minion charge attacks are unblockable but I could be wrong on this. For this reason I go shieldless - dual wield Oath Axes (and base DEX) so my life is over 4,000 even with almost 200 strength, and 13,000 defense from upped Skullders.

But the biggest kicker is the horking. Find Item works on Pindle. With just this advantage alone barb beats all.

If your barb is weak you can use Grim Ward or Howl and you will just have Pindle to deal with.


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Guys ty for answering.
yeah, i was considering an IK barb (i can afford THAT lol) but i thought i probably woudn't be able to get enough MF on him. I decided I should aim for at least 250MF. some of you suggested using oath weps for barb, but i'm on nonladder, besides i probably wont be able to afford decent oath weapons anyway. I thought of another char i've always wanted to build and that is a wind druid. is that a good option? will i be able to get at least 250 MF on him without too much strain on my budget? (i'm assuming you are getting the idea of how poor i am for now) and again, thank you


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Rice_Farmer3 : IK Barbs make good mf barbs! Ppl may say the only difficult thing to get is the armor but the set has nice bonuses, the helm has the highest mf i think and its extremely easy to get 250-300% mf with an IK Barb! The Maul with 2*shaels lets you hit lwwp and the kicker is its +ed to demons/undead *and* crushing blow! The stated dmg on the maul may not be very impressive but the hidden bonuses and full set bonuses make it a viable end game mf weapon IMO.The damage range (min-max) is kindda tight too. Also there are reports that mace barbs can make a devastating 1-h mf build with a SS and eth 'oath' scourge which adds an extra 50%ed to undead in PvM (mace classs) and still have a range 3 1-hander :p

P.s I also love keeping updated in the Barb Forum and apparently the IK Barb makes a sweet pure concentrate/berserker build with War Cry as well hehe.Hope i helped :D