Running 2 copies with Vista


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Running 2 copies with Vista

First off: YES I have read the Running Two Copies thread and it has yet to answer the Vista delema. :wink3:

My Comp recently crashed (I needed to up-grade anyway) and of course I didn't realize there where issues with Vista. My old comp with XP ran 2 copies like a dream and I didn't realize how much fun I was having G-Rush/Hell Forges solo. I really miss it! :laugh:

Was wondering; short of doing a virtual PC; is there anyway to get Vista to run the "fast-switch" like XP did?

Hate to say I've had all sorts of wierd stuff going on with Vista and having a decent LCD monitor. Not being very comp savvy I'm at a loss with quite a few things, but I digress... All I'd really like to know is if anyone's figured out if Vista can do the fast switch?

I attempted to do the vitual PC thing only to realize (too late) that my Windows XP is the Up-Grade. The original comp came with windows already loaded so I don't have access to an "older version of Windows". :cry: