Hi, i would like to know some things:

1. what is the best armor for enigma; archon plate or mage plate?
2. why do people want eth colossus blade for runewords?
3. which is the best way to add sockets? is it larzuk or by using ral + amn + perfect amethyst?

thank you guys.


soul killer

1) Archon Plate is better.
2) Because Eth Cs has good range and decent speed.
3) Depends how many sockets you want and what your socketing.

Eilo Rytyj

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1) Keep in mind your strength and the strength requirement of the armour too.

2) Usually for eBotD's.

When going 1-handed, Colossus Blades are inferior to Berserker Axes in damage, base speed and str/dex requirements. It's ridiculous how Blizzard made the highest level sword so awful compared to other weapons. However, it is the only 2-handed sword to be able to get 6 sockets, and some people prefer the look and coolness of dual eBotDCB's to the efficiency and statistical superiority of eBotDZ's. Of course, not everyone uses eBotD's. Some people (very rarely) make eth Last Wish's for Act 5 mercs, they make really good WW barb mercs (CTC Fade & Life Tap for a WW barb ftw). eth upped Arreat's w/ 40/15 and eth(bugged) Fortitude Sacred him up accordingly.

3) If it's for an eBotD or a merc LW, Larzuk it, you'll get the 6 sockets you need. If you want a 3/4 socket sword for a runeword, find a Legend Sword/Balrog Blade/Highland Blade. CB's are not as good for 3 or 4 socket runewords in comparison. If it's 5 sockets you need, CS or CB are both fine.


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Etheral Colossal blades are sought after for making etheral Breath of the Dying runeword (6 sockets) etheral Death runeword (5 sockets) etheral Eternity (5 sockets) and etheral Oath (4 sockets)

As for the other points, Eilo Rytyj knows the score..


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FYI - simple solution : BEST def. BEST DMG (BASE) - Simply put - name dont mater Soc (righ amount) and Good Base Dmg//DEF