runewords on your psp


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runewords on your psp

i spent way too long making this today. but it's all of the current runewords in jpg's that fit the psp screen. that way you can just click over to the one you want to know about instead of having to alt-tab and look it up on the site or wherever you go. thought someone besides me might find it helpful. scroll down and click the free button to download


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the link works ok, but you have to know how to use rapidshare.
click on the link in the thread.
scroll down the page and click the button marked "free"
scroll down the new page. depending on the time of day (they have unlimited download happy hours) you will see a timer.
wait untill the timer runs out and then right click save as on the file "diabloII"
hope this helps. dune
If its just jpgs, why not use imageshack or some other image hosting site? It'll be much quicker and easier for all of us.


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Link works fine. Rapidshare can store up to like 25mb or something i think. go down, click free, wait for usually like 60 secs, dl.

edit:good thing with rapidshare is that it has unlimited dls.

thanks, this is good for quick referencing.