Runeword Question


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Runeword Question

I was just wondering, seeing as the colour of runewords is gold, like uniques, does the game treat them as uniques?

If so, does that mean that the upgrade recipe would work on them?
So if you found a 6 socket eth great sword or executioner sword you could, after putting in BotD or other runeword, upgrade it to a CB?


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Im pretty sure the game does not treat them as uniques, but as Runeword Items. it would be neat if you could upgrade the item the runeword is on but i doubt you can...

sorry that i can't give you a totally straight answer, im not 100% sure about this.


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MM you're right.. the game doesn't treat them as uniques.. so you can't.. for example.. make a BoTD crystal sword and upgrade it to a BoTD phase blade..



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Ya, the game doesn't even really reconize the "gold" part of the runeword name, only the grey one. I Personalized my enigma using the anya quest in act 5 and It was:
character_name's mesh armor

That kinda sucks, oh and before someone makes a comment about the enigma being made in a mesh, I did it for the reasonable low str requirement, reasonable high defence and the amazing way it looks on my zon. :)