Runeword Bonanza Sept – Progress and Theorycrafting


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As I mentioned in the 99er write up for Quinta, my most recent untwinked 99er, I have a list of builds that I would like to try out or rebuild from my 7x7+2 with the better gear I now have. I’ve had a Druid parked in A5 N, with the goal of using the eTomby I made after Phaedrus hit 99 at the end of 2018. And after finishing the Runeword Grail when Pestilence hit 99 last year, I realized my stashes are full of fun toys that are worth using.

So I decided to kill three birds with one stone: tick off some of those builds, use as many high-end runewords as possible, and do a themed Sept. Hence, the Runeword Bonanza Sept.

In terms of “rules,” the only one is that each character must equip a Jah+ value runeword for end-game build (this can include two Bers), but Enigma and Infinity (equipped on the merc) don’t count. I will also try to diversify the runewords to use as many as possible across the Sept. Also, the eTomby counts for purposes of the Druid :) I will also try to keep at least at p3 for Hell and plan to full-clear every A85 area when questing through (otherwise they may quest through directly rather than full-clearing everything).

I’ll post Pat/Mat write ups separately, but track progress and get feedback on build and gear here. I won’t be progressing more than two characters at a time, so doing updates here shouldn’t be too confusing. A high-level summary of my current build/gear concept for each class is below, following by more detail on each. Feedback is most welcome!
  • Amazon – “Ice” Ice Maiden w Infinity merc
  • Assassin – Warrior monk w “Fury” claw (Cat, Act III Hell, Level 80)
  • Barbarian – Frenzy w “Last Wish” and Azurewrath
  • Druid – eTomby Fury (Patriarch Reaver, level 89)
  • Necromancer – Iron Golemancer w “eBoTD” and “Pride” Blessed Aim merc (Precious, Act III Hell, Level 82)
  • Paladin – Conviction zealot w “Doom” and “Destruction” merc
  • Sorceress – Self-wielding “Infinity” charged boltress w FO backup
Progress updated 2/23/20

* * *

I’d appreciate feedback, on the gear in particular. As you’ll see, I haven’t thought these all the way through, aside from the core build and key runeword(s) for each.

Gear: Ice bow, nightwings, CoH, razortail, Windforce switch, rare/crafted gloves with IAS / mana leech, war trav boots, SoJ, ravenfrost, mana leech ammy

I thought about Wrath or Brand on switch, and may play around with those options when the time comes. I’m not sure this will work for mana management, so the other gear may get used. I may also Cham a Nightwings to free up the second ring slot for another SoJ to help with mana. I also have several 2/20 bow skills crafted hitpower gloves, but none have mana leech. This may necessitate a crafting spree.

Gear: Enigma (Dragon Flight is fun, but Enigma has great mods for this build and simplifies mobility while adding MF = win), Stormshield/Spirit, Shadowdancers (Gores are better, but I’ve never used the TC87 item), Guillame’s, String of Ears/Verdungo, etc.

I haven’t really thought through the supporting gear, so this will get more attention once she starts moving. Merc will have Infinity to address any AR issues from BF and make Death Sentry more powerful.

Gear: Last Wish/Azurewrath. I haven’t really thought this through and suspect there are better options for second weapon, but think it would be fun to use. Leveling to 85 for end-game gear is the main hesitation though. I also plan to have Famine and Eternity on switch to use them.

I may skip merc due to Frenzy, or more likely Barb merc (eDeath?) or Cold Rogue (Faith).

Gear (Fury/Rabies): Grief, Fortitude, Jalal’s, Gores, SoE, LoH, Highlord’s, Ravenfrost, dual leech ring, Sharp GCs with sust/vita mods and 2 resist GCs with low roll Fine SCs with secondary mods

Gear (eTomby Fury): eTomby, Enigma/Fortitude, Gores, SoE, LoH, Highlord’s/Metalgrid, Ravenfrost, dual leech ring, mix of Shapeshifting skillers and best Sharp GCs, with resist SCs

Merc has Reaper’s, eth Vamp with shimmering charm, and Treachery.

He is currently lvl 76 and in the Pit. He ticks off two builds I wanted to make, as I consider the extended leveling in the Pit as Grief wielding Fury/Rabies build sufficient. I’m going with no shield to avoid annoying block animation with fury, and it’s working pretty well. I’ll post on update on him summarizing this progress later this weekend.

Gear: eBotD, Enigma (to keep Golem, merc, and revives close), Guillame’s, etc. Definitely CtA switch for this guy. Merc will have Pride, Fortitude and Vamp/Andy’s.

Beyond that, I haven’t really worked through the rest of the gear, but his charms will likely focus on vita and I will aim for 86 FHR breakpoint.

Gear: Haven’t given it much thought, but I plan to use Exile (to use it) and may throw on a Dream helm even though it’s not nearly as strong with just one of those. But he can synergize the Holy Shock and Holy Freeze easily enough with this build. Merc will have Destruction to use it.

Gear: eth Infinity Scythe (need the base), Griffon’s (faceted), Arachnids, Magefist, Vipermagi (faceted), FCR ring/amy, +skills.

I thought about energy shield, but I’ve never really gotten comfortable with that skill and a backup for unbreakable LIs will be good so I don’t just teleport past everything. Merc will be Insight of course.
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Love the spet idea!
I'm currently experimenting with a similar paladin you have in mind. I'll probably write something up, when I pat him.
I'll be watching your progress for sure!


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Druid: Reaver (eTomby Fury) with Pratham (Reaper’s Might A2 merc)
Status: Level 85, Kurast Docks, Act III Hell

This guy had been parked in A5 Normal for more than a year, with the goal of eventually wielding the eTomby. He’s now obtained that goal. Druids are, for me, the least tedious class for progressing a new character due to Feral Rage: maxed on right click with twinking gear allows quick and safe progressing, even through the end of NM.

Progress through Nightmare
Reaver followed my standard twinking gear progression (full rundown is in this post): envy gear -> +damage jewel weapon and other +damage gear with Fine GCs -> Bonesnap -> Shael’ed Ribby. He blitzed through Normal on p7, only completing necessary quests, with Feral Rage doing its thing.

I picked him back up in A5 Normal two weeks ago, doing an Act per evening after work, and then finishing NM last weekend, all on p7 or p8. He kept improving gear as he leveled (Jalal’s, Ravenfrost, Gores, Fortitude, etc.) until he got the upped Shael’ed Ribby. That with max’ed Feral Rage and Werewolf and near maxed Lycanthropy is sheer power. NM HF was a Lem.

Fury/Rabies: Leveling to 84 in the Pit
After taking down NM Baal, he respec’ed to Fury/Rabies. I decided to build him his own Grief (meh on the roll, +352, but it was plenty powerful enough), and skip the shield to avoid issues with block and interruptible Fury. I also dusted off the eth Vamp that I finally found with one of my 99ers, and he used one of his socket quests with a rare jewel with scintillating mod and +min damage:
eth Vamp.jpg
The merc still had Obedience, and the crew quested to Outer Cloister on p7. The Rabies wasn’t particularly useful at high p-setting, but it was effectively an area of effect PMH. We then tackled the Pit, dropping to p5 initially due to being very under-leveled relative to monsters.

Once the merc could equip Reaper’s, it was relatively smooth sailing, and we bumped back up to p7 around level 78. He experienced his first death at level 82, with a triple pack of 2 skeletons (fanaticism and might) and a pack of dark archers (extra strong mod, among others). It was manageable and I thought he could prevail until amp triggered (I hadn’t noticed that mod apparently). Oops.

With one exception, there were no useful finds, which is hardly surprising with 0 MF. The useful find was quite nice:
H A1 (Cham).jpg
He reached lvl 84 after another hour or so of Pit runs yesterday following my initial post. His final stats, etc. for Fury/Rabies build is in the first spoiler with a summary of gear in the second.
Name:       Reaver
Class:      Druid
Experience: 967820023
Level:      84

Strength:   75/101
Dexterity:  117/138
Vitality:   293/293
Energy:     20/40
HP:         755/1059
Mana:       186/226
Stamina:    435/455
Defense:    29/2346
AR:         555/25578

Fire:       159/119/59
Cold:       131/91/31
Lightning:  172/132/72
Poison:     148/108/48

MF:         0       Block:      14
GF:         0
FR/W:       37
FHR:        57
IAS:        79
FCR:        25

Raven: 1/4
Poison Creeper: 20/23
Oak Sage: 1/4
Summon Spirit Wolf: 1/4
Carrion Vine: 0/0
Heart of Wolverine: 0/0
Summon Dire Wolf: 1/4
Solar Creeper: 0/0
Spirit of Barbs: 0/0
Summon Grizzly: 1/4

Werewolf: 20/29
Lycanthropy: 20/29
Werebear: 0/0
Feral Rage: 1/10
Maul: 0/0
Rabies: 6/15
Fire Claws: 0/0
Hunger: 0/0
Shock Wave: 0/0
Fury: 20/29

Firestorm: 0/0
Molten Boulder: 0/0
Arctic Blast: 0/0
Fissure: 0/0
Cyclone Armor: 0/0
Twister: 0/0
Volcano: 0/0
Tornado: 0/0
Armageddon: 0/0
Hurricane: 0/0
Grief (no shield)
No switch
Jalal’s (Um)
Fortitude Archon Plate ([email protected])
Gore Riders
Ravenfrost (250/19)
Dual leech rare ring with AR and Lightning Resists

- 3 Spiritual Skillers with Vita (40), FHR, and FRW
- Sharp GCs with life or other useful mods
- Low roll Fine SCs with useful secondary mods
- Cube
- TP and ID tomes
- 3x1 open
eTomby Fury: Progress through A2
Reaver then used his NM respec to equip his namesake:
Tomb Reaver
Cryptic Axe
Two Hand Damage: 218 - 1001
Durability: 33 of 33
Required Level: 84
Required Strength: 155
Required Dexterity: 93
Fingerprint: 0xf93c46a9
Item Level: **
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+90% Increased Attack Speed
345% Enhanced Damage
+153% Damage to Undead
+272 to Attack Rating against Undead
All Resistances +37
10% Reanimate as: Returned
+11 Life after each Kill
58% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
+4 to Light Radius Ethereal
3 Sockets (3 used)
Socketed: Ruby Jewel of Fervor
Socketed: Zod Rune
Socketed: Ruby Jewel of Fervor
Ruby Jewel of Fervor
Required Level: 58
Fingerprint: 0x8e58b40e
Item Level: 80
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+15% Increased Attack Speed
39% Enhanced Damage 

Zod Rune
Required Level: 69
Version: Expansion 1.10+
Weapons: Indestructible Armor: Indestructible Shields: Indestructible 

Ruby Jewel of Fervor
Required Level: 58
Fingerprint: 0x9e8b49c4
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+15% Increased Attack Speed
36% Enhanced Damage
Due to the resists, he dropped Jalal’s for Guillame’s socketed with a Scintillating jewel, and dropped SoE for Verdungo’s and a better dual leech ring. He also swapped out Sharp GCs/Fine SCs for Shapeshifting skillers and Shimmering SCs, including some with FHR that got him to the 86 FHR breakpoint with Verdungos. He also equipped the pestilent SC of pestilence I have, just because.

It was smooth sailing to Andy, who fell in less than 5 seconds. Especially if he keeps Feral Rage active, he 1-2 hit almost everything through A1.

The Spirit is next to useless at p7, even when maxed, dying almost as soon as it’s recast when engaged with multiple monsters. So I used the Hell respect to drop the Spirit and shifted those points into Dire Wolf, with the rest going into Grizzly whose at >4000 HP now and quite the tank.

On to A2! The ED to undead on Tomb Reaver is really nice, making easy work of the sewers. In the Maggot Lair, the tanky Grizzly was quite useful, occupying a corridor of PI monsters (the swarm-type) without noticeable drop in HP, while Reaver and Pratham slowly whittled these two overlapping, unbreakable PI sandworm bosses down (boss #1, boss #2). I didn’t have PI solution equipped because I’d decided to go with Azurewrath (socketed with rare jewel with -requirements and elemental damage), and 3os HHG with elemental jewels. But he was still level 84, so couldn’t use Azurewrath yet.

Arcane Sanctuary was actually fun, even though I picked wrong and the Summoner was on the fourth arm (the non-linear one). Azurewrath was equip-able by then, and keeping Feral Rage active allowed for reasonable Fury speed on the Azurewrath switch, so Ghosts were easy even if the merc’s decrep hadn’t proc’ed. Duriel fell very quickly.

* * *

He’s full cleared all A85 areas so far, and will keep that up, plus clear all Temples in A3 and all underground areas in A5, including the weird portal areas. He’s been a blast so far with his end-game set up, actually better than I’d expected.

* * *

@drmalawi Haha, I'm not at @Gripphon or @jjscud level with the Iron Golems (Pride IG and Tyrael's Might IG, respectively, if memory serves). The Necro will melee alongside the IG and merc with the eBotD GPA, with IG focused on crushing blow items (IK Mauls, etc.).


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Druid: Reaver (eTomby Fury) with Pratham (Reaper’s Might A2 merc)
Status: Patriarch
Patriarch Reaver.jpg

Reaver pushed through the last three Acts of Hell, maintaining p7 for the entire playthrough. He is the first Pat/Mat in this Sept, full clearing all A85 areas, plus all A3 Temples and A5 underground areas.

Act 3 was Act 3, but not at all dangerous. Feral Rage to keep up faster run walk through jungle areas, semi-cautious progress through Sewers and Durance in case of nasty doll boss packs (there were many in Sewers). The only drop of note for the playthrough aside from Cham and HF runes was Eschuta’s in Durance 2. Meph fell in less than 5 seconds.

Act 4 presented a few unbreakable PI bosses, but no real challenges. Hephasto had an otherwise nasty roll, but not an issue for Reaver when the decrep triggered. HF was an Um, and CS was easily cleared before taking down Diablo in less than 5 seconds (yes, it’s a theme). Drop was junk.

Act 5 presented more of a challenge. Abaddon had Blood Lords and witches, including this nasty unbreakable Blood Lord boss who shredded the merc before we retreated and were able to use a bridge to bottle them up and get decrep to proc in order to take down the pack before switching to Azurewrath to finish the boss. There was another Blood Lord boss, but he was easily managed.

Anya rescue was nasty, with gloams and witches (plus the Drifter types). Multiple gloam boss packs were involved, including this urn spawn where I missed the boss for the screenie. He experienced his first and only death here, with overlapping gloam and witch boss pack, with might and fanaticism. I managed to recover the corpse somehow without second death (yay Grizzly with >4000 HP :p), but didn’t get a screenie of them.

Icy Cellar had PI and CI witches (and Abominable types, I think), and took a lot of finesse due to amp. There was also some Might mixed in. Here’s a pic of a champ pack that was not too scary (so a screenie was taken). Ancients Way had Nightlords, quill rats, and the lightning ball spitting dogs, but no real trouble. Then Drifter Cavern had gloams and witches, with some hit and run needed to whittle down the packs but no real concerns.

My pala-bear with dual Dream had taken on amp’ed Ancients at p8 without worry, so I initially planned to take on the first roll. Reaver was not so strong when amp triggered :rolleyes: and was quickly headed to a second death, so we re-rolled and second spawn didn’t have amp (Korlic, Talic, Madawc). Easy, and only 2 mana pots needed for mana burn.

WSK rolls were fairly easy, at least for this build, with death lords and witches for WSK 1; vipers, skeleton mages, and OKs for WSK2; and stranglers, flayers and OKs for WSK3. OKs are actually easy rolls for him :) Same for waves, until Lister, who had to be drawn out due to amp, but was easily dispatched at that point.

Actually, that was the story for Reaver. He was fine and plenty safe, until amp triggered in nasty packs, especially with witches and hard-hitting PIs (and the one nasty might combo of witches and gloams).

Baal fell in short order (right around 5 seconds!), and he reached Pat, before taking down Nihl. Nihl’s level rolled witches and Vipers, and took some care, but not too bad to draw out monsters from the platform to allow him to dodge red stars of death before taking out Nihl.

Pat write up will happen this weekend, and I hope that the Sin will have moved into Hell by that point also (currently A3 NM).


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Sick project! Love it. I'm keeping an eye out for a 3BF claw base for fury based on how much fun you say BFsin is ;). How about silence on switch for icezon if mana management is the issue?


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Pat write up for Reaver is here. Next up is the Warrior Monk Assassin:

Assassin: Cat (Warrior Monk) with Haseen (Infinity Might A2 merc)
Status: Act II Hell

It turned out that I had another untwinked assassin parked in Act 5 Normal, and she was already spec'ed as a kicker. So I twinked her out, and moved through pretty quickly with direct playthrough in Nightmare. She could start equipping some key gear in A4 NM and into A5 NM, such as Fury claw, Enigma, and Highlord's. She hit 71 at NM Baal, so she got Shadow Dancers at the start of Hell, while Haseen picked up Infinity.

It took awhile to get used to the Warrior Monk play style again, switching between shurikens and kicks, and I'm still not 100% there. CtA and Enigma certainly make things more comfortable, but mainly I still need to play with hotkey configuration. So she's likely going to level to 80 in the Pit.

This build is not as strong as Reaver, so I dropped things to p5 part way through the Act. I suspect she will need to drop to p3 for later Acts. I also am pretty sure that Shadow Dancers are not as strong as Gore Riders. The +2 Shadow skills and FHR don't seem to make up for open wounds, crushing blow and deadly strike (although she's at 85% effective rate without Gore Riders, due to Highlords, Fury, and Claw Mastery, unless I am missing something on how critical and deadly strike interact).
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I also am pretty sure that Shadow Dancers are not as strong as Gore Riders. The +2 Shadow skills and FHR don't seem to make up for open wounds, crushing blow and deadly strike (although she's at 85% effective rate without Gore Riders, due to Highlords, Fury, and Claw Mastery, unless I am missing something on how critical and deadly strike interact).
So Fury has 33% DS, HLW about 26-30% (based on the lvl spawn of 70 to 80 in your post) and with your + Skill items you should have +22% CS from the mastery (unless you somehow reached level 31 with skillers). That makes for about 68-71% effective chance to do double damage.

Luckily it doesn't matter for the kicks, but your 'shuriken' should be affected I think. (Is that Blade Sentinel? never used those two skills :D)


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She also has Guillame’s, so that’s some extra. I thought deadly/crit strike from non-claw mastery/non-weapon sources would apply to kicks. Does it not apply at all?

The Warrior Monk build is Dragon Talon, blade fury (maxed, with claw mastery also maxed for claw based shuriken), venom, and limited DS for corpse explosion. Quite a fun build able to mix close range melee and ranged with CE. The damage doesn’t scale to higher p-Settings as well as straight BF or dancer, but still powerful enough for p5 comfortably in A1 Hell.


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Would love to see a gameplay video of the assassin at some point (I mean I think it would be fun to have a video of a tun from each of the characters). But especially the sin. You talking about how fun BFsin was in your 7x7+2 is the reason I have making one in the back of my mind.


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I haven't forgotten about this. I definitely plan to make some vids of the eTomby Druid and Assassin (especially now that I have a new computer that can record without causing the occasional lag). And I've gotten some playtime in, with Cat clearing A2 H uneventfully. More significantly, I progressed Precious, my formerly dedicated mule into NM as the Golemancer to be.

Necromancer: Precious (eBotD Golemancer to be) with Vikhyat (Pride Might A2 merc to be)
Status: Act V Nightmare

Standard twinking gear up to Ribby. But I had not known it's possible to cast IG on elite items right away, even though the character can't equip it. For some reason I decided to give it a try on an IK maul, and it worked! Unsurprisingly, the IG sped up the play through Normal in particular, one-hitting most monsters, and was still a wrecking ball into NM. It was p7, except p1 for Durance just to simplify the dolls.

Precious could finally equip up'ed Ribby in A2 NM, but life is really low. CtA followed, but I only have +3 BO available without unequipping from another character, and the short duration without much extra +skills was a bit annoying. As noted in initial post, here was the thinking on gear:
Gear: eBotD, Enigma (to keep Golem, merc, and revives close), Guillame’s, etc. Definitely CtA switch for this guy. Merc will have Pride, Fortitude and Vamp/Andy’s.

Beyond that, I haven’t really worked through the rest of the gear, but his charms will likely focus on vita and I will aim for 86 FHR breakpoint.
I started looking at the weapon speed calculator, and realized he would be at 12 fpa (with Highlord's and 20 IAS gloves), unless he equipped Treachery and an IAS jewel in a helm to hit 11 fpa. The up'ed Ribby was at 13 fpa, and plenty strong but definitely at risk of getting swarmed and requiring close attention to CtA timer when wading into packs. A couple ticks faster and levels for vita (and focusing on vita gear) would help, but . . .

With the Druid Werebear Pats recently, I was curious to see how Beast might compliment the build. Werebear does much more for vita than CtA, with a longer timer. Check. He can hit 8 fpa without Treachery. Check. Enigma is less helpful due to Werebear, but he can equip Fortitude or CoH instead.

So I gave it a shot once he hit lvl 63 in RoF. Wow, quite fun. It's a little basic with RMB attack, switching to recast WB and revives as needed, and not really bothering with (or needing) curses. He just waddles around smacking things, leeching life back quickly (with CoH equipped for now to help with resists).

I then reconsidered skill allocation, and think I may max Golem Mastery and Fire Golem, and Skeletons/Mages and Mastery for crowd control, and skip all curses and bone skills, except 1 pt in amp for a PI solution. Another option would be to max revives instead of skeletons/mages for crowd control, and put the rest of the points into bone armor + 1 maxed synergy. Skeletons/mages would be easier to avoid timered minions, with skeletons seeming to offer more in the absence of Infinity or Lower Resist curse.

I'd be interested to get feedback on gear and build. The Bear approach seems pretty fun, but I plan to at least give a straight Golemancer build a shot once he can equip the eBotD at lvl 69.


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Necromancer: Precious (eBotD Ursine Golemancer) with Zanarhi (Pride Blessed Aim A2 merc)
Status: Act III Hell

Precious pressed on, and quickly and safely navigated A5 NM. We was able to equip the eBotD part way through the level, and Vihkyat got the Pride. Smooth sailing, although Lister involved a retreat due to successive knockbacks from the pack.
Hell necessitated a switch to Chains of Honor for resists (Kira's was still a few levels away). Act I was fairly smooth on p7. I gave Treachery a shot, but preferred the Werebear set up for more life. Ability to cast curses unshifted has it upsides, but the curses aren't too critical with the power from the bear. So I respec'ed to the skeletons/mastery and, as expected, they don't do much killing but are great crowd control.

Moving into Act II, chance to hit was getting dicey, hovering around 50%. I couldn't add more AR from gear due to need for IAS, and charms were focused on AR, with some needed resists. I swapped in some Steel SCs with FHR, but still fell below 50% cth in the Maggot Lair. At the end of the day, incremental AR wouldn't change things, so Vikhyat was dismissed in favor of Zanarhi, who was hired in Normal. LCS told me we were up to 90% with Blessed Aim, and killing power took a big step forward even with loss of Might.

Arcane Sanctuary was taken on p1 just to speed things up (Precious played it unshifted to simplify amp casting), but otherwise we stayed on p7, including for Duriel, who fell with 3 skeletons still remaining:
H A2 (Duriel fight).jpg
H A2 (Duriel down).jpg
Here's vid of a Pit run after he had swapped mercs. He found a Wolfhowl at the beginning of the run before I started recording. As I said, he just waddles around smacking things :)
Current gear is below:
- eBotD
- CoH
- Nosferatu
- Guillame w RJoF (34% damage)
- Highlords
- LoH
- Gore Rider
- 2x Ravenfrost (I may drop of these now with Blessed Aim merc)
- Backback: mostly AR GCs, 2x [email protected] GCs, resist/AR SCs with FHR or strength, cube, key, 3x1 open

This allows 86 FHR, 8 fpa when shifted, and 70/20/76/53 on resists (with Ravenfrost absorb helping with cold), and he was >2000 life when shifted.

- Pride eth GPA
- Fortitude
- Vamp w damage/resist rare jewel

IG: Windhammers that I have stored up, but I will use a Stormlash next after the lost one dropped to amp'ed Ghosts in the Tomb

He's currently level 82. I thought about going CoA with 2x fervor jewels for style, and swapping out Nos belt for Verdungo, but I'd have to respec to rebalance strength. So I think we will stick with this set up, likely dropping to p5 for A3.
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