Runeword based auradin


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Runeword based auradin

Just a word or two on a runeword based Auradin (Dragon/Hoj/Dream/Dream)

If you are planning on making this build, alot of what you might read will say to put your points into Vengence for your main attack skill. This idea I believe comes from the Avenger build which is focused on dealing elemental damage.


For the runeword based Auradin, this is absolutely not the skill I would choose. I'd go with Zeal. While yes Vengence offers elemental damage and that is what your build is all about, it makes sense. It seems that since you are running Conviction, you would want to take advantage of as much elemental damage as possible right?

Dead wrong and I can say this because I just made a level 86'er using the same gear and going with Vengence and have a level 81'er using Zeal. (gear is dream helm and shield, dragon armor, hoj - originally I had it in a cryptic sword, but i switched to a phase blade when i switched to zeal -- dracs, waterwalks, angelic rings and amulet, crenedum belt)

The pally I remade uses Zeal instead of Vengence and is extremely more efficient than the build using Vengence. I realize that for boss killing, Vengence might be better because of the huge elemental damage, but with this build, you are usually running into a crowd and watching them drop. The auras that you get that stack up with the runewords offer PLENTY of elemental damage. Zeal is more effective because it offers a quicker means of dealing this damage. I also switched the Hoj to a phase blade which may seem stupid because the damage is a good bit lower, but it is quite a bit faster and doesn't need repair.

*note: with the cryptic sword, all you would need is 15ias to hit the same fpa and this could be achieved by wearing a NoS coil belt. (i just couldnt ever find one)

The weapon you put your Hoj in isn't the point. The point is that Zeal with this build is MUCH more effective than Vengence. There really isn't a decent guide for this build that I could find; just alot of talk about various combinations. The first build I made was loosely based off an Avenger build and a Dreamer.


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Yeah the auradin is actually a sub build from the original Conviction Zealot and is still extremely effective.