Runeword armor decision for mercenary


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Runeword armor decision for mercenary

I have been sitting on a 3os eth archon plate for some time now. I want to make something good for my mercenaries, as they save my pixelous butt on regular basis.

The question is, what to make. I have a very few mid-high runes, so if I spend those I _really_ need to feel it is worth it.

Candidate 1:
Treachery. IAS, FHR, and resists to trigger. Cheap as dirt

Candidate 2:
Duress. FHR, Crushing blow, open wounds and up to 200% ED. It is however rather expensive.

Candidate 3:
Gloom: Resists and up to 260% ED. Is the ctc dim vision worth it against ranged attackers? Also, it is the most expensive of the runewords within range.

I am learning towards Duress, although it would mean burning my only Um rune. On the other hand, HF rushing will give me more of these in a few weeks, now semesters coming off. It somewhat comes down to a question of defence. I am guarantied 2500 def in Duress, but that might be to little for the monsters to notice. Then I would be better off with Treachery, for the high IAS and low cost.

Comments would be appreciated,


I could also take the Arkaines from my other mercenary, but I really dislike swapping equips from active chars.

Skinhead On The MBTA

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Re: Runeword armor decision for mercenary

Personally, I am a massive fan of Treachery. It helps reach IAS breakpoints, reduces damage by a very significant amount, and gives the merc another form of damage in Venom. Also, you never really have worry about the Fade and Venom triggering, because the merc is involved in so many mobs it's very rare for him to leave the fight completely tangible :grin:

Duress is very nice, but you can get CB from other sources (read: Guillaume's Face etc). Same goes for OW.

I've never made a Gloom, so I can't comment on that.


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Re: Runeword armor decision for mercenary

What sort of character is this merc for?

I'd dismiss Gloom right off the bat, especially if you only have one UM. Treachery's lvl 15 Fade (60 resist all) beats Gloom's 45 resist all. If you're using Reaper's on your merc then Gloom's DV is going to overwrite decrep.

Like Skinhead, I'm also a big fan of Treachery as an all-around great (and cheap!) armor. It's a great option for many different characters and mercs.


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Re: Runeword armor decision for mercenary

I made Gloom for my Fend-azon recently and have not regretted it. I went for a tank-a-fend-azon approach, so I appreciated that defense, but that Dim Vision seriously cripples any ranged attackers, which were my main problem. Melee' monsters that triggered it weren't too big a problem, as fend dispatched them pretty quickly, but it's great to see archers just standing there looking in your general direction.


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Re: Runeword armor decision for mercenary

Duress ftw. The reason:

1. It is merc armor, and you might consider something with respectable def, in case you want to give it to def merc. IAS for merc is not as important as for char.

2. Um is not too expensive, and the CB + OW greatly increase merc damage vs boss.

3. It is not always easy/possible to get CB from other gears. Getting OW is even harder. Duress can open your merc weapon/helm options for something more powerful or safety.

I made a ebugged duress, and it works pretty good, especially against boss.


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Re: Runeword armor decision for mercenary

Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but my merc only seems to trigger fade 1 out of 4 times. Resurrecting him the other 3 out of 4 times is both annoying and expensive.

Kicks *** on characters, though.