Runeseeker's list of FT's


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Runeseeker's list of FT's

Hey guys. I'm new to trading by using forums, but I would to give it a start. I've got a few uniques for trade;


Headhunters glory (1 socket, fire resist 20*, poison resist 36*)
Immortal kings set (Piller, Forge, Detail, Will)
Goldwrap (77% extra gold)
Lidless wall (socketed with a P Diamond (can be unsocketed if you are willing to buy with an empty socket)
Skins of the vipermagi (26* to resistances, 120 ED)
ETH bonehew (2 socketed, 295 ED)
Wraith flight (ghost glaive, 10 LL)
Shadow dancers (2+ skills, 23 dex)
'Edge' Matriarchial Bow RW. Good stats but only 1+ bow skills.
Upp'd Rattlecage (embossed plate, 494 def)
Natalya's Soul (boots, cold resist 20*, light resist 21*)
ETH Athena's wrath (3+ druid skills, 160 ED)
The Disciple set (belt + boots)
Venomgrip (gloves)
Titans revenge (normal, 189 ED, 6 LL)
Naj's Ancient Vestige set (Armor and circlet)
6os Crusader bow
RipHook (214 ED, 7 LL)
Full Angelics set
Monarch (white)
Rare druid amulet (2+ shapeshifting skills, 14 AR, 50 poison dmg/3 seconds, 20 to strength, 13* all resist, 14% MF, lv 50 cLvl)
And I've also got about ~80 pgems for trade.


Runes (Pul+)
Charms; low level dueling charms (everything but max damage/AR charms, and under lv 30 prefered), life charms, resist charms.
Twitchthroe (armor)
Low level dueling jewels, especially ones with life on them. I do not need min/max damage jewels.
Any kind of lightning facet (random stats accepted).

Thanks guys, and please leave offers! :yes:
My account name in game is the same as my username here; RuneSeeker
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