Runes - Possible Drop Locations


Diabloii.Net Member
Hi everyone,

I have done quite some searching but I am unable to find exactly the information I need regarding where to find runes.

I have seen recommended farming areas and extensive discussions and statistics etc on rune drop RATES, however I am not interested in rates.

I am looking for a table or such, listing what monster level can drop each rune, especially the higher runes. I understand that in hell mode, the levels of normal monsters are equal to the area levels they are in, champions get +2 to area level and elites/uniques get +3. There are also some exceptions.

I am looking for something saying: zod - level 81 or above, cham - level ?? or above, jah - level ?? or above, etc.

This is so I can decide the best farming areas for myself based on my play style and what I can efficiently clear, to grind for specific runes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!