Runes, is there anywhere good for getting them?


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Runes, is there anywhere good for getting them?

Hi, been roving around hell killing lots of critters and I have yet to see a decent high level rune drop. Is there specific places where creatures drop the decent runes more regularly? Do you have to rely on constantly doing the hellforge quest time and time again, hoping something decent will drop? Is the cows quest in hell the best spot due to the fact that you can slaughter 2000-3000 enemies in very rapid time? I know it is the best spot for rune drops in normal. Can I get feedback from people out there. And please, do not tell me the countess is the best place because she invariably drops rubbish and the odds of an ist from her is 1:1100


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i have only found two highrunes(Jah, Lo) both were found in act 5. I also seem to find a decent amount of runes in trav however i havent found anything higher than ist there so far.


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I've heard hell travincial council members can drop high runes I havent experienced this personally but i've seen alot of people mention them. Also frigid highlands just clearing it out has produced a few highs for me, shenk to town vise versa.


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I have gotten 3 ums, an ist and a gul from the hellforge, and an ist from the special chest in the pits, and not much else even though i have done around 500 countess runs, then i have just recently tried running the lower kurast at p8, just teleing around and popping all the chests, corpses, skeletons, stashes, etc.... in about 100 runs i have gotten a mal, and just from reading other peoples posts its not out of the ordinary to get a rune as high as vex in 500 runs, those take about 3-4 minutes each though, so you can see the time investement involved with 500 runs. The other benefit is that it seems to drop good rings amulets from other peoples posts who have done more, and it drops lots of good charms, in my hunred runs i got 2 skillers, a druid elemental with 2nd mod, and a martial arts skiller.

Its also easy to make a character that can run the lower kurast at p8, make it a blizzard sorc with high vitality and fairly high strength, if you are don't have the elite equip around 200 mf 1000 hp, and quite a bit of fast cast, I run it with the tals set and some other magic find stuff and can get 450 mf quite easily, but that 250 extra mf doesn't help that much.

edit and you dont even need the mf for the charms, runes, or jewels, its just helps for the rares/uniques.


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On the other hand keep running Hell Countess. She's bound to drop a rune, even though it is a crappy rune, you can always gather enough of it to cube a higher rune. Of course it will take a good deal of Els to reach that Zod you want :D


Besides the tips already mentioned:

Basically anywhere in Hell with a high monster density is good. Cows, Act3 jungles (A very good friend of mine actually found an Ohm in the spider forest just yesterday) etc. The best place for runes up to Ist is the Countess. I have run her dunno how many times though and found only one Ist, so don't expect to find something good right away.

The pits are also good (I found 2 vex there), and there you also have the chance of finding godly socketable (or unique/set if you wear mf), and the exp is ok too.

Try to play with more players in the game, for more drops. The chance of "no drop" on the monsters decrease with the number of players in game (8 players is not nessecary I think to reach "chance of no drop= 0").

Always run Countess in 1 player game, as she will drop runes in all the "no drop" slots. Ie more players = less chance of "no drop" = less runes from Countess.

In general, finding good runes is very low chance, so the best tip of all would be patience, and actually play the game, not just do endless Baalruns.