Rune Mod?


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Rune Mod?

Hi everybody!

Is there a mod that makes all those Realm-only Runewords available in Single Player mode? :rolleyes:


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They exist, but that's about all I know. you can probably find them via Google, but beware of downloading them if you dont know the site well. People hide all kinds of scripts in those mods. Also, if you want to be part of our SPF community, be aware that using the runeword mod will exclude you from most MP games and any trading with those who don't use that particular mod.


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Well I had no luck on Google so far, I only found Mods that add lots of other Runewords I don't want (Like on the PhrozenKeep, sorry...). I just want to be able to play the game like on


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I have this mod now, but I need information on how to use it. It's a .txt file, so where do i extract it to? Will I be able to use my existing game and runes i already have, as well as all my stuff i have saved in ATMA? Or, do i have to start over if i plan on using this mod?

Thanks in advance.


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From the mod thread at the top of the forum...

RTB said:
How to install a .txt based mod

extract the .zip or .rar file to your main Diablo2 folder, with sub-directories intact. For example "Runewords\global\data\excel".
Make a new shortcut (or copy the original) and change the target to this:
"(location of your D2 folder)\game.exe' -direct -txt
Change "start in" (whatever it's called in english Windows) to this:
Runeword mod: "(location of your d2 folder)\runewords"
0% FE mod: "(location of your d2 folder)\FE mod"
Reduced FE mod: "(location of your d2 folder)\FE mod2"

How to start a mod
Click on the shortcut.