Rune MOD - Yes/no? What gives the most REAL Diablo II experience?


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I've been leveling my barb with no mule, no trade, no runes etc. But I've been thinking that not using the rune mod might be to kick myself in the foot, not getting the full experience of all the rune items that exist in the game. What do you think?


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The runewords the RWM allows you to make include some of the most powerful runewords in the game - the Spirit monarch and a decent Insight polearm are incredibly cheap and yet blow most rival options out of the water in their categories (they're probably not intended for your typical barb though), whereas high-end runewords like Fortitude and Grief are extremely desirable and commonly used as well. There's also Edge, which is just essential for any gambler. So yes, you're missing a lot if you don't use RWM. Some refuse to use it because these runewords are just so overpowered, although I don't personally see the merit of that.


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Imho go for it. Opens up a lot of options and builds. Its fun. I personally dont see any reason not to use it. Single Player is already gimped for not being able to do Ubers and get the other 2 Unique Charms.


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Yeah, I think RWM makes the game really fun, and I personally don't see any reason not to use it.
I think sometimes those who still have a bad taste from the days want to have a bit more strict requirements for themselves, which can certainly be fun. I have had a lot of fun playing SC, with RWM and GoMule, ATMA, and trading on the forums. I also started playing HC, completely self-found recently, and I find that really fun too.

I'd say follow your heart; it is a game after all, so getting more enjoyment should be a goal. Sometimes that means making the game more difficult and/or limiting your options, and other times it means opening up new options.


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I don't see "which is more real?" being a useful question, since there's no actual way to answer it conclusively, as it just depends on your parameters and doesn't really mean anything in the end unless you're talking about the game as some museum piece on a shelf being revered for its historic importance. As a game, it seems more useful to ask "what's more fun?" which still comes down to a subjective answer, but unless you're of a particularly niche sort the answer to "what's more fun" will be more interesting/enjoyable to you than the answer to "what's more real," so have fun with it and play the game how you want. If you wish to trade here you do have to follow our rules, but otherwise do whatever you want.


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RWM offers you much more possibilities to play the game, to test much more things you'd like and such. Even with RWM you can have your personal limitations to play the game as some players do. Also without RWM you actually won't experience whole game since you obviously won't be able to make all runewords in single player. So now you decide does anything I said cover "most REAL d2 experience" question you asked.


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The ladder runewords weren't in single player originally. Whether because Blizzard felt that we didn't need them because we weren't doing resets, they forgot to press a few buttons or whoever had the responsibility to do so, was on a tea-break and the game got released before they had a chance, who knows.

What is most real is what you prefer. If you prefer to play vanilla, go for it. If you prefer to play with runewords but avoid spirit/insight then go for it. If you prefer to play while dipped in chocolate mousse, go for it.

It's no one elses gaming experience than your own and you deserve to enjoy it.


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I played almost exclusively vanilla for a long time, so much so that even after trying out the RWM I still hardly ever use those runewords. Still, for many builds there are rw's that just can't be beat such Fortitude, Grief, and Infinity. These will increase run times significantly no matter what other gear you might be using.


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Since I played heckloads of, I'm used to acquiring high runes via trades, and using them on godly runners. When I started out on Single Player 2 years later, I didn't want to limit myself to vanilla. It would have annoyed me not being able to use high runes.


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I just can't live without Insight. I still remember when I first started using it on Bnet. It was like night and day. Crazy mana regen on top of huge damage. Not having it ruined my single player experience until I found out about RWM.

As far as being authentic, the ladder runewords are all over Bnet, why should single player be any different? If anything it's harder to play SP than ladder, there's no bots running Baal so you can hit 80 in one day.


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Well I myself use RMW because I hate not having the RWs that are ingame just because Blizzard is silly,

But I also must admit that the cheap RWM RWs like the most said Insight and Spirit are a little too OP for what they are worth. I don't think that limiting yourself from such a things like Grief is all that cool since even in latest patches, the runes necessary don't really fall from the trees as much.

But runwords with the low runes easily competing those made from very high runes can be a little offputing.

I may (or may not, who knows) make a character or two that will use RWM, but won't use things like insight and spirit.


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For me its simple. Once you get all the rw's you want, the game is simple and over. I really enjoyed self found characters. It keeps the game awesome and different every single walk thru, often dictating chars playstyle. Have done ubers and had full chars on ladder, it gets boring quick, unless youre into pvp. I just enjoy SP to be so much more fun. Even after over a decade playing, I have not tried all the possible builds.
maaybe I just like the pain!!!! :eek: