Rune Finding League: Results Thread Round 2


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Thanks everyone involved!

It has been an interesting ride so far, and I feel that the round two offered a nice platform for many to improve their running a lot. It was great to see all those videos, discussions and advice given in the running thread!

Results of the RFL round 2:

1. Pb_pal 90.9 (10 points)
Cham Cham Lo Sur Gul

2. ffs **.5 (8 points)
Cham Ber Jah Lo Gul

3. Gripphon 84.5 (6 points)
Ber Jah Jah Sur Sur

4. Burgomaster3 80.7 (5 points)
Cham Jah Sur Vex Vex

5. DaveW 78.7 (4 points)
Cham Sur Sur Sur Ohm

6. NanoMist 77.3 (3 points)
Ber Ber Lo Vex Vex

7. paradisebunny 70.8 (2 points)
Cham Ber Vex Gul Um

8. DiabloTwoinDC 70.6 (1 point)
Ohm (1.07)

9. ILikeRocks 59.7

Jah Sur Ohm Ohm Ist

10. T72on1 53.5
Jah Ohm Ohm Ist Ist

11. Neksja 52.5
Sur Sur Ohm Ist Ist

12. Grape 39.4
Sur Ohm Gul Um Pul

13. tokerdin 28.4
Ist Ist Mal Mal Pul

14. Chaostar 21.7
Jah Pul

15. Noodle 7.1

16. Brak, maxicek, Southpaw8668 5

The rest didn't start at all, or didn't run long enough for a qualifier. Many also told me they didn't finish full set. All players submitted their results (or told they DNS/F), THANKS! :)

Big congrats for the round two winner Pb_pal! Congrats for the rest as well, especially all with some new nice high runes and the top 8 who got points towards the whole RFL.

Standings of the RFL before the final round:

1. Pb_pal (16 points)

2. Grape (10 points)

3. ffs, Gripphon, tokerdin and Xios (8 points)

4. NanoMist (7 points)

5. Burgomaster3 and Neksja (5 points)

6. DaveW (4 points)

7. Brak (3 points)

8. paradisebunny (2 points)

9. DiabloTwoinDC and ILikeRocks (1 point)

(Yeah, I continued the numbering from the next one even with some shared positions. Hurray for higher postitions! :p )

Fourteen players have made it to the top8 after two rounds, really nice to see a lot of variation!

Seven players have still a chance to win the whole competition, it's going to be an interesting final round!

Pb_pal took the lead with a nice margin after two rounds, let's start the chase!

RFL threads:

Round 1 [Running] [Results]
Round 2 [Running]
Round 3 [Running]


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As for me, I ran "only" 13 hours this time. Six qualifiers (another Pul besides the top 5), which is less than expected with 22.2~ second runs I did. Any placement in the top 8 would have helped a lot with the whole RFL, but can't help it, I just didn't want to run during late week nights, basically only time I could've done it with the latter part of this round :p

I found few other goodies however, so it was not all in vain. Highlights were the 40 life Offensive skiller, Fine SC of Vita and that 10FCR/23MF rare ring I posted in the running thread.

This one was exciting:
The Impaler
War Spear
Two Hand Damage: 37 - 137
Durability: 16 of 16
Required Level: 31
Required Strength: 15
Required Dexterity: 15
Fingerprint: 0x56694a9d
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+20% Increased Attack Speed
150% Enhanced Damage
Ignore Target's Defense
+150 to Attack Rating
40% Chance of Open Wounds
Prevent Monster Heal
+5 to Impale (Amazon Only)
+3 to Power Strike (Amazon Only)
I had to check if it was perfect or not... but it has an ED varying between 140-170%.


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Wow, some really great scores there by many runners, and major congrats on the 1.07 Ohm for @DiabloTwoinDC ! This round was really fun, especially in the theorycrafting department and the amount of players pushing to get really good times. Really quite interesting how much so many players improved.


To add to my stats from the other thread:

All runs done with Eleanor, lvl 99 Blizz sorc.

3500-3600 runs or so.
Average run time: ~19 seconds
Rals found: 56
Sols found: 51
Facets: 2 (+5/-4 Cold, +4/-3 Poison)
Flawless Amethysts : 140
Flawless Rubies: 121

Qualifiers: 14
RFO-type score (all Um+ runes): 135.7

Here's how the round went for me:

Just like in Round 1, we got off to a flying start in this one. We dropped a Pul and an Um both within 50 runs of starting just to get things going and then BAM, Cham #1 on run 115. Well from there on out it was time to switch to efficiency mode, picking up only applicable runes, gems and the occasional GC if it was convenient. Got my runtimes down to around 19s and stayed there for the duration of the round. Dropped our 2nd Um around run 400, and then our first Gul at run 700 to round out a Top 5.

Considering how quickly our initial top 5 got assembled, it's not surprise that things slowed down a bit from there with only a couple more Ums dropping around run 1150 and 1300 before the Hype dialed back up and we found another 10+ pointer when our Lo dropped (run ~1500).

We were graced with yet another Um at run ~1900 and then Sur at 2100 to give us another 10+ pointer. We found our 2nd Gul next at run ~2300 and then our 3rd at run ~2500. Then we had a big dry streak with no qualifiers until run ~3200 when our Cham #2 dropped. Happy with our top 5 now we cruised till the end, only managing to find one last Um (#6 of the round) along the way at ~3400.

So overall a pretty even distribution of wealth along the way, aside from that ~700 run dry streak. That first Cham was also the first I've ever found, finally completing my career rune-drop grail (as well Eleanor's personal one!).

Obligatory haulpic of qualifiers for the round:

Thanks one more time to Grape for hosting, and to all you lovely SPFers for the friendly competition. :) Now I just have to level my zon to 97 and find a good Cow map...


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@Pb_pal Congratulations on the awesomeness and wonderful write up as always! :D Great job all you Travbots that were able to assemble more than 5 juicy qualifiers.


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Points, sweet! Also: That's more like it :D

My first set was kinda weird. Modest start, the first hour and half with Sorc netting me one Um. I switched to Barb, eager to test out the new map. And it delivered almost instantly: Half an hour or so in Jah dropped. It lifted heavy weight from my shoulders, as now I'd actually found a proper HR in RFL. Also nice that it was almost guaranteed top fiver. Invigorated, I continued with the Barb. After about an hour of running, Gul. Nice, accumulating those qualifiers. Next run, another Gul. Ok, that is something you don't see every day. Starting to get that "runes-drop-like-rain"-feeling that is very Travincal-specific. Good sign.

Next, it was time for the Sorc to show who's the boss. After four and half hours of total runtime, first Vex showed up. Solid ten-pointer, always welcome. Continued with Sorc, and only about half an hour later, it was time for the money shot. That's right, Cham. Being the first Cham I've found from the Council and only the second I've found ever, it really caught me off-guard. Gotta cherish those moments, they are not that common for me anymore.

So, I was only five hours in, and this was already a great set. But I knew, that to actually compete, I'd have to have top 5 full of 10+ pointers. So on I went. Into a bit of a slump. During the next four hours, I only found Pul and Mal. Then, right around the 10h mark, Sur. Maybe hour later, Ohm. Now I was looking at pretty solid Top 5.

At this point I did a bit of counting, and also checked previous RFO results and came to a conclusion, that to have a shot at winning this thing, one would have to found at least three Top 3 qualifiers. Or, you know, two Chams, which I was sure some lucky bastard would find. And it seems I was pretty accurate. I actually thought, that if I find a Ber, I might actually win. And that would have been correct. But alas, no Ber. During the first set, that is.

Continued, and again spent couple hours finding naught but Pul. Then, around the fifteen hour mark, it happened again. Vex#2 and Vex#3 dropped on two consecutive runs. Now, it's not unheard of two qualifiers dropping back to back, but two of the same qualifiers, with similar thing happening twice during one 20h set is definitely on the weirder side of the spectrum. Not that I complained: The Vex#2 bumped the Ohm off my Top 5, and also marked the last update to my score. Rest of the set was unfortunately uneventful, with only Um to show for it.

I was pretty happy with my result. I knew I probably wasn't gonna win with this set, but would at least get some points, which would be great after the fail on first round. Fourth place I accept wholeheartedly.

I continued running anyways, since there wasn't much else I felt like playing at the moment. I just went with more casual farming mode, picking up more stuff in ~15h than I did during the whole first set. Qualifiers were low-tier galore, until around 10h couple of nice things happened. Here are the qualifiers I found during my second set, in the order of appearance:

Mal, Pul, Pul, Ist, Vex, Pul, Ber, Um, Um and Pul.

So the Ber was obviously nice, it just dropped 10 hours too late to make a difference :oops: Also fourth Vex, guess it's time to roll some HotOs again. Overall pretty meh quality of qualifiers, but at least they dropped more evenly than during the first set. And who knows what might have dropped, had I finished the set. Four Chams? Entirely possible. Sadly, we will never know.

To recap:

Qualifiers found during set 1: Cham, Jah, Sur, 3xVex, Ohm, 2xGul, Mal, 2xUm, 2xPul
Qualifiers found during set 2: Ber, Vex, Ist, Mal, 2xUm, 4xPul

Overall amount of Qualifiers found during 35 hours: 24 (pictured above)

Fun fact: Lo was the only qualifier I failed to find.
Fun Fact #2: During first set, 5 Lem Runes dropped. During second set, not a single Lem rune dropped.

Had a blast during this round, hope the same continues! Congrats to @Pb_pal for the victory, congrats to @ffs and @Gripphon for giving me a run for my money, and congrats to everyone who got scores and/or found some awesome rocks! Oh, and @DiabloTwoinDC for opening the 1.07 rune tap, with a very useful rune to boot!
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Congrats everyone! I'm really going to have to step it up for the cows if I want to finish in the top 8.

I am pretty proud of where I'm at since this is my only high level character after restarting at the end of last year though.

Thank you Grape for running this, it has gotten me closer to my goals and has started some new ones for me now that I have some runes to make some rune words!


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Wow, I knew I was happy with my result but even more so now, seeing where that got me! :)

As far as my progression went: Ber dropped after 3 hours already, then after almost 4 hours I accidentally rolled my map away. :/ Was lucky to find another acceptable map quickly, though. Lo dropped after 8 hours, the Cham came after around 12. First time that dropped for me so that was cool :) even though I was really looking for... Jah, which was a very close call, that one dropped around 18h50m. First direct Ber dop as well for me, previous ones were all cubed fom LK Surs.

I feel somewhat bad I can't add any reliable statistics to the community knowledge, because run counter doesn't work on my Mac, so I just used my iPhone's stopwatch haha.. But over two tests of 30 minutes I averaged just under 23 seconds runs, so this probably was somewhere in the region of 3,000-3,100 runs, assuming I wasn't always the most efficient I could have been.

Haul pic:

Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 19.08.54.png

Thanks @Burgomaster3 for the shoutout :) and congrats as well, same to @Pb_pal for winning the round, @Gripphon & everyone else in particular regarding the valuable discussions here. Also grats to my RL buddy @paradisebunny for the best run-to-rune ratio I ever could imagine haha.. His Ber and Cham dropped within a couple of hours each time after the respective rune dropped for me.. Just as a fun fact. ;)

Been sharpening my javelins for round 3, let's get that elusive Zod!


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Ugh, what a round. Even if I would add together all of my qualifiers, I would have made it just barely to 7th place. Not fun and not gonna bother with a haul pic.

The round started amazingly, first Sur on run #3, second Sur around run #200 and I was thinking that this could be great. Then came the 800 run dry spell of no qualifiers which was broken by Ohm, quickly followed by an Ist within 50 runs and then another 600 run draught. At that point I could not care less about this round and I knew I was doomed, so I wouldn't be surprised if I missed couple of Chams because honestly, I paid zero attention to what was happening while running, just wanted to get it done.

Congratulations to @Pb_pal for the win, but more importantly, Eleanor's rune drop grail being finished. Huge achievement in my books, hats off to Eleanor!

Good luck everyone with Round 3, I'll be following it from the sidelines as I said in the sign up thread. Travincal sucked the life out of me, so I'll put D2 gameplay on hold for couple of weeks, just trying to revive my interest in finishing my 99 untwinked runner, would hate to lose interest now. I'll put my bet on @Pb_pal for taking the whole thing, 6 point lead going in on the last round is nothing to sneeze at! I wish @Grape would have gotten few points this round to make the final round more interesting, but it's not over until 3 weeks from now.


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Really strong results as I hoped :D Suitable for strongest runefinding event in history of SPF. Well done, everyone! Congratz to winner @Pb_pal and for that 1.07 Ohm @DiabloTwoinDC, but also for everyone else for the effort to make such great scores. This is really shiny scoresheet I must say!

I started this round with an idea to do goldfinding and trying to beat my record. Ended up doing only 5 sessions because people kept posting their 22s sorcs and once I saw how powerful this round will be, I also switched to normal farming mod. Here are my goldfind attempts each done in 30 minute interval:


Average farmed in 30 min: 22595015.6

Kinda what I expected it to be, but I'm sure I can improve it up to 23 million average in which case beating my own goldfind record should be easy.

I have done 2 sets. During first set I assume I did just above 3700 runs. It was unusually strong set as well, above average on all fronts.

Runs done: ~3700-3800
Qualifiers found: 23
Qualifiers: 2x Pul, 4x Mal, 1x Um, 3x Gul, 5x Ist, 1x Ohm, 2x Vex, 2x Sur, 2x Jah, 1x Ber
Top 5: Ber, Jah, Jah, Sur, Sur for 84.5 score
RFO score: 199.7 (so close, but no bananas!)
Details about items found


I got another Jah before round started, so kinda happy to farm 3 Jahs inside 21 hours.

Second set was my mathematically most efficient set I've ever done in 20 hours of Travincal farming, but it didn't deliver because last 1300 runs totally ruined it, I got only Gul rune in those 1300 runs. Before that it looked like another strong set but ended up below expectations.

Runs done: 4160
Qualifiers found: 18
Qualifiers: 3x Mal, 2x Um, 5x Gul, 3x Ist, 2x Ohm, 1x Vex, 1x Sur, 1x Lo
Top 5: Lo, Sur, Vex, Ohm, Ohm for 59.6 score
RFO score: 142.8 (~24 points below expectations)
Details about items farmed


Overall, quite solid farming. By checking previous RFO scores and such, I concluded that my 84.5 score is strong, but at average there were 2 sets per RFO that exceeded 90 points of score, so kinda expected second or third place with a winner who will score above 90. This event was really strong and all of us did a really good job to show those runes how are they farmed! Later I'm gonna post some details about my sorc running and comparison I did with barb.
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Congrats to all the winners! Really impressive stuff. I didn't really have any time to run this round (~2-3hr), but with my gimpy sorc and inability to reroll my map I was happy to just get my first qualifier of the season from killing something. I will definitely use my next sorc to roll a good trav map though as it's a nice change of pace from superchests.

EDIT: Also lol at being part of the lone Mal crew. Thought I would be all alone down there.
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Tight race at the top with some very impressive results. Congrats to our round 2 winner, Pb_pal, with a commanding lead going into the 3rd round!

Here's the summary of my single set:

3473 runs completed with a total of 29 qualifiers found. The only other items I tracked are 77 Rals and 56 Sols.

5 Pul
7 Um
3 Mal
2 Ist
3 Gul
3 Vex
3 Ohm
1 Lo
2 Ber
ber (409)
ber (490)
mal (493)
ist (605)
mal (643)
ohm (667)
um (755)
ohm (859)
um (1056)
gul (1191)
um (1227)
pul (1310)
pul (1425)
vex (1667)
um (2060)
ohm (2155)
vex (2191)
pul (2489)
lo (2518)
pul (2568)
gul (2627)
mal (2730)
gul (2781)
um (2942)
ist (3064)
vex (3107)
um (3168)
pul (3176)
um (3374)

Pretty much quantity over quality in my set. Started off hot with 2 Ber runes but it went downhill from there, with plenty of qualifiers but hardly any improvements in score. It would have been great for RFO type scoring, with my Um+ score total of 205.2. Crossed the 200 point mark, so I'm happy with that.

I'll link to my RFL image album instead of individually linking 29 screenshots, or check out the highlight video of all Vex+ drops!

Had a few nice finds too:
Amber Small Charm of Vita
Small Charm
Required Level: 39
Fingerprint: 0x9282796d
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+20 to Life
Lightning Resist +11%

Serpent's Small Charm of Sustenance
Small Charm
Required Level: 40
Fingerprint: 0x531923c9
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+15 to Life
+16 to Mana

Harpoonist's Grand Charm of Sustenance
Grand Charm
Required Level: 53
Fingerprint: 0x44ad8495
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+1 to Javelin and Spear Skills (Amazon Only)
+33 to Life

Serpent's Small Charm of Vita
Small Charm
Required Level: 40
Fingerprint: 0xe9c447a6
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+19 to Life
+14 to Mana

Iron Small Charm of Vita
Small Charm
Required Level: 39
Fingerprint: 0x6c9deacb
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+15 to Attack Rating
+20 to Life

Scintillating Jewel of Freedom
Required Level: 26
Fingerprint: 0x2653053b
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
Cold Resist +15%
Lightning Resist +15%
Fire Resist +15%
Poison Resist +15%
Requirements -15%


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Huge congratz on that 200+ RFO score @NanoMist ! I'll do RFO based scoring table too in here for fun tomorrow if/when some other players post about all their qualifiers.


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Thanks everyone! I love how close the top 3 were, very cool.

Also, don't relax too much! I probably won't be able to run a full set for round 3, so top spot is well within reach for many of you!


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@DiabloTwoinDC share your drop pic with everyone. I'm jelly
Thaks eveyone, and congrats @Pb_pal. Ohm dropped after like 50 runs, and I thought it was a second Ort at first. Didnt run much after that, hoping to get a Lo from LK. But, no luck yet. Thnking about going for a beta Bramble..

I kinda knew points wouldnt be enough. I rallied the last few days, and managed ~350-400 runs, hoping for Pul or something to boost score. 2:00+ run times with orb/static..

Plenty of runes dropped, mostly El-Eld Tir. And a lot of Ral-Thul. Top 5 were: Amn, Shae, Hel, Dol, and OhMG!!!


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your yellow items look gold to me. Weird.

Should have used lower res wand on switch! It helped my runs times quite a bit, but I also had a merc as well.
edit: my top 5 were fal, fal, fal, maybe hel and multiple dol.


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Since sorcs were so popular this round, I think it is worth it to share some more info about her how to achieve fast running, aka 18s and below per run, but I'll also share "newly" developed technique how to farm super fast even outside tournament environment.

Obligatory runcounter pic:


Biggest issue other players had with their sorcs from what I've seen from the video are their maps. Difference between nearly perfect and perfect map easily means ~2s of runtimes for sorc, believe it or not. My map is pretty much perfect, it doesn't go better than that and that is first important prerequisite to do 18s running. Without perfect map I don't think that is possible. Even if minions are just slightly scattered, it could very well mean 22s running instead of 18s.

Second important thing are save/load times. I achieved mine by playing window mode and turning off glide wrapper. Yes, you could get annoyed by clicking outside window, but that is the recipe to get such fast s/e times which will lead to faster running. With glide wrapper working I could hardly maintain 18.5s running, which is whole second slower.

Technique - very simple. Blizzard + 2-3 static + few blasts + blizzard + blasts. I saw some players not using static. That is actually less efficient because static influences ALL minions and drops 50% of HP to half of the minions there which makes them much faster killed in case they didn't get hit by blizzard yet. Also drops other minions to 90% of their life which is not a bad help, also something no other skill can achieve even if you spam 2-3 blasts instead of static. Difference is not big, but it could mean 0.3 or more seconds slower running.

Picking stuff - don't get paranoid about leaving stuff on the ground is the main rule to achieve such running. Things that ged flooded in drops, either use 5 seconds of your time to dig them up every 4-5 runs, or leave them be and go on. Your choice, but I find it better to simply go on.

Stragglers - in general it is mathematically more efficient to NOT chase every single straggler out there. Every 10 or so runs happens that one straggler that is ugly to kill and would take 3 or more seconds off your runtime. It is more efficient to leave him alive and use those 3 seconds to start a new run. Especially true with leaving cold immune boss alive, don't waste your time really. More importantly, chasing stragglers will drain your energy, and if you keep as comfortable running as possible can mean you will easily maintain peak efficiency farming for a longer time.

My data in other sense

Even though my runtime avg. is 17.307s according to runcounter, I didn't kill everything all the time. In fact I was really glad to leave some stragglers alive. By my test, I leave minion alive roughly once in 12 runs. Or, once in 15 runs if we exclude cold immune bosses everyone leaves alive. Let's assume average running time for situation. Values are calculated with math.

If I killed everything but cold immune boss
Avg runtime: 17.413s

If I killed everything all the time, even cold immune boss
Avg runtime: 17.439s

In reality, if I really did kill everything, my runtime would certainly not be 17.439s, but rather in 17.6 or even 17.7 region. So, by skipping some stragglers I actually gained efficiency on a long run. A little bit, but still counts, right.

I also did 1000 runs test to see what would my average time be if I counted gomule time into running time.
If gomule time was also part of playing time
Avg runtime by the 1000 runs test: 17.78s
I could achieve that because I didn't pick up grand charms. They would hurt my average time as well by some ~0.2s, but then I would have to visit gomule even more and I assume avg time with gomule would rise to 18.x seconds easily.

Technique is simple. Open gomule and go running. When you are done, pick stuff from the sorc in gomule and DON'T bother dropping them in stash, just leave them picked up. Close char, continue running, then repeat the process. After you do like 6-7 visits to the gomule like that, then fast open stash, drop everything picked, and continue. This way I didn't spend more than ~10-15 seconds in gomule, and had to visit it roughly once in 35 runs. Similar farming could happen outside tourney as well, it is more efficient than using in game stash and go identify stuff etc. Why to bother with identify if you can simply see everything you picked up in gomule later? It is much faster process anyway. With such way, even if you pick grand charms and most other things, you could aim to have sub 19s RL farming on a long run. But, that is assuming you roll perfect map first.

Q: you didn't pick up grand charms, that is really bad way to play in my book.
A: you are correct, however I don't find them valuable enough to waste my time on them in a tourney. For casual playing, sure, for tourney, not anymore. I'm rich guy and on 500 picked grand charms I perhaps find 1 I might use at average. But, I'll leave YOU to pick them up for me and then I'll trade for them if you find something I could use, deal?

Barb vs sorc, who is better Travincal farmer?

For a long time it was considered barb has no equal. But recent discovery of sorc changed that, barb is no longer king of Travincal alone. But, who is really better? Now that is question we should answer and many details are required to do so.

1. First of all, barb usually kills everything all the time, so for this comparison I'll take my sorc which also "kills" everything which is by calculation average time of 17.439s in tournament environment. This time I'll use for comparison.

2. Secondly, by my tests, 1s cold duration Reaper's makes 1 minion shatter every 4 runs at average which means barb has 10.75 minions to hork per run.

3. Hork is always p7, and p7 is 10/9 more efficient than p3.

4. Properly balanced barbs use 56% item find, so I'll use such barb for this comparison.

By math, this barb should achieve ~28.043 s average running time on a long run, like RFO environment. Can he do it?


Barb on a sorc map, tested with both G+G and G+B to conclude they are pretty much the same, but G+B offered me more comfort so I use that. With some previous tests I concluded G+G is slightly faster, now G+B ended up slightly faster. I guess you have to do tests for yourself.
To make barb faster, I used additional warcry skilled in inventory to skip battle command and still have 56% item find.

Result? I could do sub 28s running in short periods, but sorc could do sub 17s running the same way. Maintaining 28s running on RFO tier effort seems to me like hell of a job to do with a barb. 28.5s running was somewhat at the edge while 29s running seemed more comfortable and maintainable.

Difference? Since I assume barb could maintain 29s running through whole RFO, then sorc is ~3.5-4% faster. Another significant difference is, barb needs to do walking to check all the drops and is still not completely sure did he leave something behind or not, while sorc always sees everything that drops and chance to leave something behind is extremely low, especially if holding alt key all the time. Barb tends to have too many item flooding and must waste his time to make sure nothing is under all that garbage.

My overall conclusion is that in most optimal playing environment sorc wins by a hair and is most efficient Travincal farmer, and not barb like people thought ever since diablo came out. But, those are my tests and my conclusions. They are still queen and king of Travincal, only thing that changed is I don't consider barb to be the best anymore, but rather sorc is the best by the test proved on the same map with same playing conditions.
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