Rune Finding League 2018: Final Results


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I have to say this year topped my wildest expectations.

THANKS to all participants, it was truly a blast again and you never stop to amaze me with your findings, both when it come to runes but also actual improvements and potential new builds/areas etc. What we will see the next time, huh?

Results for the Grande Finale / Round Three / Areas:
1. maxicek 124,9 (10 points)
Zod Lo Sur Sur Vex

2. Grape 114,5 (8 points)
Zod Cham Um Um Mal

3. NanoMist 64,7 (6 points)
Jah Lo Vex Vex Ohm

4. ffs 61,3 (5 points)
Ber Lo Ohm Vex Mal

5. Pb_pal 52,7 (4 points)
Jah Sur Vex Um Mal

6. T72on1 51,3 (3 points)
Lo Lo Vex Um Gul

7. PhineasB 49,4 (2 points)
Sur Vex Ohm Ist Ist

8. drmalawi 47,7 (1 point)
Sur Sur Ohm Um Um

9. darkstarhub 43,2 Lo Ohm Ist Gul Pul
10. Shuffleblast 22,8 Ist Um Pul Pul Pul
11. DaveW 22,7 Lo Vex Mal
12. Yng 20,5 Ber
13. Brak 15,2 Ohm Um
14. Friiser 8,4 Mal Pul

pharphis 0
Locohead 0
Kitteh 0
Smittyphi 0
(no qualifiers or didn't run)

@Smittyphi and @DaveW you can still submit your results :)

Awesome results for the Areas round!! Congrats on the SECOND Zod maxicek, and for the round victory!

I'm also super happy to FINALLY find that Zod. Rune Grail complete!!! After two full set/unique grails, runeword grail and cubing total of 8 Zods so far... it was about the time!

Congrats to all others as well, good bunch of new shiny rocks there!

Overall Spring Rune Finding League 2018 results:
The Winner and the Champion of the Spring RFL 2018:
1. NanoMist (21 points)

2. maxicek (18 points)

3. T72on1 (17 points)

4. Pb_pal (17 points)

5. ffs (12 points)

6. Grape (11 points)

7. PhineasB (10 points)

8. drmalawi (5 points)

9. Locohead (4 points)

10. darkstarhub (2 points)

Rock-solid performance throughout the whole competition, and well-deserved victory! Congratulations NanoMist!

It was nice to have such an exciting competition all the way to the end! When I saw that maxicek was about to win the round and I was taking the second place... could there be enough gap for a surprise ending? Well not really since NanoMist proved to be able to score yet another great total!

And the last podium place! I had to re-visit the rules... T27on1 and Pb_pal, first round highest? Okay that is a tie, Zod vs Zod!! Second round highest Ber vs Jah! Well Ber being the higher scorer, bronze medal goes to T72on1, congrats!

One more time: THANKS ALL! The weeks truly flew by, it was really funny and interesting to host this tournament. Let's do this again next year, shall we? :)
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Congratulations @NanoMist SICK drops!!!

Here is my story

About 16h in Chaos Sanctuary with Hammerdin, Lightning sorc and Blizzard sorc
About 1h random stuff with Trapsin
Rest of time Pits with Poison Necro

Screenies of ze Runez dropz
Ohm.png Sur1.png Sur2.png Um1.png Um2.png

I got another Sur in the pits a few runs after the time went out, in almost the same location!!!

Other cool finds
Ist Rune from Hidden Stash
Pul Rune

2 x shape shift skiller GC
Druid elemental skiller w gold find
2 x Bow skiller GC +6 str (!!!)
war cry skiller GC
Bow skiller GC
Summon (necro) skiller GC
Summon (druid) skiller GC
Paladin defensive skiller GC
(some kind of remedy from my total lack of skiller GCs in the second round!)

Arcing small charm 1-39 light dmg
127 AR 39 life GC

Ondals staff
12% 4 socket Archon Plate
Jalals mane
Nats claws
Grandfather (200% ED)
Shadow killer claws
2 x M'avina's diadem
Ormus Robe Shiver armor

27 to max damage jewel
Poison facet 3/-4

I also did a second batch in Arcance Sanctuary with javazon, she found one Ohm and one Um ... :/

I got these runes in total during May month (RFL practice, RFL, random game play)


Thanks to @Grape for hosting! And also, congrat on that Zod drop, I bet it felt goooood :)

Have fun with all your new runes, see you next time!


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Incredible results. Congrats Maxicek on winning 3rd round with ur 2nd Zod overall. Speechless. Also congrats to the overall winner Nanomist. Thats some achievement given the 3rd placer T72 scored 2 Zods in round 1. For the areas I mainly ran CS with abit of Pits. My runes were Vex, Lo and Mal. Only managed 16 hours. I did find Shadow Dancers which are a grailer for me.
Congrats to all competitors and thx for hosting Grape. See y'all in the IFT.


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Congrats to the victors! So many Zods.

While my qualifiers werent up to snuff, my total haul was quite pleasing:

Ber (Superchest)
Sur (Hidden Chest)
Ohm (Urdar creep)
Gul (Superchest)
Um (Fingermage Boss)
Pul (Skull pile?)

This was in about 11 hours total, so I'm happy with it. Came in hoping for Jah, Lo, Vex and got, 3/4, 1/2 and 1/2 of each.


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Wow, again what a round !!! Congrats to both Zod finders, normally I'd say especially to @maxicek for winning the round with it, but in this case maybe even more to @Grape for finally finding that Zod rune. Zod and Cham at areas, and still not taking home the victory. That is amazing.

And of course major congrats to the one and only @NanoMist !!! So very well deserved to take the overall victory :). Can't wait to see all the haul pics.

As for me, I'm really happy but also a bit surprised that I'm taking third place overall, after another satisfying and good but not great round. Just shows how close the competition was this year !!!

I started out by doing CS Vizier runs with my Blizz Sorc, focusing on finger mages and big packs. Got my first qualifier at the 3 hour mark, from a small pack that was almost always there, and of which I thought it was a bad habit of actually stopping to kill them:

RFL2018 Areas - Lo.jpg

After that quite a long period without qualifiers again, but luckily I had plenty of good drops, with +36 life MA skiller being a top find, and this little beauty:

RFL2018 Areas - DWeb.jpg

With +2/-50 it was quite the insane roll !!!

After watching @NanoMist 's video of his CS Vizier runs, I came to the conclusion that my map density wasn't good enough, so I rerolled maps. After exactly one try I got what seemed like a spectacular map, full of enemies and especially boss packs. When I first found a golden Sacred Armor (Templar's unfortunately) shortly after, followed by a Pul

RFL2018 Areas - Pul.jpg

and a Gul 30 minutes later

RFL2018 Areas - Gul.jpg

I really had the feeling I was on top of things, and this map would get me some very good drops. With still 12.5 hours to go, my expectations were high.

The next hour was throwing weapons hour, finding Warshrike, Demon's Arch and then Wraith Flight. Unfortunately I wouldn't find any qualifiers anymore. And what was strange, after that initial runs on that very good map, the sessions afterwards density seemed to have decreased a lot.

After not finding anything of note for 5.15 hours after the Gul rune, I decided to check what all the fuss about Arcane Sanctuary was about. I first ran that area with the Blizz Sorc as well, which went very well, but as a downside there was one enemy type I couldn't kill. Not too bad, I though, since it was mainly finger mages again I was after.

But when I hit the 14.5 hour mark and still had not found the fourth qualifier, I decided to switch things around again and try my Javazon. And with success, as I found my next qualifier after exactly 2 runs:

RFL2018 Areas - Vex.jpg

Nice. Definitely encouraging. So despite the fact that I was quite slow at the runs, partially due to (lack of) driver skills a partially due to suboptimal gear, I decided to continue with the Amazon. After all I found her very fun to play at AS.

After about 17.5 hours that fifth qualifier finally dropped. Although it was only a lowly Pul, I was still happy to have at least 5 qualifiers.

RFL2018 Areas - Pul2.jpg

Around that time I also had the impression that I was getting better at the runs, not in the least because of some gear changes, thanks to advice of @ffs . So when a sixth qualifier dropped half an hour later, matching my highest drop of the round:

RFL2018 Areas - Lo2.jpg

I still had hopes to improve my score. After all it's incredible at times how many finger mages you can kill in AS, so I knew the potential was there.

Unfortunately I didn't find anything of note anymore during that last stretch. At that point I just knew there was no way I'd get overall victory. Based on last year's results, I was aiming for place 5 or 6, which turned out to be spot on. Obviously I was hoping that some of the people lower on the ranking would take this round, to increase my chances, and as I saw a few reactions of @Grape in those last few days, I thought that was actually happening, but even then there was no stopping the man made efficiency that is @NanoMist.

All in all the first part of this round was the only one where I wasn't really having fun, but after the change to AS and to my Javazon I loved every minute of it.

Thanks a lot @Grape for hosting, thanks to all for participating, theorycrafting, playing, posting nonsense on the forums, ... It was jolly good fun once again.

O yes, my haul pic of this round:


And my overall haul pic:

RFL2018 - complete haul pic.jpg

Edit: one Jah is missing from that pic. I traded it after the first round.

Which is quite insane, now that I see it like this :).
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Nope. No Sur or Cham ;).

Actually, in my entire D2 career, I found more Ber and Jah runes than Sur runes.


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Well done to @NanoMist for winning overall. In fact well done to everyone who entered. Thanks Grape for organising, the format really suited me this time.

I’m very happy with a stage win and second overall. By best Tourney performance to date. All my qualifiers dropped in the first ten hours except one of the Ists and the Vex which dropped around the 19h mark. The Zod dropped almost exactly at the halfway point.

I ran 3h with a Blizz sorc, the rest was with a Hammerdin. I was planning on splitting it more evenly, but the aggressive Hammerdin gameplay made playing the sorc tricky for me afterwards.

Smith Haul RFL 2018.jpg

The Rune Drops
Smith Zod RFL 2018.jpg
Smith Ist RFL 2018.jpg
Smith Pul  RFL 2018.jpg
Smith Sur 1  RFL 2018.jpg
Smith Sur 2  RFL 2018.jpg
Smith Vex  RFL 2018.jpg
Stormbringer Ist  RFL 2018.jpg
Stormbringer Lo RFL 2018.jpg

42 Ort
27 Ral
18 Sol
Pul, 2x Ist, Vex, Lo, 2x Sur, Zod

199 PGs
100ish Junk Jewels
10ish OK Jewels

Atma’s Scarab
Highlord’s Wrath
Mara’s (21)


2 Chilling Skillers
Entrapping of Greed
Fletchers of Dexterity
Mentalist of Dexterity

Serpent's Small Charm of Good Luck
Serpent's Small Charm of Vita 15/18
Steel Small Charm of Vita 35/16

Best items:
Realgar Jewel of Fervor
Required Level: 37
Fingerprint: 0xa37fc1bf
Item Level: **
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+15% Increased Attack Speed
26% Enhanced Damage

Scintillating Jewel of Prosperity
Required Level: 26
Fingerprint: 0x2df10040
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
Cold Resist +13%
Lightning Resist +13%
Fire Resist +13%
Poison Resist +13%
7% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

Rainbow Facet
Required Level: 49
Fingerprint: 0x290e96c2
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
100% Chance to cast level 41 Nova when you Level-Up
Adds 1 - 74 Lightning Damage
-5% to Enemy Lightning Resistance
+5% to Lightning Skill Damage

Steel Shade
Defense: 492
Durability: 13 of 13
Required Level: 62
Required Strength: 99
Fingerprint: 0x18ac4a6f
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
5% Mana stolen per hit
+119% Enhanced Defense
Replenish Life +15
+8 Fire Absorb

Sacred Targe
Defense: 128
Chance to Block: 0
Durability: 40 of 45
Required Level: 47
Required Strength: 86
Fingerprint: 0xea07e318
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
All Resistances +45


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what are you gonna do with those Zods? Some kind of Zod God item? ;)
Not sure yet. It'll probably be a while before I make up my mind about those. I don't have any Zod god worthy items yet I think (except maybe that eth Torch of Iro ;)). One of the two probably a BotD.


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Wow, grats @maxicek on the round and @NanoMist on the overall win! Also congrats @Grape that's an incredible rune haul from Nihlathak! I was of course rooting for @T72on1 to win it, but that's RNG, can give you two Zods and leave you hanging... Actually exactly what my untwinked Necro experienced as well. :)

It was a great tournament as expected. Personally I was happy about something each round: Basically farming Infinity on my untwinked 99er Necro in round 1, managing ~18s runs and generally very efficient Trav Sorc in round 2, and a respectable performance in both round 1 and 3 with Javazon after finishing the respective first set. She remains one of my favourite characters, and I consider building her current setup to be one of the big milestones in my personal D2 career.

I'm travelling at the moment so I'll be brief. Posted most noteworthy non-qualifier drops from both Necro and Java in the running thread, so I'll just go with the haul pic for now, all from AS Javazon running:


Congrats to everyone really, but especially again to the winners!


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Awesome drops, congrats to everyone!
I only had the one Ber but it’s my first on SP so I can’t really complain, not like I needed any other runes to finish 99.
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Congrats to @maxicek for winning the round, @Grape for filling getting an honest to goodness Zod, and of course to @NanoMist for the overall victory. Well earned by each, and really by everyone who competed. Enjoy those shiny rocks!

As for my round, I was pleased on all fronts. Runes were solid (if not spectacular), XP for the untwinked 99er pally was good, and item drops were fun (with better MFO score than when I competed last fall). Definitely happy to pick up points this round running with suboptimal (untwinked) approach (mostly maximizing XP).

First off, a drop pick (even though it's fairly sparse):
We went two hours before the first qualifier, a Gul, but the Darkforce Spawn drop helped keep things exciting early on. Another Gul dropped a little more than 1.5 hours later, followed by the Vex a little less than two hours later. The Mal fell less than an hour later following by the Ohm about 1.5 hours later to round out a top 5. The Sur less than an hour later, and then the first Ist before the 11-hour mark to round out what would be my final score. The second Ist fell just after the 12.5 hour mark, and then nothing for the last 7 hours until a final Ist about 5 minutes before I stopped the set when he hit 3.2B (with a little more than 20 minutes left for a full 20 hours).

Beyond the Darkforce, Spirit Keeper, Shadow Dancer, Templar's, and Gargoyle's Bite that made up the MFO score, finds meriting screen shots were IK armor, Rixot's, and this troll-y skiller. Other notable finds were HHG x2, eth Verdungo's, eth Marrowwalk, eth Gimmershred (finally!). Killing Diablo over and over provides some good opportunities to improve the eth grail!

In general, the biggest disappointment was on the charm front. No pally combat skiller (still only 2 found for him), and only two minor SC upgrades from plain 19 vita to plain 20 vita. Lots of plain skillers, but nothing that is improvement for the general stash, except maybe this interesting GC:
Steel Grand Charm of Quality 
Grand Charm
Required Level: 41
Fingerprint: 0x74ca45b
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+2 to Maximum Damage
+129 to Attack Rating
Thanks again to @Grape for hosting. What a great SPF event!


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Wow, 2 more Zods! Congrats to @maxicek & @Grape for the amazing scores!
Thanks to @Grape for hosting, and to everyone for participating in this event. A bit envious of all the Zods- every score that has beaten me has had at least 1 Zod in the set.

Round 3 was split evenly between CS and Arcane, and then Arcane was split evenly between the Nova Sorc and Javazon.

                CS Bliz   AS Sorc  AS Java    Total
Runs              613       307       302
Time (hours)       10         5         5       20
Qualifiers          6         2         6       14
Ral                20        15        11       46
Sol                 9        11         7       27
Flawless Amethyst  71        51        41      163
Flawless Ruby      51        32        29      112
Jewels            127        68        76      271
Small Charms      112        72        74      258
Grand Charms      110        78        64      252
10 hours of Arcane beat 10 hours of CS all across the board, but not having Zod in the drop table makes you wonder what could have been.

For individual screenshots of the rune drops, I have them in my RFL 2018 Album, but here's the highlight video of my top 5:

Other finds:
Crown of Ages
Defense: 355
Durability: 39 of 50
Required Level: 82
Required Strength: 174
Fingerprint: 0xdbd430d4
Item Level: **
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+1 to All Skills
+30% Faster Hit Recovery
+50% Enhanced Defense
+106 Defense
All Resistances +29
Damage Reduced by 11%
2 Sockets (0 used)

Trainer's Grand Charm of Sustenance
Grand Charm
Required Level: 53
Fingerprint: 0xe6e5691d
Item Level: 79
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+1 to Summoning Skills (Druid Only)
+34 to Life

Chilling Grand Charm of Greed
Grand Charm
Required Level: 42
Fingerprint: 0x8a1dae13
Item Level: 79
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+1 to Cold Skills (Sorceress Only)
22% Extra Gold from Monsters

Serpent's Small Charm of Sustenance
Small Charm
Required Level: 40
Fingerprint: 0x742a7f70
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+14 to Life
+17 to Mana

Garnet Small Charm of Good Luck
Small Charm
Required Level: 33
Fingerprint: 0xeec1e072
Item Level: **
Version: Expansion 1.10+
Fire Resist +8%
7% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

The Cold Skiller with Gold Find is nice, even if it did roll low.

Entire RFL Haulpics

That's 40 hours of Cows, 20 hours of Trav, and 20 hours of Areas- not too bad..


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The RFL-wide haul pics are quite cool! :cool: I'm thinking of muling my untwinked 99er's runes from round 3 into the general stash just so I can do one . . .


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If everybody makes sure to post all their qualifiers here, I'll make a spreadsheet of all drops for the round.