RUN!!!!!! (paldin related)


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RUN!!!!!! (paldin related)

ok when u running = 0 denfense, 1/4 blocking rate (correct me if i'm wrong)!!!

Shift (hot key) = stand still

when i hit shift key does this count as not runnign when run is troggeled (activated) !!!!! somone please have the answer :p if i wnat ihear is true then this will mean alot to my paldins servival rate :p

-- i'm a hammerdin so when i cast hammer i need to hit shift key anyways :p

and while i'm on the topic what the best dex -- for a hammerdin
-70 or 120 why and why not
should i pump viat more ????? -- while this help with my servivale

-----Thankz in advance :p

-Everyone and lye quit as the man passed for who could speak when dead!!!!!


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breez said:
Yes, it is true. Although I'm not sure if it is 1/3 blocking or 1/4 blocking.
U didn't answer the queastion bro :( --- does holding shift key (standing still)
help is run or off when standing still :( ???? ---
Test it. Hold down shift and do normal attack while monsters attack you (don't attack them back). If they hit you a hell of a lot more than if you just stand there, then you are "running."

It's 1/3, btw