Rules, BUMPING rules, DNT List, and General Info: Don't get banned by being ignorant

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Rules, BUMPING rules, DNT List, and General Info: Don't get banned by being ignorant

These are the new trading rules, made by all trading mods together. Please read all of them again, even if you believe to be familiar with them !

Please have a particularly close look on the bumping rules and about what happens if you offer or ask for an item from the DNT list.

Even though these rules are already in effect, we will give you a probation period of one week (until May 6th 2008) during which we will apply the old rules or the new ones, depending on the case. However, the rules have become less severe for us Europeans, so I don't expect any problems, except for perhaps a few reports which will lead to no consequences.


TRADING RULES (April 29th 2008)

Not having read these rules is no excuse if you happen to break them, and may get you banned, so make sure to read them in advance of posting.

DiabloII.Net forum rules – You’ll want to read this first (of course you already read it when you made your account right?)

General rules:
  • Do not Flame. We want this forum to be as friendly as possible.
  • Do not post OT. This is a trading forum, the OT thread is stickied at the top.
  • Do not post price checks. There's a forum just for that here, the Trade Values Forum.
  • Do not hijack others threads for your own needs and requirements
  • Do not trade for friends. You may trade only items that are in your possession and for which you make the decisions. If your friends want to trade here they need to create an account for themselves.
  • Do not bump any post. (for clarity, that means back to back posts by the threads creator) unless it meets one of the exceptions listed below in the bumping section
  • Use the “Report this post to a moderator” link at the top right of the post to report any posts that violate the rules (don’t use someone else’s rule violation to violate the anti-flaming rule)
  • Eth armours socketed using the cube recipe may be traded here.
  • Tell the exact stats of the items you're selling. Selling an ed/ias(or max) armor on non-ladder without stats automatically makes us take it as 4x40/15s and that will have consequences.
  • Do not offer items elsewhere at the same time as you're offering them here and/or Marketplace. That also means you don't bring offers from other places here. If you offer items elsewhere at the same time and you have got offers at the time it's discovered, you will be banned for 3 days. If there haven't been offers so far, your thread just gets closed.
  • Please give your items a fair chance to be traded. If you are starting a thread, you have to wait for at least 12 hours before retracting an item from your list. Of course, you can decline any offer during these 12 hours, but your items are considered as still being offered, so you cannot offer them elsewhere during that time.
  • Tell where your items are from. People are going to ask this anyway.
  • When posting a trade, tell what you're looking for. "make offers" is not helping. Do us a favour and say what you need. Same goes when you're looking for items, state what you can offer.
  • All trades must be arranged inside threads (no where else), before the deal occurs.
  • The same person posting threads successively (even with different items on them) is also considered bumping.
  • Do not start more than 2 threads within 24 hours, that's considered as spamming.
  • Do not, by ANY means, reopen a trade when you’ve made a deal. Sellers have all the power in the trade, they can accept or reject offers, not trade at all, repost items later, do whatever they please. So when you close a trade, stick to it. If you fast closed an item and then someone else offers more, it was the seller’s fault not to wait enough time, not the buyer’s fault. This includes your "By It Now" (BINs) and prices. If you price something stick by it, if you make a offer or counter offer stick by it. Buyers, after the deal is closed, must pay what was agreed too. You can ask the trade partner to allow a retraction (and perhaps offer a compensation), but if he insists on trading and you still refuse, it will lead to a permanent ban, even for trades of a low value. If you have been welched on please pm a mod to resolve it. No flaming
  • All trades shall be done inside threads. Reasons: we mods can’t control or see the fairness on trades done by other means, be them PMs* sent between members, forum trades where the starting point was a thread here, or any other means. To make it easy on traders, I’d suggest that IF someone is contacted via PM or via bnet* about any trade, you can even agree on it but use the threads to consolidate it before the trade is carried out. This keeps non-forum scammers out, makes all the trades much more understandable and cleaner.
  • Do not ask for free items. You can offer items for free, however, but please don't offend people who already offered an item for a price because they are not as wealthy as you to be able to offer it for free.
  • Do not post the same item twice FT / ISO (includes services) twice in 2 days. This is considered Spam
  • Just in case you missed it here - DiabloII.Net forum rules - do not spam.

As stated in the rules, bumping is not allowed. Bumping is posting for the purpose of bringing the thread to the top. This is often (but not always) done by making another posting right after one of yourself (posting back to back). Reposting a thread is also a kind of bumping, but in a broader sense. You have the ability to edit threads after you posted them, so if your posting is the last one in the thread, any updates to your thread can be done by editing the existing post. If you need to do updates to your thread right after a posting of your own use the edit function, unless it meets the following conditions (exceptions to the rule):
  • Useful information is added after 6 hours have passed. (see below for useful information)
  • 24 hours have passed. Bumping of anykind is allowed after 24 hours. (This is advantagous to reposting)
  • Reposting a thread, partly or completely after 48 hours have passed. The old one and all of the offers in it are cancelled (deals have to be fulfilled, of course)
Useful information shall be defined as: Adding a minimium of three items of substance. Examples of not substance: Tir Rune, Amn Rune, 2os Cryptic Axe. Examples of substance: Tyrael's Might, Skullders, HR. Use your best judgement, if in doubt, PM a mod before you update. This includes both the FT and ISO.
Any improperly bumped thread will be locked, and 2 locked threads within 30 days for rules violations will get you a 3 day temp ban. Any locked post may not be reposted for at least 24 hours AFTER it is locked.
Regarding Auctions: it is nearly impossible to add useful info as "useful info = adding 3 items". with auctions, u must therefore wait for the 24 hour rule. otherwise they'd be bumped too often. Even posts such as "last call for bids or this will end at some time", must be under the 24 hour rule regulation.

  • Are not trades and cannot be posted. The excepetion to this is PMing a mod and requesting to post one. If your request is granted, you must state in the thread the mod who gave you permission. One post per person in these threads are they get closed and deleted. (I finally added this here, it has always been like this jsut never written in here. Giveaways commonly grow to 20+ pages and even after being closed, more threads pop up with people asking for their items.)
Ladder and non-ladder Put “[L]” as the first part of your thread title for Ladder trades and “[NL]” for non ladder trades

Do Not Trade (DNT) List
  • Any hacked item, any duped item, any bugged item (including Zod bugged items), any item bought for real world money.
  • Battlenet accounts
  • Any pre v 1.09 items
  • All non Diablo2 virtual items. You may not sell your items for real world money. No cd keys. No items from other games.
  • Diablo-like services of any kind. Including, but not restricted to: hellforge quests, account trades, character names and other services not specifically mentioned. The ONLY exception to this are rushes, leveling and perming services, which are allowed. It is only allowed to rush/level/perm characters on accounts made by the person who requests it, as selling self-made accounts might lead to scams involving password recovery. We are also now allow socket quests to be traded. These will be traded at your own risk. We feel this is a easy way to scam folks out of items so use caution.
  • Diablo games, like those containing a Dclone spawn.
  • Items Acquired through the use of a bot, hack or any dupe method. We can't force anybody not to use hacks, cheats or bots, but if you are using them, you are not welcome to trade in this forum, so stay out of here ! This includes the use of Maphack and variants, as well as d2loader, and if we find out you are trading items, have traded items or plan to trade trade items and you use hacks (3rd party programs) we will ban you permanently.
Some items not allowed to be traded on NL - Please make sure to check the link above for a complete listing
  • 1.08 Items
    Until further notice we will no longer allow ANY .08 Items.
  • +1 Lightning Skill +39 life Grand Charm
  • 383 Poison Damage Small Charm
  • 3/20/20 Small Charms
  • 290 Poison Damage Small Charm
  • 40% Enhanced Damage/15 IAS Jewels
  • 40% Enhanced Damage/15 Max Jewels
  • Items socketed with any 40/15 jewels
  • 15 max/ 15% IAS Jewels
  • 15 All Resistances/ 15% IAS Jewels
Offering or asking for items from the DNT list earns you a 3 day ban on the first offense and a permanent ban on the second !

Runes and SoJ are allowed to be traded, even though their origin is doubtful.

See Post #3 below for Ladder Do Not Trade list
See Post #4 below for complete Non Ladder Do Not Trade List.

In some cases we close threads which contain items which are not on the list because we are of the opinion that the items are probably dupes, e.g. if somebody offers 10 Griefs in 15% BAs. We normally won't take further action other than closing the thread, but that depends on the circumstances.

In case of doubts about offering or asking for particular items, ask us via PM.

As always, if you get banned, even temporarily banned, and make a new account we will ban you again and also change the status of the temporarily banned account to permanently banned.

Mule Trades:
A Note on Mule Trading:

Be careful in mule trading, even here. Word gets out that we trade that way and someone comes in and takes advantage of us. Personally I generally do not go first with someone who joined within the last 3-4 months or has a trade rating of less than 30-40. (this is a guideline for me, use your own judgement)

If you are unsure, check out the trade ratings, that is why we have them.
Check if that person is giving out trade ratings and using the system or only receiving them.
Check if the ratings are from mules or in game trades.
If/when you give ratings specify if it was a mule or in game and if in game did you drop items or use a trade window.

If you have any bad feelings about trades, take screen shots of inventory, time stamps and converstions in game, also showing who enters and leaves game.

A old but useful link to knowing the scams that have been and still are sometimes used.

Regarding "perm'd" items:

Take your dupes, and sell them to Charsi.

Take your "might not be legit" items, and sell them to Charsi.

Take your "I permed this myself" items, and sell them to Charsi.

Then come back and post the gear you have left.

If I see it "might be legit", "might not be legit", "permed", etc. You will be setting yourself up for a ban. Its bad enough that I have to sift through a half dozen threads of he said/she said crap where someone's items poofed. If you are asking for or offering "permed", you are asking for dupes. You will be banned.

Either have the stones to say its duped and take the ban a mod will give you, or have the sense to keep it off the site. This should be clear to everyone.

Edit to Add: You may all consider yourself warned. If your threads contain these problematic items, you may want to start thinking about your future posts.


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Re: Rules, BUMPING rules, DNT List, and General Info: Don't get banned by being ignor


Guidelines are NOT rules. They just try to come up with the best way of dealing with other people and trades. You CAN’T point people here and force them to comply with all guidelines. “Breaking” a guideline won’t imply directly on a permanent or even a temporary ban automatically. It can happen, but it’s not to be expected.

- Errors or bannable offenses by other poster(s) don’t mean you have the right to flame them. An error doesn’t justify another. Even when calling offenders to attention, keep your language and manners at least civil, no matter how right you think you are. Use the report post feature to warn mods about problems in trades instead of flaming or trolling in threads. Trolling in threads will give troubles to the troll as well as to the offender.

- Don’t use words like “goodly”, “godly”, “gosu”, l33t speak or any other TC* slang or attitude when posting your items - we’re pretty much sick of TC’s practices here – this is one of the main reasons people come to our trade forums.

- Try to post in proper English. We understand that most of the people here are not native English speakers so that doesn't mean perfect grammar or anything like that. However, using shortened speech where you constantly shorten words to single characters and similar things is horrible to read for everyone and especially for the majority of people here who are not native English speakers.

- Be civilized with your answers, whether you are the seller, buyer or someone who is participating in the thread. If someone might make an offer that is way too low for you, you can comment about it but don't start flaming or swearing and vice versa.

- Seller: unless you REALLY know what you’re looking for or you’re pretty desperate, try not to fast close any item you’re selling. Fast close deals are 99% of the time a bad deal for the seller. Be patient and you’ll get the right price for your item.

- Don't offer PCs* on items you are trading. If you're interested in an item, you're not trusted to be objective enough to give a fair price.

- Always. ALWAYS check if the account you’re trading with is an account posted on this thread link ---> ETF member contact information & scammer warning or exactly the one mentioned by the other party in the trade thread. Never trust someone who just contacts you on bnet claiming to be someone from forums unless you know for sure it is that person.

- Always report posts when you’re not sure whether you should or not. You can report a post by pressing the exclamation mark (!) above the post you want to report.

- Glossary:
  • BM: Bad Manners. Everything you shouldn't do, the behaviour you shouldn't have.
  • (bnet): normally mean when referring to Diablo II when playing online (like: “I’ll meet you on bnet”).
  • Botter: someone who uses a third-party program to illegally hunt for items on the game.
  • Dupe: Duplicated Item (copied illegally or due to a bug)
  • Duper: someone who is dedicated to create duplicated items.
  • ETF: European Trade Forum (you are reading on USeast trade forum)
  • l33t: Annoying internet slang used by clueless people.
  • n00b: l33t word used by the same clueless people with intention of flaming someone new to some kind of internet environment.
  • gosu, godly, goodly: feeble attempt on promoting an item used by unimaginative people who have problems writing normal English.
  • PC: Price Check. This means a trader wants to know how much something is worth.
  • TC, TCs: Trade Channels – place where trades are done on bnet, like “European Ladder Trade Channel”. A place where you have scammers, cheaters, dupers and botters, and occasionally a nice trader/player (unfortunately minority).
  • WUG: "What you got?". Common bad manners bnet trade talk meaning "What do you have to offer?" – kind of speaking we DON’T want on this forum. Exterme case of BM.
  • WUW: "What you want?". Common B.Net Trade talk meaning "What do you want for that item?" – kind of speaking we DON’T want on this forum.
For a comprehensive guide to abbreviations on the game, please read this post: Guide to Diablo II abbreviations

Definition of FTs and Timing

FT is the abbrevation for fast trade. (Note: That's only the case in Europe) However, FT only means that you have a deal on the spot if somebody makes the FT offer, not that the trade is actually to be performed quickly, although we agree that it would be good if it was like that. However, the problem with limited time on offers is that a trading party could simply go offline on bnet and let the trade fail if there already is a better offer. It would be hard to proove that the other party isn't online all the time.

Anybody is still free to impose conditions like a deadline on an offer, but if just something like "FT" is mentioned, it doesn't imply a deadline. It just means that you have a deal which each party is obliged to complete. Of course, you are still expected to perform the trade in a reasonable amount of time. That means you have to trade as soon as possible, but in case you cannot find a common time to meet, you have 3 days to complete a trade. It's a good idea to agree on a date for trading in advance if timing is critical.

Rules and Reporting

If you see somebody violating the trading rules, there is nothing wrong with a short comment about it, but please don't make a sarcastic or cynical comment about it or. Report it. Also, please don't predict or a particular behaviour from us, that will just lead to flames. What happens in such a case is solely our decision and within our responsibility.

In case of issues which can be fixed by the seller himself (e.g. forgetting if it's ladder or not or if no needs or offers have been specified), inform him about it in a polite manner.

A few things to add:

Don't expect the mods to act when you make a deal and the items poof later or any kind of accident occurs. That's your risk ! Please don't discuss issues about perming, poofing and the like, we simply don't want to see these discussions here. If your items are a bit dubious, don't offer them here.

There is a consensus among the mods not to arrange trades, so if you don't trust your trade partner, find a forum member to act as such. Also, the mediator is in no way responsible for poofed items, crashed games or any other loss of items. It's a matter of trust with respect to the mediator. Needless to say, it might be hard to find somebody who is willing to mule back and forth huge amounts of items.

If you get scammed, you need watertight proof to make us act on it, like screenshots with /whois and /time info and public postings of the trade partner containing his Battlenet account. Forwarded PMs from them aren't enough, as they can be faked. Just saying that you have been scammed might make us raise an eyebrow, but nothing else will probably happen.

Be careful !


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Re: Rules, BUMPING rules, DNT List, and General Info: Don't get banned by being ignor

Offering or asking for items from the DNT list earns you a 3 day ban on the first offense and a permanent ban on the second !

DNT= Do Not Trade

Current list of LADDER DNT items. More will be added as duped items are found.

The LADDER DNT list as follows: None at the moment as ladder just reset.

Dupes are added to list as follows:

Hacked and non- spawnable items and runewords are, as usual, here. Not specifically listed but you try to trade one we will take action.
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Re: Rules, BUMPING rules, DNT List, and General Info: Don't get banned by being ignor

Offering or asking for items from the DNT list earns you a 3 day ban on the first offense and a permanent ban on the second !

Current list of Non Ladder DNT items. More will be added as duped items are found.

Griffons: (all 20/15 base)

Jewelers Tiaras and Diadems:
Tiara - 42 defense 30 FRW
Tiara 43 defense 30 FRW
Tiara - life 96
Tiara 41 defense life 94
30 FRW 38 Defense 3os
30 FRW 40 Defense 3os
30 FRW 50 Defense 3os
30 FRW 42 Defense 3os
30 FRW 43 Defense 3os
3 Passive 30 FRW 2os

Doom Hood Shako - Visionary Ethereal

Crown of Ages:
399 Defense - 30 Res 15 Dr 2os
355 Defense 30 Res 15 Dr
385 Defense- 28 Res 15 Dr 2os
396 Defense - Res 15 Dr 2os
391 Defense - 28 Res 15 Dr 2os

Druid Pelts:
Hierophant's Hunter's Guise of the Jackal - 2 Druid 3 Nado 3 Griz 3 Vine 4 Life 2os 73 Defense
Green Hawk Pelt - 2 Druid 3 Nado 1 Fireclaw 2 Cyclone Armor 28 Life 2os
Red Hawk Helm - 2 Druid 3 Nado 1 Shockwave 37 Life 27% Pr Plr By 25% 2os
Red Hawk Helm - 2 Druid 10 Fhr 3 Nado 2 Hunger 1 Solar Creeper 3 Energy 38 Life 2os
Green Falcon Helm - 2 Druid 3 Hurricane 2 Nado 1 How 8 Energy 3 Life 23 Cr Repair 2os
Green Falcon Helm - 2 Druid 10 Fhr 3 Nado 3 Twister 20 Ed 7 Energy 3 Mana
Glyph Circlet Falcon Mask
Pain Brow Alpha Helm

Random Other Duped Circlets:
Shadow Casque circlet - 2 Sorc 20 FCR 7 Fhr 22 Str 85 Mana 15 Resists All Dmg Red By 3 mana per kill 3
Hailstone Mask Diadem
Stone Hood Coronet
Glyph Shell - 2os 11 all resist 20 FCR Sorceress circlet

Grief Berserker Axe:
40-398 grief Zerk (-25%)
37-397 grief Zerk (-20%)
38-364 grief Zerk (-20%)
40-396 grief Zerk (-20%)
40-395 grief Zerk
34-392 grief Zerk (-22%)
38-388 grief Zerk
33-397 grief Zerk (-25%)
40-390 grief Zerk
39-357 grief Zerk
37-372 grief Zerk
40-395 Grief Zerk
39-357 Grief Zerk
38-388 Grief Zerk
38-367 Grief Zerk
38-365 Grief Zerk
38-364 Grief Zerk
37-397 Grief Zerk
36-369 Grief Zerk
40-400 Grief Zerk (-21% and -24%)
40-400 Grief Zerk (-20% 10% ed)

Grief Phase Blade:
35-399 grief pb (-22%)
35-365 grief pb (-21%)
36-400 grief pb (-24%)
35-386 grief pb (-24%)
36-390 grief pb
35-399 grief pb
35-365 grief pb
33-400 grief pb
36-379 Grief PB
33-400 Grief PB
35-365 grief pb (-21%)
32-395 grief PB (-25%)

Fathoms: (all 30% base)
40/40 Resists
40/38 Resists
33/40 Resists
38/37 Resists
32/40 Resists
35/39 Resists
39/35 Resists
30/38 Resists
34/34 Resists
38/28 Resists
28/35 Resists
28/38 Resists
38/31 Resists
32/40 Resists
39/27 Resists
40/40 Resists Ethereal
37/38 Resists Ethereal
27/34 Resists Ethereal
28/38 Resists Ethereal
34/37 Resists Ethereal

Ethereal Death Cleaver:
273%/9 Life After Each Kill
274%/6 Life After Each Kill
278%/8 Life After Each Kill
280%/7 Life After Each Kill
280%/9 Life After Each Kill

200/8 Eth Upped Titans
200/7 Eth Upped Titans
200/9 Eth Upped Titans

1693 Def 50 Str 25 Dr Levi
1705 Def 49 Str 24 Dr Levi

Tyraels Might:
30/30 1434 Defense Tyrael's Might
21/27 1460 Defense Tyrael's Might
30/30 1418 Defense Tyrael's Might
20/29/120 Ed Tyrael's Might
29/29/149 Ed Tyrael's Might
23/30/137 Ed Tyrael's Might
23/30/137 Ed Tyrael's Might

Life Armors:
89 Life 4os Archon Plate
91 Life 4os Archon Plate
95 Life 4os Archon Plate
100 Life 4os Archon Plate
97 Life 4os Dusk Shroud
89 Life 4os Archon Plate
91 Life 4os Archon Plate
100 Life 4os Archon Plate - 436 Defense
100 Life 4os Dusk Shroud - 441 Defense
93 Life 4os Archon Plate
94 Life 4os Archon Plate

35% Fcr/112 Mana/4 Sorb
35% Fcr/102 Mana/3 Sorb
35% Fcr/90 Mana/8 Sorb
35% Fcr/100 Mana/7 Sorb
35% Fcr/108 Mana/6 Sorb
35% Fcr/97 Mana/3 Sorb
35% Fcr 40 Base Resists/96 Mana Sacred Targe (138 Def)

Herald of Zakarum:
579 Defense upped

136 Defense Jmod
135 Defense Jmod
146 Defense Jmod
145 Defense Jmod
139 Defense Jmod
148 Defense Jmod
144 Defense Jmod

Darkforce Spawn:
173% Ed 3/3/3 Darkforce
167% Ed 3/3/3 Darkforce

Perfect Ethereal Treks
213 Uped Gores
212 Uped Gores

60/20 Rends
Demon Fist Crafted Gloves - 2 Passive 20 IAS Knockback 13% Fire Res 75% ed 119 Defense

Completely Perfect Dungos

Magic Jewels:
9str/15all resists
7fhr/15 all resists
9dex/15all resists
15all resists/-15%
15ias/15all resists
20life/15all resists

Rare Jewels
(Shadow Whorl) 7fhr/11def/9str/9dex
(Skull Gyre) 7fhr/11ar/8str/10res
(Havoc Talisman) 9str/6dex/29cr/-15 req
(Blood Whorl) 7fhr/17def/9str/9dex
(Havoc Whorl) 7fhr/8max/10res/-15
(Death Scarab) 7fhr/20ar/9str/9dex
(Beast Scarab) 7fhr/9str/30cr/-15
(Wraith Whorl) 7str/6dex/9res/-15
(Havoc Gyre) 7fhr/27ed/9str/9dex
(Skull Heart) 7fhr 9str 7dex 25fire Resist
(grim talisman) 5str/9dex/7life/10all res
(blood gyre) 7fhr/9str/9dex/25cold res
(skull heart) 7fhr/8str/8dex/8res
(Beast Heart) 7fhr 9dex 27fire Resist -15 req
(Death Scarab) 7fhr 9str 8dex 11mana
(Dread Whorl) 7fhr 9str 3life 10all Resist
(Doom Gyre) 7fhr 9str 9all Resist 29light Resist

451 Psn Scs
313 Psn Scs
290 Psn Scs
3/20/20 Scs
3/20/5 Scs
15/70 Scs
20/5 Scs

Sockettables (can be r/w'd or unsocketted)
15% sup 3ar gmb / mat
15ed/3ar 5os zerk / pb.


D3 Trade Moderator<br> America, USEast (D2)<br> Ne
Re: Rules, BUMPING rules, DNT List, and General Info: Don't get banned by being ignor

some minor and subtle changes have been made to the rules and DNT list for clarity and reasonableness. Please review them.

Bumping - what it is, back to back posts by the Original poster or thread creator
Bumping - adding items of substance to both FT and ISO clarified
Bumping - auctions
Notes on mule trading and scamming
Ladder DNT list - removed the 3 os 15% mp

The NL DNT list was not changed at this time.



D3 Trade Moderator<br> America, USEast (D2)<br> Ne
Re: Rules, BUMPING rules, DNT List, and General Info: Don't get banned by being ignor

Updated The Rules:

  • The bumping time limit has changed from 48 to 24 hours.
  • Removed the 4 os 15%ed Archon Plate and Duskshrouds from the DNT list. the only 4os armors on the DNT list are 4 os 15%ed/15%dur Archon Plate and Duskshrouds, basically the perfect ones.


D3 Trade Moderator<br> America, USEast (D2)<br> Ne
Re: Rules, BUMPING rules, DNT List, and General Info: Don't get banned by being ignor

Updated the Ladder DNT list


D3 Trade Moderator<br> America, USEast (D2)<br> Ne
Re: Rules, BUMPING rules, DNT List, and General Info: Don't get banned by being ignor

Updated the DNT list - 05-10-10


D3 Trade Moderator<br> America, USEast (D2)<br> Ne
Re: Rules, BUMPING rules, DNT List, and General Info: Don't get banned by being ignor

Updated the DNT trade list for the new ladder reset on Sept 28th 2010.
Also added socket quests to the services allowed to be traded.


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Re: Rules, BUMPING rules, DNT List, and General Info: Don't get banned by being ignor

Updated the DNT trade list for the new ladder reset on Nov 19th 2010.

The following was added:
Bases or runewords made in these bases-
15/13 Eth Cryptic Axe 4os
15/15 Mage Plate 3os
15/14 Archon Plate 4os
15/15 Archon Plate 4os
15ed Dusk Shroud 4os
Perfect Base Eth Bug Sacred Armor 1350 def 4os
45res Eth Bug/Glitched Vortex 4os 477 def
Divine Scepter - +2 salvation/+3 conviction/+3 fist of heavens 5os

40/15 jewels


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Re: Rules, BUMPING rules, DNT List, and General Info: Don't get banned by being ignor

The Ladder DNT list has been updated to reflect the new Ladder reset.


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Re: Rules, BUMPING rules, DNT List, and General Info: Don't get banned by being ignor

Added some items to the ladder DNT list. Post 3 review it.


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Re: Rules, BUMPING rules, DNT List, and General Info: Don't get banned by being ignor

Updated Post 3. The DNT list is empty right now.
Not open for further replies.