RTB's Top Ten Least Popular Mods

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RTB's Top Ten Least Popular Mods


Number Ten: When horking, barbarians scream, "Gib Itamz!" in a cracking adolescent voice.

Number Nine: Putting gold in stash leads to an audit by the IRS... in real life.

Number Eight: All female characters wear muu-muus. Even the NPCs.

Number Seven: Instead of "teh runes", smashing Mephisto's soulstone now gives you "the runs".

Number Six: Cain is replaced by Farting_Bob and won't shut up about how great he is.

Number Five: All characters replaced with "Strawberry Shortcake" characters. Monsters are unaffected. HC characters become Smurfs.

Number Four: "Teleport" ability becomes "Telephone" ability. Characters call collect from the Chaos Sanctuary or Worldstone Keep and whine about the icky monsters.

Number Three: Access to any prime magic-finding areas will require a license. Special "Meph Stamp" and "Pindle Stamp" will also be needed.

Number Two: PvP action will be solely limited to thumb-wrestling.

And the Number One least popular RTB mod...

Prevents forumites from asking technical questions!


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I would honestly pay money (not a lot, mind you) to see the "Gib Itamz" mod. I don't think I would ever stop laughing.


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I want "the RTB mod." When you take stuff to Cain to get it identified he goes into a lengthy and learned speech about the stuff's TCs, monster classes that can drop the stuff, areas where you can expect to find similar stuff, breakpoints for the stuff, and other stuff.


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We also need the "Blame Durf" mod. When it's installed, if you die with a HC char, it instead kills one of Durf's.



:thumbsup: i'd install them all (including the 2 suggestions about Cain/Durf) and become a mod freak! :lol:


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DeathMaster said:
I consider pay for it, if RTB can make it.
It involves replacing three wav files, but my microphone is too crappy for a recording, so if someone can record three quality "Gib itamz" wav files I'd happily tell everyone where to put them.

I'll problably rename Mephisto to iteM shop too.

No need to pay for a mod, it's illegal actually :p

The Durf death screen won't be added, as I don't want to be accused of killing HC characters, since that's what people have to do to see it. :uhhuh:


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I'd do it, but I don't have a cracking adolescent voice. I also lack the american accent you'd probably want for it.