RQ: Cow and Baal/Baal Minions Drop


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RQ: Cow and Baal/Baal Minions Drop

Sorry. Dont know where to put the tread.
Give me list of the cow or baal drop. Chance of droping rune rare,set,etc. items.


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Please would be nice. Dunno if there's such list but in that runeguide all odds of runes are in. So you might have a look there. Your question is very easy to answer it depends totally on how much mf you got. So give more information before you deserve a perfect answer. ;)


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helvete said:
ATMA. Word.
See my sig for a link. ATMA is a single player muling program, but don't get confused by that. It's the great drop calculator that's important here.


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Andreicho said:
300 MF sors,no extra gold.At leaste the runes please.
Have you at least downloaded ATMA? If you haven't, go, do it. If you have, run it, then hit "Utility", select "Drop Calculator", and choose "1.10". Then a window will pop up, and I really hope that you will take it up from there.