ROYGBIV - A Colour-Coded Sept Project


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From Wikipedia:
"ROYGBIV or Roy G. Biv is an initialism for the sequence of hues commonly described as making up a rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet."

I've always been interested in the coloration of items in this game, and always thought it a fun way to stylize builds, so much so that I've built and run tournaments around it in the past. If anyone has any questions about how coloration works, that link should explain anything you need to know and more. I'm also more than happy to try and answer any questions you have in here, so ask away! Here is an extremely brief rundown (shamelessly stolen from that thread) on how it works:

*Note-all .txt files referenced here can be found in ATMA's Config directory, just drop them into Excel for easy viewing! I will also attach an Excel file that has all relevant .txt files sorted by colour in Appendix B for those interested.*

Basics of Coloration

An item's colour is controlled by transform flags located in the data files. There are two ways in which these transform flags can be manipulated to produce an item with colour; Affixes and the socketing of gems. Not all affixes will change the colour of an item, but those which have a transform code (located in MagicPrefix.txt and MagicSuffix.txt data files) have the potential to change the colour of an item, assuming other conditions are met which I will get into later. Gems work similarly in that they have a transform number (found in Gems.txt) that will change the colour of an item if certain parameters are met (again, I'll explain later). The transform numbers and codes, and what they represent, are as follows:

#  - code - Colour         -     Gems(if applicable)
00 - whit - White          - Perfect Diamond
01 - lgry - Light Gray     - Chipped-Flawless Diamond
02 - dgry - Dark Gray      - Chipped-Flawless Skull
03 - blac - Black          - Perfect Skull
04 - lblu - Light Blue
05 - dblu - Dark Blue      - Chipped-Flawless Sapphire
06 - cblu - Crystal Blue   - Perfect Sapphire
07 - lred - Light Red
08 - dred - Dark Red       - Chipped-Flawless Ruby
09 - cred - Crystal Red    - Perfect Ruby
10 - lgrn - Light Green
11 - dgrn - Dark Green     - Chipped-Flawless Emerald
12 - cgrn - Crystal Green  - Perfect Emerald
13 - lyel - Light Yellow   - Perfect Topaz
14 - dyel - Dark Yellow    - Chipped-Flawless Topaz
15 - lgld - Light Gold
16 - dgld - Dark Gold
17 - lpur - Light Purple   - Perfect Amethyst
18 - dpur - Dark Purple    - Chipped-Flawless Amethyst
19 - oran - Orange
20 - bwht - Bright White

*One thing to note just for completeness’ sake is that runes have a
Transform Number of 18, although they do not actually transform
equipment to a purple colour*
One last thing to note about affixes is that they have a chain of priority which decides exactly which colour takes precedence. If there is only 1 Affix with a Transform Code, if will change the colour of the item (assuming of course the item is able to change colour), whereas if two conflicting affixes are on the same item, the Suffix will take precedence. For example:

Godly (Dark Gold) Archon Plate of Ages (no Transform code) will display as Dark Gold, whereas

Godly (Dark Gold) Archon Plate of Swords (Orange) will display as Orange.

This gets slightly more complicated in rares and crafts when there are multiple prefixes and suffixes, but there remains a hierarchy there as well; suffix 1, suffix 2, suffix 3, prefix 1, prefix 2, prefix 3. Unique and Set items also have their own respective transform codes listed in the UniqueItems.txt and SetItems.txt data files.


Now that we know HOW they change colour, there is also the trouble of whether or not they CAN change colour. Basically in the Armor.txt and Weapons.txt data files, there are two columns which govern if it is possible for an item to change colour. These are the "Transform" column which dictates whether or not the colour will change on your character in-game, and "InvTrans" column which dictates whether or not the item will change colour in your inventory. If the "transform" column has a 0 in it, the item will never change colour on your character (though these items can still change colour in your inventory if the InvTrans column does not = 0). So you'll have to be careful that you do not waste a socketing opportunity on an item that won't display on your character, as that is what counts for this tournament. Items that do NOT change display colour (ie. Transform = 0) on your character, and are thus banned*, are as follows:

- Full Helm, Basinet, Giant Conch

- All Paladin Shields

- Circlet, Coronet, Tiara, Diadem (These do not have a graphical display at all on the character, so even though they have a non-zero Transform number, they are still banned)

*Obviously Gloves, Belts, Boots, and Jewelry are not included under this section, despite having a Transform value of 0, as none of them are actually displayed on your character

Now that we know what happens when an item has a Transform value of 0, you might ask what all the other values mean. Well, the rest of the Transform values (1,2,5,7,8) dictate which PART of the item actually changes colour. I don’t know what they all reference, but it seems that each one pertains to a different colour on the actual item (so, if an item has Transform = 1, all gray areas will change colour). The only reason I’m mentioning this is because there are certain items (Mask-type helms come to mind) that only small portions of the item change colour. Taking a Mask as an example, only the horns of the mask actually change colour, but the face does not (think Tal’s Helm). For our purposes in this tournament that will suffice, and I’ll leave it up to the individual participant whether or not they feel it is enough of an impact to warrant use.

One very last thing to note when you are looking for equipment is that you should pay attention to the affixes of the item in question, rather than simply if the colour looks blue/purple/whatever or not. There are items that do not transform colour in the inventory at all (InvTrans = 0), or do not transform in any really noticeable way, but DO still change the colour displayed on your character (Transform =/= 0). Some examples are Necro heads and Barb-specific helms (Invtrans = 0), and Large/Kite/Tower/Gothic type Shields and their exceptional/elite counterparts (InvTrans = 2). For example, a Savage Helmet of the Mammoth will look its normal gray in your inventory screen, but will give a nice blood-red appearance on your character.

Again, the only items that never change colour (Transform=0) are listed above in the banned section, so everything else is fair game as long as it has an applicable affix or gem socketed!

Rules for this sept are simple:

1. One class of each colour of the rainbow.
2. All gear (interim and final) must follow the character's determined colour. For all displayed gear (Helm, armour, weapon, shield) they must display the correct colour on the character. For all non-displayed gear, they must have the correct transform code for the character's colour (found in the game's .txt files). A bonus is if they display the correct colour in the inventory as well (though not always possible, especially with S/U items and jewelery having special graphics).
3. If there is no way to get a properly coloured equipment slot (or suitable replacement), that slot will remain blank.
4. I'm also going to try and stay with S/U gear wherever I can. This is partially to keep myself from endlessly shopping/gambling but also to make use of items I never would have otherwise. There will be times this does not work (ie. there are no S/U orange belts), and a valid non-S/U item will be used in it's place.
5. Skills will also follow the character's colour convention when possible. If no skill of the colour is available or is not feasible for a build, a "colourless" skill may be used (ie. Frenzy, Strafe etc).
6. Mercenary type and gear do not need to adhere to any rules.

Rules 3 and 4 are not set in stone as sometimes exceptions will need to be made due to the nature of how coloration works (and most notably between the two "blue" colours -Blue and Indigo- and I will detail any time I deviate from it in the character's writeups.

Here I will give a quick summary of each character, including build and planned (final) gear, subject to change and updating as I take them through their journeys. Interim gear will be detailed in their progress reports.

Gear will depend on the build a bit, obviously. Likely to be a kicker of sorts.
Gemmed/Shopped Helm
Gore Riders
Dracul's Grasp
String of Ears
Shopped/Rare Jewelery
Aldurs Set
Mara's Kaleidoscope
2x Manald Heal
Shopped Belt of Spikes(or similar suffix)
Shopped Shield of Spikes (or similar suffix)
Trang's Helm/Armour/Belt/Gloves
Civerb's Amulet
Shopped Rings
Shopped Boots (Amber/Coral/Glowing, etc)
Wormskull/Harlequin Crest
Gerkes sanctuary
Venom Grip
Nature's Peace x 2
Atma's Scarab
Heavenly Garb
Laying of Hands
Rite of Passage
Ravenfrost x 2
Telling of Beads/Crescent Moon
Milabrega's Helm
Silks of the Victor
Spectral Shard
Spirit Ward/The Ward
LoH/hand of Broc/Shopped/Rare
Telling of Beads/Shopped/Rare
Gemmed Barb Helm (Amethysts)
2x Djinn Slayer
Tal Rasha's Armour
Tal Rasha's Belt
Sander's Gloves
Sander's Boots
2x Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band
Saracen's Chance

Character status, and where they are in the world of Sanctuary.

Red - lvl 1, Rogue Encampment
Orange - lvl 40, NM Rogue Encampment
Yellow - lvl 1, Rogue Encampment
Green - lvl 1, Rogue Encampment
Blue - lvl 1, Rogue Encampment
Indigo - lvl 1, Rogue Encampment
Violet - lvl 1, Rogue Encampment

Right now, of course.
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Orange is a pretty easy colour to start with. There are no gems to colour items orange, and only very select shopping can be done for it. Why did I choose a druid? Well, Aldur's set is orange, Druids are already wearing orange when they are created, and molten boulder looks like he's rolling a big moldy.... orange? I'm also going to skip the volcano synergy and instead pump armageddon. Yes, I know it sucks, but the whole point of this sept is to do things I dont normally do, and physical dmg will be easily convered by the merc anyways. Besides, FLAMING ORANGES FROM THE SKY!

Off we go!

First things first, ditched the non-orange starter gear so it was punching our way until we could put a point into firestorm. Pumped it until 6 where he got Molten Boulder and Oak Sage. Picked up a fire rogue at 8 and bowled his way through the remaining quests.

Quick gear update as he equipped Tarnhelm at 9 and dual Manald Heals at 15 (Yes, they are orange in the transform files. Most jewelery has a colour, though obviously none change graphic because of it).

Luckily Fire druids are just plain awesome at the early game, which is convenient because Orange will be beltless for the next while. Molten Boulder wrecked its way through the rest of the act, killing Andy at lvl 19. In Act 2 he hired a Town guard (Prayer for now), equipped Jade Tan Do for some nice CBF, and a Savage polearm for the merc. Looking decent now!

From there it was smooth sailing through to Duriel, and on to the jungles. It was time now to get kitted out a little bit better and start looking the part. Shopped an orange Heavy Belt of Spikes (multiple potion rows, yay!) and some orange plate mail to hold him over. This leaves him with only an amulet and boots missing. Looking better!

The duo absolutely flew through the jungles, and the merc solved their mana troubles by equipping Insight at 27. level 28 got him an officially orange S/U armour in Goldskin (along with some much-needed resistances!), and Meph was killed shortly thereafter. Act 4 was a blur, nabbing a Tir from the Forge and a quick rout of Diablo. Orange upgraded his belt to a Cobalt Plated Belt of Spikes (a nice example of how the suffix determines the colour when two "colouring" affixes are present) and then headed to Barbland.

Shenk quickly died, Anya was saved and he hit 36 in the Glacial Trail which allowed him to equip his end-game helmet! Not sure what I'm going to do with the sockets just yet, but maybe some resistances once I get to Hell? Either way, he's looking pretty cool now!

Ancients were a breeze, as was the rest of the Act. The first 4 waves were easy as pie but Lister did need to be parked. I'm not sure how I'm going to deal with them in NM and especially Hell, but that's a ways off yet. Baal was Firestormed quickly and efficiently, officially getting Orange to Slayer status at level 40.

Next up: probably a bit of leveling and then a trip out into NM.

Orange, the Molten Boulder Druid - lvl 40, NM Rogue Encampment


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Love it @Pb_pal!! I've been ruminating over this exact sept. I didn't feel like I knew enough about coloration or have the gear to pull it off yet. I will be following closely, and perhaps copying your sept down the road! :D
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Amazing. No more words for this one :cool: I am super excited to follow this, as the color-based tourneys have been very interesting to me, but like @DiabloTwoinDC I'm not knowledgeable enough to pull it off on my own.


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Wondering how you pulled this one off though? :p
Shhhhhhh ;)

*makes mental note; must keep tidier notes while playing*

Amazing. No more words for this one :cool: I am super excited to follow this, as the color-based tourneys have been very interesting to me, but like @DiabloTwoinDC I'm not knowledgeable enough to pull it off on my own.
Thanks! It's not as complicated as it seems, especially in a twinked situation like this. If you wanted a REAL challenge you would do this without any S/U items, and then have to constantly be shopping/gambling and analyzing all the affixes of your items and trying to figure out which order they spawned on any rares. I'll let you handle that one, and I'll just stick to my S/U and their locked colours. ;)