Roman Candle War (Quake Arena)


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LOL..that was awesome. I remember when we used to play bottle rocket wars and such...of course Roman Candles were used as well..but they just burned clothing so much, and flesh!
I took a bottle rocket to the face(1 inch below the eye)..left a little scar, but the burning make the wound seal quick I guess. Didn't really hurt...just was loud, and all the faces looking at ya like.."OMG"

My friends Dad used on of those giant rockets...was like 2 foot long, 2 inched in diameter. It nearly knocked our picnic table over(or rather back up on its feet) it hit so!


So that's what a roman candle is :thumbsup:

Never bothered to ask or look it up :uhhuh:

That kicked butt.


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Yeah, a friend of mine has a lot of land, and some cows. So we welded handles to this bag ass pipe, and try to cannons come bottle rockets at em every now and then. Sometimes at each other. I hit my friend in the shoulder once. He retaliated with a roman candle as I rounded a corner. Never do you run faster than when ten flaming balls of death are being shot at you while you are unarmed.


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If you get a good bore match you can get some amazing distance on a bottle rocket.

I did much the same in advertantly with the estess rocket engines. Without fins it wasn't very accurate, but it really went.


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We always just lite and threw bottle rockets from our hand.
You just light it..wait a few seconds and throw. The trick is to make sure you throw it straight...otherwise if it comes right back at cha. :lol:

Those fellas candles shot alot faster than the ones we used. Im used to lite like 3 at a time so I had constant shots....but theirs worked so much better.