Community Roll Call, DIIHC Clan (merged for S4 and beyond)


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Welcome to the newly merged DiiHC clan. Please post your Battle Tag and introduce yourself.

My battle tag is:

I love Barbarians in D3. Hulk smash and all that nonsense:)

Edit: Can we take the community tag off this thread?
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Valeli#1854 here.

I'm playing a monk now in season four, but am not sold on it yet. I might try a DH or Crusader if I die (or just end up bored) once I have some paragon levels and enough gear to make the trip up to 70 a breeze. My first char was a DH, and I had fun with that (despite feeling really flimsy).

I probably won't be on a ton, but like multiplayer games when I am, so feel free to invite me or ask to join whatever I'm up to. At the moment I can finally do T1 pretty comfortably thanks to finally getting a second set piece the other night. I could probably live in something higher, but wouldn't contribute enough damage to really justify being there yet.


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Cybrwolf#1896 here!

I'd say I'm more of a medium-core style of hardcore player! :)

I play the seasons mainly for gearing up new chars that have died in non-season, or if I've played a class and didn't like the (at the time) builds.

I play all the classes, but this season I'm playing Monk, and Demon Hunter!


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Decided to try wizard this season. Got to 70 and ended up feeling a little meh about it. Rolled a monk and I'm loving that much better, but I'll probably switch back and forth.


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Jcakes#6373 (I think)

Mainly play Dh and WD. Decided to play barb this season. I am Australia so usually active during us mornings.


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Been maining witch doctor mostly since release. Tried barb and DH out for the first time last season, and now its back to my one true love for season 4. For Witch doctors season 4 feels like 1.0.8 all over again, and it is glorious!