RIP: Our Fallen Friends


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Character name: Tricksy
Character level: 55
Character class: Wizard
Character build: Frost Beam i think
Game difficulty: Normal
Place: Black Southern Highlands
Death type: Moon Clan Warrior
Time: 21 hours

Cause of Death: Phone Call

Character Name: TricksyII
Character Level: 10
Character Class: Wizard
Character Build: Not Started.
Game Difficulty: Expert
Place: Weeping Hollow
Death Type: Fallen ate brain.
Time: 2 hours.

Cause of Death: Got a guild invite and was trying to find were to accept it, forgot were I was and i died.
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Character name: Holybender
Character level: 70
Character class: Monk
Character build: SWK Tempest Rush T6 speed farm
Game difficulty: GR26
Place: Halls rift
Death type: Blew up
Time: 60? hours

Cause of Death:

Was doing speed runs, GR20-24 in 5 minutes per rift to level some more gems. Had levelled my 2nd Taeguk to 24 in the previous run and got a GR26 key out of the trials.

That was slightly higher than I wanted (no-gen spirit gets to be a problem when things die to slow in GR26+) but shouldn't have been a problem. As my wife got home I turned down the sound for that run, which I normally never do (use headphones normally). I was talking to her and zipping through the rift, blowing stuff up as usual, when I got frozen unexpectedly. No biggie, but 2 of the 3 elites blew up in my face, redscreening me. Hit potion but was still frozen and after a second or 2 got the deeds screen. Way unexpected, but that's what you get when not focussing.

I'm quite sure I'd survived if I had the Taeguk 22.5% armor bonus at lvl 25, if only my gem upgrade hadn't failed 2 out of 3 times the previous run...

Alas, still relatively happy my main SWK monk survived a redscreen in GR34 earlier that day. At least I now know he can take 1 molten explosion at that level :)
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Character name: Poltageyst
Character level: 70
Character class: Witch Doctor
Character build: Jade Harvester
Game difficulty: T6
Place: Rift
Death type: unknown, sudden massive damage and I was at full health.
Time: 41 hrs, 26 minutes

Went on T6 just yesterday, having fun but sometimes critical and stopped playing like a barb (i.e. always in the middle of the fray) and always kept my distance.
Was in a well going rift with a wizard, dh and another wd, and quick kills. Didn't realize my Spirit Vessel had proced so I was waiting to revive and run away. NOT.

I wasn't that shocked, just a shame for my Starmetal Kukri.
But actually, I was really just wanting the Soul Harvester legendary. I won't up another char this season and just stick to my Wizard with her beloved Aether Walker.

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Character Name: TricksyIII
Character Level: 43
Character Class: Wizard
Character Build: Frost
Game Difficulty: Expert
Place: Rift
Death Type: Trapped by Dust Eater then killed.
Time: 9 hours.

Cause: Was stupid enough to get distracted enough to get myself trapped.


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Character name: TricksyV
Character level: 17
Character class: Wizard
Character build: Ray of Frost
Game difficulty:Hard
Act: Bounty Act 3
Death type:Cursed Chest

Cause of Death: Computer Crashed

Character name: TricksyVI
Character Level: 69
Character Class: Wizard
Character Build: Ray of Frost
Game Difficulty: Torment 6 (power leveling)
Act: Bounty Act 1
Location: Southern Highlands
Death Type: Insect

Casue: The laptop I was playing on while I await my replacement computer for the one that crashed yesterday froze and i saw the message when it unfroze. Really shouldn't play Diablo 3 on sub-par computers.
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Character name: Storm
Character level: 70
Character class: Barbarian
Character build: Dual Wield Unkonown
Game difficulty: Torment 6
Act: Act 1 Somewhere
Death type: PvM

Cause of demise: Hated the class


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Character name: Artemis
Character level: 70
Character class: DH
Character Build: M6
Game Difficulty: T5
Play Time: 60 hours
Cause of Demise: Quad Pack (was a double pack at the start of the rift, but in trying to get some space I manged to lure another two elite packs to me, ran out of room and Deeds - annoying death in that I was alive for ~ 15 seconds after the proc just trying to get away from the mobs).