RIP IceQueen


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RIP IceQueen

Well, I might also say "Occulus: 1, Nightfish: 0". My level 70 blizzard sorc just got owned by her equipement when a single stygian doll hit her which caused the occulus to teleport her right into the middle of about a million dolls and a couple infidels for good measure. Results were not pretty. Funny how I always lose my chars when I try to level them for hell so I don't lose them there... :lol: I never lost a char that went straight through but so far I've got about a 50% loss rate of chars that level at NM baal. I guess I really don't have the patience for leveling. Too bad this char was pretty boring to play which makes restarting her all the more of a hassle.

So, no new guardians this week, still 38 chars to go for my septuple sept. Still running is Gengis the avenger in late normal, Barak the werebear in early nightmare and a WW barb in early normal.


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hehehehehehe Oculus strikes again. silly sorcs. now if you were a dr00d that wouldn't of happened.


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Well the occulues teleport and arm of king leoric bone prison are really lethal to the player. Guess blizzard decided that two such über weapons had to be nerfed in some way...


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Sorry for your loss.

Are you saying that some part of her equipment had ctc Teleport When Struck? Yikes, that sounds like a terrible "ability" to have in HC!

You said it yourself, skip the levelling. :D In the latest patch, there is really no need for it. All the way up to v1.09, characters (especially fighter characters) suffered a lot from being way lower level than the monsters they were fighting in the late game, unless you levelled them.

I don´t repeat any areas at all. On /p1, this leads to me starting NM at level 37 and Hell at level 67. On /p8, I start NM at level 48-49 and Hell at level 74-75. This seems to be good enough for me.


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Comforts, NF.

My hydra sorc uses an occulus, too, for running meph, and I had some slipped heartbeats when she got teleported right into the vampires behind meph, hehe... I'm looking for an eschutas temper with appropriate skills to replace the occy, but so far never found one :rolleyes:


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Well, to be fair the occulus had saved her ass about three times before it doomed her. And if I had been questing she wouldn't have died either, but I got sloppy and bored as I always do when leveling before taking on a new difficulty so...


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Ouch, RIP. That's why I prefer Eschuta's. That and the fact that I can't seem to find a freakin' Occy anywhere... all for the best, perhaps.


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lol @ farting bob
Sorry for the loss NF hardcore was never my thing after losing a 92 blizz sorc on the realms havent really got the spark to try HC again :(
Hope you remake and dont run into the same problem


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Blame the build! Timered sorcs with Occy aren't the best HC chars in my opinion.
Druids are the way to go.
Shifter = Mega Haxx Life!
Windy = Uber Cyclone + Uber Life!
Firey = The Prettiest skills in the Game(All of them except for Firestorm look outstanding) + Uber Life!


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Sorry to hear about that.

I was just using Occy last night until I leveled up to 71 and was able to put on the full Tal's set. Well, I didn't have to wait until then but it's a little stupid thing with me. Gotta put on the whole set at once.

Anyways, I was sure glad to have complete control again. Great sorc weapon except for the ctc teleport.


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Should've made a HotO Flail, Fishy.

+3 Skills, mana increase, fcr, and no sticky telepr0t mod. ;)

*runs away*


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Nah, no Hoto. (no Vex, need to run shadowmaster some more) I'll stick with the occy. Will just pay more attention next time. The fact that I had about 100 unspent stat points probably didn't help much either. Just got too sloppy. ^_^


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Your deeds of Valor will be Remembered...

Sorry to hear about your sorc. HC is great, because it keeps the "danger" in the game. But the price is high.

Good Luck with your next character.
why the 100 unspent stat points? It either should go in Dex if your using a shield and need more blocking, or vit. you should have known what shiled you wanted end game, or at least some idea, and then plan your points accordingly.


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:( Occy can be a killer. In my softcore experience, it saved me many more times though than it got me killed, but that occasional teleport death is already too much for hc i guess. i found that putting some fhr on my sorc did help a lot though. With some luck i can mostly cast teleport before dying when occulus lands me in the wrong spot. There has been some nastiness though, like getting thrown in the middle of Lister's pack and such.
Better luck next time.
My SC blizzy used occy for a bit, but after my second death due to the CTC TP, i switched it over. havent died in SP since (1 death in MP which was due to lag and general n00bness.)