RIP Furious


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!!!!! So intense

Was fighting the ancients with my IK wolf. Leaper guy got decreped by my merc so he went down quick, but so did my merc.
My bear managed to tank talic (cursed) while I took out the thrower guy.
Going for talic I respawned my bear again, but he was instagibbed and seemed to encourage him to whirlwind when we were more than 1.
Standing toe to toe I got him to 50%, then I unshifted! I was so confused, but managed to pop another rejuv (had a few scattered on the ground) and reshift. Facing him again in a corner the fight seemed won. He had only a sliver left, then he whirls again and I unshift and die, all in the same whirl.


I had 3k hp, 15% dr (ofc also -100%), and a trigger happy finger for popping rejuvs, but it was not enough.


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my advice for you when you fight ancients, get gloves with weaken charges or better yet make a smoke armor and spam it at the beginning of the fight and respam it every 30 or so seconds. then run attack while running into his WW (yes INTO not away or to the side), you get hit less while he moves forward, by shifting to the side you get hit with more frames, and worse you can do is to stay standing still or god forbid in the direction he is spinning.

hopefully the next (assuming there is one) itteration would go better for him, all the best.


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I was actually wearing a smoke armor, but hadn't used it since my merc was using lawbringer (for decrep), and didn't think of it at all in the heat of the movement :p
I guess I was just standing still since I used fury.

I will certainly have more respect for Taric in the future.