RIP fresh Guardian


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RIP fresh Guardian

Just about two hours ago I got my first fully solo and untwinked character, a trapsin, all the way through hell. I've had a lot of high level HC characters before, but I'd never gone through the entire game alone. Hell was quite a test and I was feeling quite proud of beating the Ancients. I decided to go do some public baalruns since I thought I earned it, but I caught one that had just ended so I figured I'd go kill shenk / eld. / pindle to avoid getting a tempban.

I hadn't had any problems with pindle before, I just throw in my SM and some traps and he pops, but this time he wasn't dying and I was standing outside spamming Mind Blast on the guys outside. Since I couldn't see into the room pindle was in I decided to go up the stairs to see what was taking so long and I got instantly amped + charged. I had a sliver of life left but was too shocked to drink a juv in time and missed it by a fraction of a second.

Too bad: just made CV Insight + Lionheart for my merc an hour or two ago
Thankfully: I just muled the tiny amount of crap worth keeping I had

Name: SSA-Arcirya
Level: 80
Class: Assassin
Build: Trapsin
Difficulty: Hell
Act: 5
Location: Pindelskin
Cause of death: Amp dmg + charge

Now I need to figure out what to do next. A trapsin was a lot of fun, but dealing with all the LIs in Hell was not. Maybe a FC Druid, any tips would be appreciated!