RIP: FranieGoldsmith (SPHC)


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Lost my first character since 2012; the first character of my Rare Sept, FranieGoldsmith. She was a Gunslinger and her (and her impossible to replace items) will be missed. Started in 2013, she didn't really become a character with a plan until March of this year, but we cruised through normal, nightmare, and the beginning of hell.

After players 8 norm and NM, hell slowed us down a bit and by Act 2 we were on Players 1. We were doing so well. Act 2 was terrible, I had to start rethinking my approach because she was having mana and damage issues. Gear tweaking and a slow pace got her out of the act finally, and she was back to cruising Act 3. The mana issues were solved by shooting arrows at things that could be leached (unlike the skeletons in Act 2) and the damage crept up with a point in penetrate and some more AR from a different ring. The only real slow down was Council and they really just took patience and drawing each one out alone to kill. Down to Durance 2 she got the WP, but it would be her last. Dolls had showed up and after taking a big hit from one, my approach to the whole level changed. I was creeping along a few steps at a time, casting decoy, waiting, then moving a few more steps. this was working, we were good. I was still on high alert, but we were safe and we were making it. Then some extra fast vampires hit my merc and decoy. We were in a weird area with multiple entrances, but she was safe. She was patiently clearing from a distance and after clearing up the area, I moved her forward into the area next to where the vampires were coming from. Then out of nowhere came the boss. I backed her off, but too late, I had time for a super heal and a Juve before he two-hit Franie and ended her quest. RIP Frannie, you will be avenged.


As you can see he was nasty. If I'd been able to get off a strafe, it may have knocked him back, but the ~1100 life went fast. Here are some more shots of her in better times:
Nice charm freshly found (now gone)

Great hat (also gone).



This guy nearly got her, he teleported right next to her after this shot.

I believe this is the one I had to save and exit to reroll the area. Then, afterwards I remembered Magic Arrow existed so I could have kept going. After this exit, I did some gear tweaking.

"who, what? me? just under the weather is all"

Lastly, her bow. I was probably going to personalize it as Frannie's bow. It's not the best bow I've ever had, but it's arguably the best rare I have on SP right now.

So, I will remake this character with a new name and entirely different gear, but not right now. The pain is too fresh. Right now TomCullen is taking over the rare project and set to get revenge for Fran.

Thanks for reading!