RIP Conquerer HCHammerdin


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RIP Conquerer HCHammerdin

Mode: Single Player Offline
Name: HCHammerdin
Class: Paladin
Build: Hammerdin
Lvl: 70
Difficulty: Hell
Act: 2
Site: Maggot Lair Level 3
Reason: Might/Fanaticism stacked with cold nova.

I was going through the maggot lair easily enough and saw a room with a bunch of monsters (I usually engage high creature density areas since they are nice for drops). As soon as I enter the room my mercenary insta-dies and I see two unique monsters and their minions, the gnats and the maggot breeders. The gnat unique has a fanaticism aura and is cold enchanted and the maggot breeder was aura enchanted with might. The gnats were pre-stacked (occupying the same space, such as the arcane sanctuary spirits do) at the door apparently waiting for me to enter. At this moment I am at full health (975 health) and with my finger on the "4" button for a full rejuvenation potion and then cast a couple blessed hammers and the unique monster is first to go and before the cold nova hits me the minion gnats do about 850, or so damage, instantly and the nova blast proceeds to kill me despite my 72% cold resist. I have played D2 for years (countless hours) and my first HC character died from an enemy that has yet to ever kill any of my other non-HC players. How ironic. :grrr:


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Re: RIP Conquerer HCHammerdin

dang, that just sucks bro. May he rest in pieces and peace. (I mean, after that, he's definitely in pieces)

Edit: I'm a necro! (I just noticed this was posted by you more than 1 week ago :p)