RIP all you Vikas


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RIP all you Vikas

vika was always my go to name for sorceresses - and sometimes other chars too - in the past. just a few minutes ago i ripped the fifth sorc one:


pure blizz

used for running meph with -80% all and 4 topazed armor and 3 topazed helmet
moating doesn´t need resistances, but i died while i tried to pop the superchest from an undead unique mob ~lvl 85


pure blizz

died from an FE-Ancients death explosion in NM, the one and only death that i can accept easily. ~lvl 72



that one was a blast. got killed by a fanatic archer pack in the tower, while doing andy and countess runs ~83



very successful in pindle running and rune finding. the only one without max block. pindle caused a few NDEs but a cursed fanatic mob in LK took her life at lvl 91


pimped with all the gear that her ancestors found, she was very very well equipped. but i got overconfident and started to remove safety for mf gear more and more. when i was fiddling around once more i got her killed. she ripped things like an infinity, cta, storm, 3 part rashas and perfect aldurs boots, also a bunch of skillers and nice charms. lvl 91

after all, greed is a deadly sin!

had two other vikas too:


my first pindle char. she ran with -70% res and managed to accumulate 350 mf. the merc tumblewd at one point and a charge took her out ~lvl **



don´t remember much about her. i know she ripped an upped lycanders aim, but don´t know which target i ran with her, probably chaos